Treatise on Enochian magick

We really have an objection; the Enochian realms are high for one simple reason, for we are utterly incapable of peering into our own depths. As simple as this system is, the human mind always finds an excuse to expand it by endless rounds of debate, instead of the whole discussion being in the experience of Vision and Voice, which is so authentic and beautiful in the case of the Enochian magick.

An Aspirant should not be burdened too much about its history, as he must turn his being to the practical analogies and references to his own practical work. The most usual understanding of the Enochian system is usually divided into two regions. The first part is called the Watchtowers of the Universe, while the second is known as the Mysteries of the Æthyrs. On the one hand, we have elemental worlds; on the other hand, we have the outer worlds of the Æthyrs. In one – there is a local network, very fast yet of limited depth; on the other hand, there is a worldwide web. It is not the question of meaning nor value of information, just how much wide and deep this meaning will spread over your mind. And of course, there is a deep web – where all the fun is. 

The fascinating thing is that Enochian intelligences are fully informed about the works of Qabalah, as well as Eastern and Western practices and Alchemy, and you will have a chance to experience that during your own work, perhaps due to the fact that they dwell from the same region of the human mind. The Enochian system is like the board of directors in your Holy Guardian Angel’s company, which determines your monthly plan of advancement in His company, your responsibilities and duties, but also the grade of your salary. In some ways, it may seem that the Enochian world is somehow broader than the Tree of Life. As the Tree of Life has its central part, the Enochian system also has its core. The Enochian essence, from which everything emanates, in the same way as Tetragrammaton in Qabalah, is a specific system of letters and a language, which in certain combinations causes the change in the Aspirant. Also, it has a particular hierarchy, not only for existent beings but also for the awareness in which a magician assumes the entire operation, bringing his illumination. The whole essence of Enochian magick is not in the hierarchy of beings or planes but one very simple and childish trick of the mind. So, the main thing is the question of how to become that child utilizing some of that childhood bliss. Remaining the child, however, is, regrettably, the only solution for those poor in spirit, which we want to avoid at all costs.

What is important to understand is that every letter and every name, once called after a certain combination of keys, make a certain change in reality. The experience of reading certain keys, and the nature of visions, is similar both for a novice and an experienced Aspirant. All the beauty of this system really lies in just two things:

1. a proper sequence of reading the keys,

2. proper understanding of what is the way the whole mechanism is really set in motion.

The first point is presented by how the keys are used and what the proper sequence of pronunciation is. For example, if a magician wants to summon a creature from the Water Element/Earth Subelement tablet, then he will do so in this order: first, he will read the forth key and then the eleventh key, and then repeat the whole sequence a few more times, until appropriate energy has been felt. This energy is rather straightforward and easy to notice, and once this type has been defined in our brain, when it has been experienced for the first time, there will never be any doubts about whether or not a particular force is present. Seniors are beings of planets who are invoked by a pure element, and then by an invoked hexagram of the corresponding planet. The same goes for the elemental kings, who actually represent the senior of Sun on a particular tablet. All this has been written about in brief, really, because so many excellent records have already been written about the rulebook and the Enochian house rules. What is too often forgotten is the instruction where the landlord has left the keys to that house, which is certainly not under the mat.

The second point requires discussion. The whole thing revolves around making the brain work differently. But “differently” is far from all today’s popular interventions of spirituality; it is not about any kind of trance here, no vibration, no descent into alpha states, there are no states whatsoever, or anything logical and pleasing to the mind. Quite simply, this must be different from anything the mind can assume. For a Neophyte, it is not of great importance to enter into a historical parallel and study whether a key or a word of a particular elemental tablet is written with a wrong letter. In fact, you can get a perfect Enochian experience by reading a daily newspaper backward. We will see for ourselves how and by what mechanism because the whole thing is so simple; it is just our mind that got it complicated to the extremes out of all that simplicity.

