On Lamen and Circle

Tell me what is Lamen exactly, what is it for? Is it a special form of Pentacle? What is the difference between the two?

Lamen is eidolon of your True Nature, your Great Work. It is a specific form of the awareness of yourself as a star; it is your personal identity card in the Universe. By making your Lamen you are not creating anything new or special. You are directly, and without a via, shedding a light of awareness on the completeness and essence of your Being. As with the Pentacle, you will make Lamen using a minimalist approach: without excessive details or decorations, unless it reflects your True Nature. Dear Brother, Lamen is of the same nature as the one who carries it. It represents the direct transmission of Truth of your Being onto a magical tool. If you wanted to make a duplicate of your Great Work, you would make a Lamen.


Pentacle is a representation of your understanding of the Universe, it is a weapon. Lamen is the counterpart of your True Nature, it doesn’t serve anything that is not in harmony with your True Nature. Therefore, it can be a weapon, but need not be, it all depends on the True Nature of the one who carries it, yea, who carries it.

In order to make a perfect Pentacle you must possess the perfect consciousness of your own nature, you must know how your Lamen looks like. What for? In order to have true knowledge of the Universe, you must have true knowledge of Yourself, because you are a part of that Universe. If you do not know yourself, you are devoid of the full knowledge of the Universe. In order to know the whole, you must know all the parts. Enough is not enough. It must be all or nothing. Perfect knowledge of the Universe implies perfect knowledge of yourself, the one who acts within it. And True Knowledge of yourself is to become aware of your True Will. However, to make a perfect Lamen you must have perfect knowledge of the Universe. In order to know Who you are, you must know Who you are not, you must have a defined relationship towards the things around you, in order to differentiate yourself from them. In order to know your own place in the universe, you must know the place of all the “others”.

These two are in close relationship, and the perfection of the one implies the perfection of the other. But no, they are not the same thing.

Meditate on what you are, and what you are not.
Meditate on yourself and everything else around “it”.
Meditate on Lamen and Pentacle. 

Does anybody else could use my Lamen?

Dearly beloved Brother, could anybody else do thy Will instead of thyself? Could anybody else use your own body to move, your own mind to think, your own emotions to feel, or Act instead of yourself? Could anybody else discover your own True Nature instead of yourself? Lamen cannot be used, True Will got no use.

If anybody would try to use your Lamen, whatever that might mean, would depend on him. How much his Lamen demands your Lamen? In other words, how much his nature needs to use your own nature? Be free of worries: if your Lamen is perfect, all of this would be in balance. If that be your Will, you could give over to him, and that would be perfect, as long as you stick to your Lamen and to what is inscribed on it. You will know that perfectly by then. As long as there is a doubt within you, Nature is not in balance. You must strive towards the balance of your Lamen. Your True Nature uses your body, emotions, intellect and will. Your Lamen uses your Pentacle, Sword, Cup and Wand. Dear Brother, if somebody is using your Will, isn’t it a sign of adoration for You? You can think of that one as your own limb, detached from yourself Aeons ago, which is now trying to find a way to join the whole once again.

Is to serve something generally good or bad?

Don’t you serve the whole Universe, isn’t your own nature a condition of the Universe as a whole? You shouldn’t conceive of service as slavery.

Your Lamen should be available to everybody, let it be seen by everybody, let them be aware of your Great Work. In that way, you will make better conditions for its manifestation and fulfilment. There is no threat and should be no fear. Let every Star knows about other Star. Let everybody knows the Lamen of their brother. People call each other by their names, but there is no danger of being possessed. The only danger is not to do what is being depicted by your Lamen. And that is solely your responsibility, and nobody else’s.

Is there a danger I become possessed if somebody else gets to own my Lamen?

Egyptians believed that if somebody knows your true name, that he might get control over your soul. It is an ideal example of the recognition of the magickal link. But do not forget one thing, dear Brother, that there is one factor involved in that process of magickal linkage which is above all other factors. That is Fear. If somebody steals the name from a frightened person who assumes that bad consequences would follow, that would most likely happen. But it was because the magickal link was created, not because of general principles. Do not be afraid, and the link would not manifest.

Dear Brother, the fact you have the Lamen is not a guarantee for your consciousness of the Great Work. Is it enough to build a house, neglecting the foundation? If Lamen is perfect, is there any danger? Yes, but only one: it is to neglect to do what is implied by the Lamen. Lamen is not your True Nature. It is only its eidolon. The possibility that you be possessed is in obverse proportion to how free and awaken you are. If you happen to be possessed, it will be the sign of your unconsciousness and weakness. Therefore, as long as you truly contemplate your True Nature, you cannot be possessed. In fact, you don’t have to contemplate only that. As long as you think, it means you are aware, and then there is no room for possession. And even if you happen to be possessed, maybe that was exactly in harmony with your true nature. Or somebody else’s nature. Think of how each one of us is, in fact, is being possessed all the time, right now. By all those ideas, thoughts, obsessions, imposed perversions, all the things that are not in harmony with us. There is only One Nature, everything else is Everything Else. Do not be afraid of Black Brotherhood, be more vigilant of your own black thoughts and black spells. There is only one Success. Everything else is Failure.

