About Grades denotement

David Chaim Smith

What defines Genius is his authenticity, his exceptionality which exceeds all standards of taste and mediocrity, to the extent that the worst vulgarity in his possession easily becomes an object of the highest divine providence. Every movement of Genius is therefore accompanied by authenticity, from the way of his speech, walking, and even so corrupt things such as tics; it seems that the authenticity of Genius is magnificent in things that an ordinary man would suffer in the eyes of critics.

We can think of how the manifestation of Genius is always twofold. As in the names of people, we can conclude at the same time who exactly is being talked about, as well as from who he comes from; the same principle is present here. One issue shows the current level of the Path relative to the beginning; in the second, the Path in relation to the End. It is the span of the Soul between Earth and Heaven equally, and you can see that it is always about harmony and balance, no matter what level of Achievement you are talking about. The balance of the force is established by the proper setting of the lever. Even Neophyte realizes that 4 = 7 is exactly the same as 5 = 6, except that in 5 = 6 Being will be balanced against a lever that is equality between 5 and 6 and nothing else. But think that this equality is just as true as in 4 = 7, this is nothing more than a rough description that defines the scope of the Spirit. Its essence is within the mark of equality, and it is not in the slightest beyond it. 4 = 7, as well as 5 = 6, are just the states of that moment when Spirit has chosen for his most favorable manifestation. This authentic being is in the sign of equality, yet the different range of Grades, as if we merely moving away and drawing closing the lens through we observe our nature; finally at a certain moment we find focus. This occurrence our soul just calls as Knowledge and Conversation but its nature is quite much simpler. This is the substance of the Grades in our Order, unlike the nature of Probationer who has the mark but has no Grade. The Neophyte has the Grade and gets an equation that is more of a puzzle which he deals with until the achievement of Knowledge and Conversation. He knows that his 1 = 10 contains the same instruction as in any other Grade, but translated into his best way of understanding, and he does not have to follow further how that same equation will be expressed through him, when he realizes himself as a Zelator 2 = 9, etc.

Frater Aureus

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