This topic does deserve much attention, but it does not need much exercise or talent. In order to apply it successfully, it is necessary to set the model on which the core mechanism is based. We did not notice that someone tried to put this table on the right legs; we will do it at your will. The essence of these invocations is not in barbaric names. They are important only as factors of change in your consciousness. What is far more important is attention in the form of active waiting. Allow me to point out: barbaric names and incantation serve your mind as a warning and conditioning toward someone on the other side to appear before your eyes. But you do not know when this will happen and in what form. That moment, when the feeling of impatient expectation develops, is a true condition of success. Like when I tell you that I will call you tomorrow at 14:00, you will be waiting by the phone a minute before 14:00, expecting my call. There, at that moment, precisely at that moment before my call, is the whole essence. Feel the way in which your attention will be distorted, waiting for the bell. It is like an impatient child hiding in a hide-and-seek game, the child’s attention of listening to see if someone is approaching the hideout where the child is, trying to blend in the ambiance and become invisible. What we need here is that expectation and waiting. You should not summon intelligences, but mock them, hide and conceal. Do not summon them, play hide-and-seek with them. It is exactly the element of expectation, the will to remain hidden which does the opposite – it summons the one before whom you want to remain hidden. For a simple reason – to swap roles enjoying the eternal game. It is completely identical to the attention children have when invoking ghosts; when, after calling for a chained pirate to appear, they are now silent listening to every click and tone that may be heard, which inevitably comes in the end. It is at that moment that the portal of the Universes opens.

With pure statistics, at the moment of the climax of the operation, anything will distract your attention. But now your consciousness has already changed and is filled with expectation; therefore, this side event is welcomed with fanfare and it constructs what it wants itself to be. Often, from the most ordinary street firework, the reality is transmuted into the speech of a demon, or the light of the streetlamp becomes the illumination of the light of the Angel. In other words, your expectation becomes a link between two events that have nothing in common, except that they have affected your attention as cold water after waking up. It is an effect that the circus magicians use – when they draw attention from the essential to irrelevant to accomplish the desired change, which is defined as miraculous by those who are too fascinated to spread their attention to both hands of the magician, and not just the one in which he held the object which our attention was glued to. In the case of Enochian call, it is an unconscious self-deception that can grow into the fruit of the most beautiful visions. But again, will you get from them something you do not already know?

This would be all about the most important factor that is in the particular kind of attention already presented here. It is colored by purely boyish anticipation and so different from what many Aspirants expect – leading to so much failure.

Another also very important item is the mechanism of keys. It is necessary to find a blueprint of this mind machinery; we have to make a draft according to which this thing works. To do that, we will go back, deep back, to the age of true magic, the natural and easy one because it went as a manifestation of pure will – in childhood. Namely, at some age, children tend to tell things that do not exist in a way that does not exist. It is a completely special kind of imagination that makes a very simple thing, making up a false reality, but in the way the real one is made up. The best way to do this is to speak in a fictional language. But even the most experienced Aspirant of our skills can find that this is a really awkward thing. Even during the first few fictional words, the brain unconsciously constructs them in advance, making them even completely predictable. What is worth comes later, if no break in pronouncing has been made. At one point, let us try to speak a language we have never heard; not a single word of that language should resemble any language we know at all, not even its accent or volume or color; it must differ from a language that we may even superficially know how it sounds. This has to be a whole new language, and we have to navigate through it without hesitation. In the beginning, the brain will skillfully use repetitions of those sentences that are well-invented, often revolving around a few simple combinations of sounds. The mind will find ways to create patterns, but we certainly have to go further, talking, and never stopping. At some point, the language will become an instrument of music and not of logos. We will produce sounds and accents that have artistic value for us above all, our saga that we tell in that language now takes on the air of drama, melancholy, struggle, or love. We sing an epic, and at one point, our brain gives up on everything, allowing consciousness to enter a completely specific trance. Because in order to speak a language that nobody knows, we have to be that nobody. In order to speak a language that “we” do not know, we must stop being “we” in the paradox of giving birth to complete nonsense as a created system that has a completely tangible value, with some meaningful meaninglessness. And in this paradox, we take on a completely different mind, which has a completely different consciousness, acting in a completely different – created reality. The moment we stop talking, we instantly go back – toward our ordinary alertness. This is a completely different trance than the one when entering into lucid dreaming, or by which we lay ourselves into the alpha state, or deep states of Yoga Nidra – absolutely different, so far away from it all. This is such a sublime thing that it surpasses all descriptions in our art, and no magician has so far succeeded in conveying the beauty and uniqueness of such a trance with a report or a record. Many children use this to the extent that even the best among us cannot reach even halfway; how wonderful those angelic creatures are! Then again, this exercise contains one infinitely solid wall that cannot be penetrated, and that is the time when the mind begins to insert defense mechanisms – it is only a matter of minutes before we start repeating sentences, parts, even using words we have only heard once in our lives, destroying the trance that has been achieved and returning consciousness to where it was – in the cage of the Ego, that is, in a logical and meaningful system. We go from one circus to another, but a more scarier one. Let the Aspirant practice this whole thing very little during the day, because every exaggeration brings in some form and concept – which is a fierce enemy of a trance that we want to achieve. Every system and every logic kills the absurdity with which we open the door of that other world to which we aspire. What is crucial are the following things that the Aspirant must pursue at all costs: he must not repeat schemes, words, or sentences, he must not use words he already knows, he must not stop at any price, except for as long as he needs to start the second sentence, he must not make excessive grimaces or anything that would distract him and which would be used by his mind to detour from this ordeal.

