Book announcement:

This stunning book is a collection of the doctrine and instructions within the system of A∴A∴. In a brilliant way it shows to the Aspirants the true meaning of Initiation, as well as signs that he or she may face along the Path.

The system of A∴A∴, by nature, is perhaps the most authentic spiritual one in the world, today is a gem of pure transmission of Divine and is represented as a fundamental feature for many Adepts.

As far as Eshelman`s book about A∴A∴ details the systematization of teaching, this book is focused on describing the essence and substance of the Order and detailed plan for  every Grade.

The core of A∴A∴ is established upon Initiation; Self-Initiation which every Aspirant get according to his or her own nature. This nature is self-regulatory and unique to each individual. Its method is science, its aim is religion. What is so obvious about the system A∴A∴ is when you take your First step on the Path, everything else shall be Second. The Way of A∴A∴ is for the brave ones, persistent and perhaps the most important – for those truthful ones who always pay with gold, without bargaining.

This book is for researchers certainly complement with Eshelman`s “The Mystical and Magickal System of the A∴A∴”. With these two books, the readers for the first time have a clear meaning of the teaching of the Great White Brotherhood, back from 1907th which was brought to the world from Aleister Crowley and George Cecil Jones, in their own unique way.

The author, in his decade’s long practice and presence in the world of Magick and Mysticism, in this way provides a proclamation of one of authentic lineages which exist in the world today.

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