Is it necessary to obtain the grade of Adeptus Minor before I make a Lamen?

First of all, what do you mean by necessary? That the Lamen is going to be recognized and expected only after you obtain the Grade, or that the Lamen won’t have strength nor functionality before you achieve the Adeptship?

If I was a painter and accidentally make one painting, among a million others, which is identical with your Lamen, does it mean that I painted your Lamen exactly? The representation and form of Lamen mean nothing unless there is included awareness on the meaning and nature of the Change which is being manifested through Lamen.

However, there is no reason against obtaining certain qualities of consciousness characteristic for Adeptus Minot even before you take the Oath of that Grade. There are no rules, things happen according to their will. Anyway, the Lamen knows what was your Oath, and it works when it is being properly constructed.

You could start making your Lamen anywhere and anytime, but will you be able to finish it? Will you succeed or not depends on the Work itself, not on taking the oaths of certain grades. Dear Brother, success in one thing is dependent only on one thing, and that is the perfect Success of that Thing and no Other.

Lamen demonstrates your Consciousness. Essence is in the firmness of its construction, in the fact that it represents the Will that you became aware of.

Aren’t you an Adept already, if you construct your Lamen properly? And if you are already an Adept, you will know how to construct your Lamen. One follows the other, having one thing in common, and that is the Awareness of your True Nature. Have that Awareness, and you will have the other two also.

Do the Circle and Pentacle point to the same thing?

Both the Pentacle and the Circle are closely related to the Universe. But the Pentacle is more determined by your understanding of the Universe. There are as many Pentacles as there are different points of view and different understandings of the One Reality and its infinitude of Change.

A circle is the symbol of Endlessness, and therefore of the Universe. But, while the Pentacle describes in what way you see the quality of that Universe, Circle impartially describes the quantity or “size” of it. Circle describes your aspiration towards the Endless, while the Pentacle describes how the object of your aspiration looks like. But take note that the quantitative characteristic of the circle is same with its quality. None of the two could exist without having the other immanent in it.

Look: the circle around the magician defines the field of his action, and his protection and security. But, isn’t the circle endless? Is there anything “else” around it? There is no “security” nor “fear” around the circle, because there is no “around”. Your own limitations and your own fears put your circle under pressure, distort it, and make it a symbol of finiteness instead of a symbol of infinite. Calculate the square of the circle dear Brother! In the beginning, it is probably alright to stick to a certain size of the circle that makes it comfortable to work within it, but isn’t the true nature of consciousness continuous expansion? As you work and progress, you will be expanding your Circle.

In fact, there is no symbol for the Endless. The endless circle is as much endless as it is an endless square, as long as they are the way they are – a comprehensible Endlessness. Infinitely small and infinitely big is of the same size. A pound of iron and a pound of feathers have the same weight, ponder that. Try not to represent the Endless by a symbol, but experience it. Be the Endless, let your Circle be an enchanting dress of a Goddess. Do not be afraid, our circle is our limitation, it is our cage. Stop the inclination of your mind to fathom the Endless by any previously defined measure. It is much less than anything you might expect; the Endless is only One, while there is an endless number of finite things. We made the Circle a symbol of limitation and human misery. The essence of the circle is not in drawing it and defining it perfectly, but it is in its expansion. While you are drawing the circle on the floor, are you expanding your being beyond the circle’s boundary, or you remain inside of it? Beyond the Circle is the True Circle. Its Square is beyond it. Therefore, go for it. Sanctuary of all of our Works is There. And when they ask you which One Work is ours, among all the Others that exist, you will tell them: our work is Our Cause.

How perfect must be my Lamen? What must be the amount of my awareness of myself in order to make my Lamen right?

Respected Brother, what is the amount of consciousness necessary to be aware of your True Nature? You either know or not. There are no intermediary steps. The consciousness of Self is always and only the consciousness of Self. The accent is on Self, not on consciousness. You are not what you think you truly are, but that what you truly think. Be aware of Who that one is, and you will become aware of your Great Work. What is enough? Nothing, but the Perfect Success. What is enough to be aware of Self? Just to be aware, only of that, and nothing else.

In what way the daily performance of Pentagram ritual strengthens the circle that I draw around myself?

The most efficient way to strengthen the circle is to perform that ritual daily, but inflamed in passion. Dear Brother, it is of no worth to do the ritual unless you do it fully, inflamed by prayer. Any ritual you do, you should do as it was your last action n Earth. Be aware that after the work there is nothing, there is no next time. There is no next performance. Do not rehearse. Thy True Will is not to be rehearsed, but to be Done. Do not practice anything, but Do it! Learn to act in this way. Can you, or should you, strengthen something which is Endless by its nature? Let everything in, and let everything out from your Circle. Infinite remains the same, with or without your individual limitations. Infinite disharmony is of the same essence as infinite harmony.

The Circle could protect you from “evil”, but what will protect you from your personal stupidity and limitations? Your Circle will always be a symbol of your limitation. Therefore strive towards infinite, with devilish boldness, and the Circle will be drawn and will grow by itself only.

However, are you able to grow enough to reach the Stars?

Frater Aureus 273∴

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