Let us try to read the entire next section aloud without stopping and skimming through words, simply trying not to make the slightest mistake:

“Cahun ta aap besa, Ouiana Bharai Kwlasi. Ooado Zintal ta kohibe.
Aloaia i le fautuaga Vaughn, ao avea ma mauga faufautua sintizari. O le tagata iglea sa faʻaoga lautele o tagata maualuga na tapunia i tagata ese naunau. Ole maualuga iii. Aasa? Langomi, tu bagireta na faladopa. Odotolpa radi, no cunazi, zukra, da zukra, da balazi na zukra te vezdinadi. Vazla vazoldani, i pa epe; tukaaan. Kaaha naan, ta kanan zuzhuasi, idi pama go adhuapopezi. Gamba!
Opo desa da gamba, Gozi! Durun i pa gakg oa su oe id zasjeda owue qrusti. Cimbalabedoreni, idiolakafazi Quusan. Il vuzar ta nuqama qiqantro-ta-tropa nultravado, idoqapamodenasorutri. Lasa, lasama, lasama; odrundhagorhi utrahkat dun lasama!”

I want you to pay all your possible attention now to observing your consciousness after these sentences have been spoken; if you really focus on yourself, you will notice that you have completely changed; this change of consciousness has lasted, however, very short, and already now, as you are reading these words, it will be almost restored to complete normality. You can repeat the experiment; the change of consciousness is observed right after you have stopped reading that meaningless paragraph and lasts for a very short time – a couple of moments. Noticing this change in your own consciousness is an extremely valuable moment in your magical life.

You should practice this too by reading this whole page aloud backward, letter by letter, starting from the last letter in the right corner of this page, and climbing all the way to the first letter in the left corner. Then read it all again in the same manner as fast as you can, try not to make mistakes but not to stop too, skim over the words aloud like a chamois of pure chaos, and then observe a savage consciousness of yours that has been completely changed as never before; enjoy it, enjoying another self of yours, enjoying a completely different world, for a short time. What is experienced is a special kind of emptiness; your consciousness will be like electricity, which almost has its smell and dimension, a particular state that cannot be described but which is always repeated in the same way and which will be repeated each time faster and easier. A language that is not understood makes the mind work differently. The whole point of Enochian magic is for the mind to work differently to an exact extent. In fact, the mechanism of a specific trance that has nothing to do with magic is more related to neurology, biology, and psychology.

