Ordo Thelema – Liber VI vel Misteria Macrocosmica


Herewith is a short instruction on Work with The Star Saphyre.

During his researches Fr. A. met several different oppinions and notions of other magicians regarding the ritual of The Star Saphyre, so he decided to present these simple solutions. Even To Mega Therion claimed that in this ritual is divulged a Great Mistery and he expounded it in some of his writtings, somewhere clearly, somewhere in more hidden manner. Satisfactory explanations can be found in the secret instructions for VIIth, VIIIth and IXth degree of O.T.O. but also in writtings of other authors.

We are presenting two basic “varsions” of how to perform this rite. The first question is how can You involve Yourself in this Mistery? Obviously You have to read the rite, then analyse all of its elements, thus understanding what is it all about. You will recognise ideas on Tetragrammaton, hexagrams, and even ideas on Universal Equation “2=0”, and maybe some other stuff. You will involve Yourself in a specific way of thinking that resides in the lines of the “text” of the ritual. Some believe that only philosophical Truth lies within this little rite, and that only thinking, analysing, and (maybe) meditation (if You know how?) on parts or whole Star Saphyre is possible. Through this method You can gain the insights on this Mistery!

Also there is an oppinion that Master Therion in his Book of Lies implemented in his chapter 36 this as an “ordinary” rite, and that it should be performed like LBRPentagram or LBRHexagram or other simmilar technique or magickal operation. By this method You can gain the insights on this Mistery!

So, we are presenting a draft version of performance of this rite:

Perform LVX signs.

Towards East draw Unicricial Saphyre Star – according the planetary correspondence of days, thus on Saturday draw invoking Hexagram of Saturn, on Monday draw Hexagram of Moon and so on. Then point to the center of the Star vibrating: “PATER ET MATER UNUS DEUS!”; Make the sign of Enterer, vibrating: “ARARITA!” afterwith follows the Sign of Silence. Perform appropriate gestures on the other parts of Your Magickal Circle, while moving widershins.

Finaly stand towards East visualising Rossy Cross, while hands are by Your chests thrice vibrating: “ARARITA!”

(The Sexo-Magickal mode of performance is more thoroughly described in “Liber Misteriorum Rosae Crucis” that is 9th chapter of this Practicum; a book inscribed by an Anonymous magickian properly and in detail describes the whole ritual; also “Liber A.A.” of O.’.T.’. deals with this matter in detail). While feeling the vibrations imagine the energies of Hexagrams are drawn inside Yourself strenghtening the glow of Rossy Cross, transforming itself in misterious Shin-Teth.

Now solemly vibrating declare the final words of the ritual formula and finish the rite by LVX signs.

So, by the two presented modes of conduct You will use “Solve” and “Coagula” working with all of Your own outer and inner Starry Saphire Rays.


Note: There is a method by which You will not be able to gain any insight on this Mistery – if You do nothing. Maybe it is a mostly unpainful method.

93 93/93!


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