GNOZEN Institute, Ljubljana, SLOVENIA May 6th – 7th 2023 – Astral projection and Lucid dreaming workshop

Dear people,It finally arrived! After so much time under covid and online webinars, I will finally hold a live workshop of astral projection and lucid dreaming, organized by the Gnozen Institute. The workshop will be held during the weekend, May 6th - 7th 2023 (with introductionary presentation on Friday May 5th), in the wonderful city … Continue reading GNOZEN Institute, Ljubljana, SLOVENIA May 6th – 7th 2023 – Astral projection and Lucid dreaming workshop

New book: “LAM – the Way: The Psychonauts’ Workbook”

Dear people, I am happy to announce the release of the book "LAM - the Way: The Psychonauts' Workbook", which I prepared together with my brother Recuperatio 146, Akefalon Kaos, and with the help of many dear collaborators who completed this fantastic book with their texts, and all under the auspices of the GNOZEN Institute … Continue reading New book: “LAM – the Way: The Psychonauts’ Workbook”

On trance

Trance is an outpost toward stars. An aspirant must understand its nature, which is about all, natural, and easy for every soul. There is no mysticism in this occurrence, just a divine combination of biological and natural processes of the brain. Using methods that requires hours or years just shows that we do not understand the very mechanism of trance, as well as the mechanism of our mind.

Argenteum Astrum

The A∴A∴ is certainly not, neither will ever be a Thelemic order, but a pan-æonic, all-pervading, omnipresent. Like cosmic void, in which there is neither morning nor dusk, its spreading is not framed by the loom of time nor space. Moreover, its movement is always as its nature is everywhere. The Dawn of the New Æon will never experience its afternoon as long as we proclaim it as New.


All the peculiarity of this place lies in one straightforward fact, though the Aspirant refuses to accept it, which is that he learns a lot more from the Student than from his own Superior.

Complete course in Astral projection/Lucid Dreaming

All our trouble is that with the occult arts, we try bypassing something that is an entirely open channel in itself. It has taken so much time during which we have been really unable to say what is going on in our brains during quite ordinary things; apart from being able to perceive certain reactions, we are unable to answer how and why processes occur within the mind, and how certain information is processed and stored.