Let us do a quite different but also a simple exercise that leads to this in a different way. The experts are children again, who often use this themselves with great delight, not knowing that they possess the gift of the highest magic. It is a task of repeating one’s own name at a monotonous pace. Or better use a nickname – which is always associated with our true nature more closely than it is with its morbid cousin – first, or our given name. Repeat your nickname out loud, always pronouncing it in exactly the same, identical and monotonous way, without the influence of any emotions or intellectualization. Simply, be a broken record and keep repeating your own nickname indefinitely. Very quickly, after a couple or ten minutes at most, your consciousness enters a completely meaningless space in which it resides in a different way than it usually did. You will suddenly, then, lose all the sense of what that name means and whose name it is. You will simply be overwhelmed by the loss of meaning – repeating what you knew perfectly before the repetition and what you are fully aware of – and that is your own nickname, and at some point, you will lose that same knowledge over the familiar term experiencing complete nonsense. In no way and at no time should you stop or change the rhythm or the way of pronouncing the name once nonsense has been experienced, but continue to repeat the nickname in the same manner, swimming even further in that ocean of chaos. All the difficulty of Mantra Yoga is that the terms themselves mean nothing to the Aspirant. Hence, the use of extremely familiar terms to which we are emotionally attached is so much more effective for our minds that this simple exercise can lead us to the edge of Dhyana, and in some cases, even further.

The ultimate goal in all these things is to consciously barge into a specific point of nonsense, wiped you out by your mind establishing new rules and new laws, new entities, and a whole new world. What kind of world it will be shall depend solely on your will before the experiment – the same will that shall then create and construct in that empty nonsense as the most talented artistic genius. Which in the end, it is indeed. And the Enochian tablets, when it comes to that sublime place, serve only as a mold where that will nestles – in the same way that a dream is constructed before an attempt in lucid dreaming, which is experienced completely authentically after entering the dream, much more real than if you had done it without that projection before dreaming.

Indeed, the heart of Enochian’s success lies in meaninglessness, and in a completely practical circus show revolving around only one idea – deliberately planting of that nonsense that your mind apparatus will stumble upon, all rushing to capture that consciousness and return it to normality.

Another great exercise for achieving such a specific kind of trance for the Enochian is writing in different handwriting. This is as sublime an exercise as it is simple in its idea. Rewrite this entire paragraph, but in handwriting that is not yours. From the first word, you will see how hard this work is; persevere in it, and by changing your handwriting, you will change the level of your own consciousness, bringing a specific trance that is so helpful for cultivating Enochian visions.

Your will and focus is a real instrument here; it is irrelevant how you say a name or pronounce the keys as long you have directed will to summon. In this place you always get what you want or deserve, no matter “how” you spell it. Often, I just fairly look at the keys, most of them I just hum in my brain with maybe 5% of word accuracy. Or even I just move my attention to my “memory” and remembering from all Enochian workings throughout these years, and I got complete success. In practice, this way for me is more successful than “pure and right” spelling. In the language of the Universe, there is no “meaning,” just vibration and the will which is “only” implemented by words and “sounds” – which is again just a plain projection of the human mind. In fact, try pronouncing the Enochian keys with mouths closed, and you will see that the effect is actually both better and stronger, which leads us to wonder what really the mechanism that actually drives Enochian is. And finally, does it even exist, or is all this just a perversion of one universal and pure Mind?

What is very important to note is the way of evocation of certain intelligence. Far more, to realize it is not the way, but a manner, as it is not the process but a trick. It is essential for the Aspirant to find a motive for behavior. Let us assume that you have a desire to invoke a Watery entity from the Earth tablet. In this case, you will use keys in the following sequence: the fifth key, and then the fourteenth key. You should find the intelligence appropriate for this action from this tablet. The fifth key is related to the Earth table and element and then pronounce the fourteenth key, which is related to the Water subelement of the Earth. As for the language, when you read the keys, you do not need to vibrate them. Vibrate the names of intelligences, but not the keys themselves. Some of the Enochian names you already have had the opportunity to encounter in the Greater Ritual of Pentagram. We should give some instructions about pronunciation. Letter J is like a letter J in Jñāna Yoga. Letter C as in Cairo while the letter Z is always pronounced as Zod, and you will notice that Enochian language has special care of this letter.

