Ordo Thelema – Liber Pentagrammaton vel Hoori

za pengragramatton vel hoori
Slobodan Skrbic

Golden Star Ritual apropriate for invocation of energies of HOOR

First gesture:

Draw solar circle around youself.
(give sign of your grades of HOOR with apropriate words)
Towards East: Enterer: Vibrating: ON!; give sign of Silence.
With right hand, touch the top of head and brow.
Touch center of chest, heart region: HORUS!
Sex centre: KHEM!
Left shoulder: IA BESZ!
Right shoulder: IA APOPFRASZ!
Clench fingers, in sign of God Ptah: vibrate: PTAH-APOPHRAS-RA!
Enterer: ABRAHADABRA!, Silence.

Second gesture:

East: Visualise (or draw) Upright Golden Pentagram;
Entering: SETH!, Silence.
South: (same) : ISIS!

Third gesture:

Draw cross in circle in the center of Golden pentagram
(do the same at every side you aproach).
East: Enterer: RA!; Silence.
West: THUM!

Fourth gesture:

Enterer: Vibrate: RAHOORKHUIT!
Silence: Vibr.: HOORPAARKRAAT!
Give signs of LVX:
At sign of ‘Osiris risen’ : HERURAHA!
Then stand in a sign of ‘Osiris slain’ saying the lirics from Liber AL
vel Legis:
“Unity othermost shown…”
“The Light is mine…”
(and other lirics – at will)
Then sing : “AKA DUA…”
Stand again in sign of ‘O.R.’: HOOR!

Fifth gesture is same as first.

End the ritual by the sign of silence.

Short explanation:
All movements are Solar, so this ritual invokes solar energies of Horus.

ON – Ayin – Nun… Name of Sun.
Asar Un Neffer – Perfect Man… Phallos.
Horus in Heart – Typhareth.
Khem – Black Land – Malkuth, But it is also another name of Phalus.
Bes and Apophras are giving equilibrium of active and passive….
(bread and wine, eagle and lion…)…
Ptah is oppening the way.
ABRAHADABRA – proclamation of Word of Aeon of RHK.
Second gesture is ‘opening’ the gates of SION.
Those are elemental forces perfected.
SION is The city of the Pyramids.
Golden pentagrams – Gold – Sol-Tiphareth.
Pentagram – Microcosmos – God.
Third gesture is oppening the ‘secret doors’ mentioned in Liber AL.
Cross and circle united are Phalus and Kteis united, RosyCross…
This two gestures are balancing elemental forces on four sides on various levels.
Fourth gesture is direct invocation of energies of HOOR in the center.
Fifth gesture is final attunement and concentration of awakened energies in practicant.
This “ritual” can be performed astraly without any phisical movements – that is actualy a next stage in proposed aproach to spiritual Work.

Try it. I hope you’ll like it.

Fr. Alion∴

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