On Genius


All that can be said about Genius does not deserve more than a few paragraphs of this book. We can say that all, even the negative connotations toward Genius are nothing else than his worshipping, therefore, jealousy and the worst envy against Genius is the blessing of his appearance, while ignoring him is yet blasphemy of the highest kind. There is no greater sin for society than ignoring a Genius, and we can be sure that nature will sooner or later find ways to sanction society, even the entire epoch in its ignorance before the appearance of a particular Genius.

What defines a Genius is his authenticity, his exceptionality which exceeds all standards of taste and mediocrity, to the extent that the worst vulgarity in his possession easily becomes an object of the highest divine providence. Every movement of Genius is therefore accompanied by authenticity, from the way of his speech, walking, and even so corrupt things such as tics; it seems that the authenticity of Genius is magnificent in things that an ordinary man would suffer in the eyes of critics. The nature of Genius cannot be stereotyped into any particular work, and as long as such a work is of the usual kind, it can equally be so far from a reasonable classification, that it may seem to us that Genius is loafing, while in his mind with child’s enthusiasm he deals with trial essentials for the survival of the Universe. It seems that the phenomenon of Genius cannot be conditioned at all by its definition and observation in eyes of the outside world. We can assume how many Geniuses was and gone unnoticed like the fall of autumn leaves behind our back, how many Geniuses realized their courses while the whole world slept. We can believe that Genius is a self-sufficient process, and certainly not a resultant of the influence of forces. He is more a specific type of counterpoint of destiny toward something that is now quite near to the A∴A∴. And that is the mechanism of moving the universe. Genius only uses this particularity, his inalienable authenticity to draw the attention of the Gods to what he has been predestined to do. Mechanism of Genius’s motion is the same mechanism as the A∴A∴ motion, only the opposite direction. Genius, therefore, exerts its nature from outside, while the A∴A∴ acts inward, understanding one mechanism reveals the other.

A∴A∴ is a virus that paralyzes the body so the Genius could possess him, so briefly that fate could not notice, long enough to fully accept the new karma as his own. For Genius is precise as such, to act out of range of all external influences even at the cost of complete destruction and wasting of one whole incarnation. Genius is such as it is, because it is just as such and like no other.

The true name of Lord Buddha is Tathāgata, which means “suchness”. His true name denotes his true achievement, and this is nothing more than the nature of suchness, that is, the truth is such it is – whatever it is. The least we can conclude is that the nature of Buddhahood is so true and enlightening precisely because of the fact that it is so unique and authentic. This is not about emphasizing on what it was, but precisely on how it is. Something which is solely the Truth has no purpose for the symbol, because this symbol is a lie as any other. But even the lie of the Truth, is the truth about the lie of the Truth. Tathāgata is indeed the true name of Buddha and the nature of each Genius.

We will be especially careful in separating the terms of feeling and sense toward Genius, in which the difference is as much as between the idea of Will and the Angel. Indeed there is no single event in the universe which is not already the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel. The fact we are not aware of it does not concern us, but understanding that what we think the Knowledge and Conversation is and what the Knowledge and Conversation truly is, is actually not nearly the similar thing.

Genius is, therefore, the only true aim within the A∴A∴, and all that we will testify is the achievement of Genius. Genius is the A∴A∴ and the A∴A∴ is a Genius, and everything we will encounter further is nothing more than the signs by the road. It is of the utmost importance that your journey in the A∴A∴ is spilled with freedom and unburdening, and most importantly, with a child’s sense of play. Do not pay attention to others’ success, even less to your own. Count the vast majority of everything you’ll ever hear from other complete nonsense. Do not make your work and promotion identifiable with the wrong statistics, but only and only in relation to oneself. From the beginning, it has never been sufficiently emphasized that the A∴A∴ system is an individual system. There is one who introduced you and the one you introduced, and that’s the whole thing. It is the closed system, which in its closeness has one sole quality of openness. Openness for Genius.


Frater Aureus 273∴

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