And now, in the end, just close your eyes and wait. When you have achieved a change of consciousness by using a very detailed mental mechanism after reading the appropriate keys and vibrating the name, we now close our eyes or approach the scrying art that has been explained in the previous chapter. But as far as the Enochian visions are concerned, I always emphasize simply closing my eyes and looking in a special way, which is stated in the chapter on scrying. By far the most successful, most effective, and fastest way to ground these beautiful visions directly in front of our eyes is in a simple way: eyeballs should be gently squeezed with the eyelids, as if you want to squeeze them but very lightly and subtly, imagining looking back into the center of your skull. A special feeling is obtained during this movement, as if you are suddenly sleepy, and even yawning, and swiftly your mind is flooded with extraordinary and chaotic images. It is this thing, together with the realized trance of reading the keys before this, that makes it possible to obtain something that will attract the Aspirant and keep his fascination for many years, maybe even a lifetime. This is the ultimate adventure throughout the entire opus of ours.

Students often ask what the ideal number of repetitions of keys is. Enochian keys are quite energetic and short. It might be best to start with only a few repetitions (from 2 to 5 in most cases). And remember, repeat the entire sequence. If a particular sequence is related to Water of Air, then you will read the third and seventh key, and again the third and seventh, and so on until you reach the desired change. Avoid working 5 times with the third and then 5 times with the seventh key. Also, repeat until you feel the presence of the force. Certainly, only one reading is insufficient at the beginning, but 20 repetitions would show for certain that something was not right. Each of us has a natural, ideal way in which the Enochian system will respond. We should try to look at the Intelligences and forces of the Enochian world as secret agents of your Holy Guardian Angel. Whatever you do with them, in fact, they are doing with you. When you think you have won, you already got what you deserved; in case you fail, you would get what would make you feel victorious. This system does not intend to teach how to elevate; such learning is through transcendence, abstraction, absurdity, paradox; it has no emphasis on information, but on the meaning of information; this is not a doctrine, but a live event. Moreover, all this magic is a completely direct and impersonal mixture of energy that takes the form of the knowledge and understanding only after it is conceived by the Ego from the vision; but the world itself is made up of an essence that refuses to obey classification or any attributes possessed by the human mind. The Enochian system is self-regulative, so you will receive no more and no less than what you exactly need and already deserve by yourself. And when you reach the point when you could misapprehend experience, simply nothing will happen, and Enochian experience will somehow disappear. When this happens, you will know you have come to a barrier that you have to overcome through your own internal growth.

It is good to properly translate Enochian keys and to become familiar with their meaning, but do not be obsessed with it. It is wrong to say it word by word; remember, you must have fluent and intelligible speech as if talking to someone. Now imagine that you are now speaking … to … someone … in … this … tempo … it … would … take … hours… to … finish … a … meaningful … conversation. Therefore, practice the pronunciation of keys. In this practice, you must express Bhakti Yoga, not only Jñāna.

In the Enochian system, you will have the imperative to perform the two ultimate instructions, both at the same time:

Inflame Thyself with Prayer – never after the work, but only before the work, and reading about it right now and the fascination with this system is a good part of that. Invoke often – is quite well represented by repeating keys that you absolutely do not understand. It is these two elements that have already largely pre-constructed everything you intend to gain through vision; when the phenomenon of nonsense and paradox is added to this, it will be a winning combination for the ultimate Enochian experience.

The Enochian system is staggering. Even when you just read magazine articles about it, it starts to grow within you. We can say that pronouncing Enochian keys is a trigger for the atomic explosion that occurs inside your spiritual device.

As far as my advice is concerned, work first with the Watchtowers of the Universe and the elemental tablets before you start exploring the Æthyrs. The visions triggered by Enochian are quite different from the others. You will have less control; experiences are much stronger and more vibrant. The Enochian world will never give you something that you will not be able to bear. And the worst thing that can happen is that nothing will happen. It is the greatest defeat in the Enochian once you realize you are not up to a certain level. If you cannot get a vision, let us say, from the Watery aspect of Earth, but clearly have a vision of the Watery aspect of Fire instead, it means there is a certain blockage inside of your Being reflecting that precise combination of elements and subelements in the sublime language of our unconscious nature.

Let us amuse for a while. What would it mean if we had an issue getting visions from the Earthly part of Water? What would it mean practically? Bring in the light of living Qabalah into these unknown corridors of our consciousness. What is Water? Emotions. What is Earth? Mundane world. What is the Earth of Water? If Water is emotion, and all of the emotions that exist, what would be one particular emotion that would seal your whole life for good? You could be afraid of a wedding ring or married life. Quite likely, you would have some problems with emotional bonding.

