On Pentacle

Pentacle is an aphorism of Reality, its arabesque miniature. A symbol or picture of the Universe, as the magician sees it, is carved upon the Pentacle. On the first sight, you can ask me how to represent the endless Universe, with all its parts and Realms, upon something so finite, small and seemingly fragile?

On Lamen and Circle

Lamen is eidolon of your True Nature, your Great Work. It is a specific form of the awareness of yourself as a star; it is your personal identity card in the Universe. If you wanted to make a duplicate of your Great Work, you would make a Lamen. Lamen demonstrates your Consciousness. Essence is in the firmness of its construction, in the fact that it represents the Will that you became aware of.

Malkuth and Foundation of Qabalistic Dogma

Qabalah, as a system that envelops Reality in a single universal glyph, and as a map of all possible and impossible possibilities, is the one of shining examples of a great Foundation and a glorious Crown. Its universality lies in the exact condition of any certain progress, and that is the wisdom of defining mutual relationships. Qabalah defines the whole Universe not by descriptions, but by relations.