On Dreams

David Chaim Smith

Take particular care of your dreams, but in a proper and lucid manner. A note in the dream Diary does not serve to admire your phantasmagorias but to dissect them, measure them, probe them with the flame of childish intrigue. There are countless models upon which the dreams are correctly recorded, and it is up to you to construct the one that suits you the most. When you record a dream, it is important to write it down immediately upon waking no matter how convinced you are that you will remember it later. It is also crucial that you give your dream a name. As if it were a movie, try to provide the best name to your last night’s blockbuster. Furthermore, find the symbol around which the dream is revolving. It is usually an object or a person around which the whole dream happens – try to discover and name what that is. Your subconscious uses sleep as we use adjectives in order to describe a certain noun, a dream for your unconscious nature is what a delightful verse is to a poet. Therefore, you need to find what is being adorned by that strophe, what is behind the stylistic figure of your subconscious, what kind of phenomenon has turned on the mischief behind your closed eyes. Is it a person who exists in real life, maybe someone from the past? Is it an object, or perhaps an event, emotion or a thought? In any case, it must be one term, not two or three, not more or less, but one and only. Come closer to that term from the state of wakefulness, what does it bring when you think about it? Is it pleasure or discomfort, fear or ignorance, lust or need? Get out of the role of a dreamer; you need to transform the dream into a creative force of your intent, not to remain a passive and random cobweb of your unconscious.

There are two types of diaries. The first type, which, for many, serves as a reminder. And another, which for a few serves as a testimony. The former is a gift of the most precious kind, making the Aspirant see that every dream record in the Diary is one and the same dialogue between him and his God; each entry is a description of always the same thing but in countless other languages, ​​as each event is actually just one of the infinite numbers of anagrams of the name of his Angel. And out of all the things that happen to you, or at least that you think happened, and which you write down so zealously in your records, you always, in fact, think about only one thing. Let each Student stumble in this place, thinking about that one single thing which surrounds all of his efforts, all of his energy and enthusiasm, that which is familiar to all Students, Aspirants and Adepts, the circumstance that is the same for each living organism in this and all other universes.

Frater 273

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