Let us advance further, this is such good exercise. Earthly part of Air. What is it, give a specific example from your life? Define the problem. Have you heard about people who have issues with attention and reading? Dyslexia. Allow your brain to work, free your way of thinking. Tell me, which vehicle indicates this combination of elements? Airplane? No. It would be rather the Air of Earth. What blows in the air? Bomb, something that uses explosions, it could be a rocket. There are not definitely true or false analogies; what I am asking from you is just to start having a living way of your thoughts. The Qabalistic way of thinking. What color could it be? Red, or maybe brown; black, as earth, and yellow as air, brown is simply a mixture of those two. Also, you do not need to know what it is; it is sometimes just enough to know what it is not. Through elimination, you come to the solution. Now we are going to include the planets.

The Airy part of Earth with the aspect of the Moon? If we understand the Moon as the path of High Priestess then have the number 13, then it may be Apollo XIII as a rocket provided for landing onto the Moon. Since it has Airy part of Earth, it will stay forever at the level of hope and thought; since it never realized full landing. A true Qabalist sees relations in all things, as he sees the one thing in all relations. A true Qabalist is like a forensics expert; he knows that everything is connected to all the other things through more or less apparent connections. You do not need to invent things; you only need to find the link.

Observe these models, play with them, and obtain new combinations and solutions. Combine everything with everything, and everything with none, getting new things that would continue to combine among themselves. This way, you are creating new universes and new rules. Your rules.

One day, put your right hand in your pocket and do everything you need with your left hand. Then go like this for a whole week, just buy those orthopedic bandages and pretend your arm is injured, if it will be easier for you. Then put on a blindfold and pretend to be completely blind for a day, wake up and fall asleep in complete darkness, with darkness between sleeping. Get used to the fact that darkness is anything but dark. There are so many colors and things in it that it is actually full of forms and light. Play with your mind like never before, set it free with methods it is not used to functioning with. These are all fantastic exercises, even more, behaviors by which the mind reciprocates at an incomparably greater extent, working for you through you. The Enochian system requires living chaos inside your mind, without having the mind to be in chaos at all. The Enochian system is like plasticine; whether you will use prefabricated molds or you will build at your will and out of your head is entirely up to you. Why don’t you construct a circle with the names and forces of the Enochian? Is it such a great and original way to communicate with the Universe, which surely is already so bored with the endless rehearsals of the good old LBRP?

This example could be a brilliant form of a magical circle, perfectly suitable for Enochian workings, Invocations, and quick Openings.

            The Cross
Maybe you could use the name IAIDA, as the highest essence of God in Enochian.

Pure vibrations

North               NANTA
South               BITOM
East                 EXARP
West                HCOMA


East                 ORO IBAH AOZPI
South               OIP PEAA PEDOC
West                MPH ARSL GAIOL
North               MOR DIAL HCTGA


Before             BATAIVAH
Behind            RAAGIOSL
Right               EDLPRNAA
Left                 ICZodHIHAL

The Cross – as above


Every Aspirant should mix palettes of various methods and experiences on his own and apply them in his own work, that is always the best and, above all, the most effective magic. We can freely list some of the experiences of Vision and Voice. This is as such a tremendous motivating element that can help him achieve his own success when it flows through the Aspirant’s Being. Enochian visions are a little different from ordinary visions; drawing pentagrams and hexagrams, as well as the use of signs, have a much more concrete effect than they have at the beginning of regular visions.


Tuesday, March 9, 2004

02:19 – 03:06

            Astral journey through the sphere of Mercury from the Earth tablet

            Enochian Senior ACMLICV (Acmelico)

I enter the sphere using the names NANTA, then MOR DIAL HCTGA, and finally, ICZHHCAL. I am stepping into a change. I invoke the Senior vibrating the name ACMLICV. Soon I appear in a meadow; it is noon, and the weather is sunny like in the spring. In front of me is a path that goes forward, disappearing in the forest on the edge of the meadow. Later, the path is splitting into two smaller paths moving away from each other. One leads into the woods, while the other passes through the meadow to the hill where there is an old lonely tree. I am spending some time at the crossroads, wondering which way to proceed. With the name ACMLICV, a small raccoon appears from the bush next to the road, which then leads me to the hill. I am climbing, the slope is not very steep; from the top, I am watching the meadow from which I have come from and notice that woods surround it. I feel joyful at this place, a mild breeze is blowing; it is moderate spring, I feel that I could be here forever. At this place, I completely forget about my physical body outside. Far beyond the hill, there is an endless stone desert, which seems very surprising; this contrast brings additional beauty to this Plane. The raccoon is now gone, and I get the knowledge that it is necessary to align the sphere with a hexagram. The Sun is precisely above me, so I decide to perform invoking hexagram of Mercury, vibrating ACMLICV. At the same moment, I heard a voice, hooting from the tree on a hill, and now I noticed a big, white owl. I approached it, giving it a sign and pronouncing a name, after which it stayed, and the vision got on firmness. It starts to speak to me in a voice that sounds only in my head:

            “You came here, you great soul of Research, and this realm is open to you for all your experiments. Do what is in harmony with this nature because there are always more of us than you think, for this is the nature of Mercury. For some, it is an illusion of duality, but for those chosen, we are proof of the unity of great opposites. Test yourself, O the Mage of Gods who are above this Earth dominating these parts, in what is your will. You will have time until the setting of Thum because here, the night never rules. Wake up and rush, because your Lord of Righteousness is already rejoicing in advance for your success.” (This is not a literal quote, of course, it was received partly through automatic writing.)

I thank her for the manifestation, so in that name, I give LVX signs and the sign of Shu, pronouncing the Great Name. At that moment, I noticed an opening in the ground, like a pit through which I can pass; I am pulling myself in and going through a tunnel, which is so high that I have to crawl. It is very dusty and dark. The tunnel slid down slightly, and in the distance, I saw a feeble red light. At this point, I feel that the vision is weakening, and at one point, I almost returned. Invoking the name, I managed to recover clarity in vision, and soon I continued my way down. I arrived in a vast hall; the tunnel merged with it at the height of the ceiling. Since it was not too high, I jumped to the ground, and I stepped into the hall, which I tend to explore. The size of the hall was about 30 meters long and 10 meters wide; on the side, there were white pillars with burning torches, covering the whole place with a marvelous orange-red light. At the very end of the hall, there was a marble table on which paper scrolls were located, and many books also. Therefore, I hurried in that direction, being sure that I will find the essence of the nature of this sphere. As I came to the table, I noticed that its surface was composed of a massive block of black marble on which enormous Tree of Life was engraved with many glifs of the Sephiroth and the Paths. There was so much information and notes that it was all very dense and very difficult to read. Also, there were scrolls on which many names and records were written in Enochian and Hebrew, as well as other writings in languages that I did not know at all. Above the marble table, there was a large red censer from which a very strong smell of pine trees spread.

I become aware of the nature of this sphere, but I invoked with the name ACMLICV, wishing to get more profound instructions. Above the table, under the influence of smoke from the censer, the contour of a man in a brown robe with a hood on his head slowly began to form, but I could not see his face. His hands were in the position of prayer. After a check and a greeting, he said to me:

            “Bow and awe to the brotherly soul of Research. O thou, the great Mage, who managed to enter into this secret chambers, look at the mystery of this creation. Be the first and last, eternal and repulsive, united by the Spirit, as well as the Knowledge. This is the residence of the subtle realities and the state of spirit from which you have been made. Here are the records of everything which is ahead of us, and it is just a record and nothing more. The true nature of all this you must seek beyond this realm. And even if you try through countless æons to transcribe these plans of the same Holy Spirit who advised the Great Architect to build this holy Pyramid, you would not be able to write even half of these records which are in front of you. The mystery of this creation is in the guidance of the Knowledge, as much as the Intuition, and you know it well because your change is currently in the house of this divine Grace which is your first turn from the Middle Pillar. Observe all this, but do not remember, because remember you will not. How else would you know what your Intuition is already aware of, that would be the defiance of that same Spirit from which your visit was called primarily? Rejoice in this Knowledge and let this hall be open to you always, who is the Child of those Mages who have made plans for this Pyramid, as well as the plans for that Heavenly Host that this sphere serves.” (Literally received through automatic writing. All dictations working with the realms of Seniors were received through automatic writing.)

I praise and salute with 5=6 signs, as well as the signs of Shu and Set; I decide to return back, and at that moment, everything starts to spin around at a tremendous speed; for a moment, I lose the visual sight, and as everything returns to normal, I found myself in my room. I knock and return completely.

I have the impression that I have been working for 20 minutes – it has been almost an hour.


Tuesday, March 9, 2004

14:06 – 14:54

            Astral journey through the sphere of Mercury from the Air tablet

            Enochian Senior AVTOTAR (Avetotar)

I enter the sphere by passing through the door with the stamped symbol of Mercury at the top, invoking, and vibrating names. Before entering, I give the sign of Shu and make an invoking hexagram of the planet; then, I step forward. I enter into the endless white universe, everywhere around me is a milky-yellowish color with sporadical flashes of light, like stars. Here, I shift my consciousness entering into a great change. The inner voice tells me that it is not yet time to call the guide and instructs me to go ahead alone; it seems to be quite normal; I have an impression that I am on the threshold of the worlds and that I have not yet reached the sphere I intend to explore. The impression of the infinite space embraces me. The pale universe which is everywhere, glittering in its nature, overwhelms me; all that great whiteness is by no means tiresome, and I find it very pleasing to stare into “it.” I enjoyed in that alluring corner of the Universe. After some time, I decided to move in the vision, so I chose the 7 stars in front of me and pulled the line of light by joining them, thus creating a large hexagram of Mercury. Then I felt enormous pressure, and I was withdrawn with great force forward, from this force, I entered into a change completely – for a moment, I thought I would not endure and that I would return. I am moving at a tremendous speed forward; it takes just a few moments while finally I find myself on a huge, thin plate, sprinkled with black and white squares, floating in dark space. Everywhere around me, stars, and distant galaxies glitter, I stand on that plate the size of a football field. In fact, I am standing at the center of the giant chessboard, and now I get the impulse from inside that it is time to call the guide, which I do with the name AVTOTAR. Instantly I enter the terrible change, so I give the sign of Shu to balance “it” and the sign of Silence in the end. At that moment, while standing in the sign of Harpocrates with closed eyes, I hear a rumble in the distance that is intensifying. Soon, it became so strong that everything around me was shaking. I opened my eyes, and surprisingly, I noticed a stampede of thousands of kangaroos in front of me. They soon passed by me at an enormous speed, a huge chessboard on which I stood trembled so much that I thought it would be halved. I noticed that there were various other animals jumping in a stampede – locusts and mice. I again gave the sign of Silence and completely emptied the content of my mind. After a while, I opened my eyes, noticing that the stampede had passed, and the peace has finally prevailed.

The whole of this Plane has a very impressive, typically astral landscape with a clear relation between light and shadow. As I stared at a distance, in the direction where the stampede came, I noticed a tiny light that slowly pulsated. I went in that direction, but as I did it, the light began to disappear sporadically. I stopped with the awareness that was a particular type of puzzle. I retired into the Silence, focusing on my Angel. At that moment, I heard her voice “around” telling me: “Go intermittently, so you can exhibit the perfect balance of contradiction. Think about the nature of this Sphere, observe the shapes around you, and act accordingly.” I opened my eyes and watched “around” me. The idea comes through my mind; the beginning of this vision was a white universe, now I am in black, I was on a black and white chessboard, in front of me is the light that sometimes can be seen, sometimes not. The stampede was made by jumping animals, once in the air, once on the ground. I observed the light that pulsated, and at the moment it appeared, I stepped on a white square table; when it disappeared, I stepped on black, and at that moment, it appeared again, so it actually stopped pulsating. As I am walking across black and white squares in the rhythm of its pulsation from before and being consistent with its nature, the light stops blinking and begins to shine continuously, intensifying as I am approaching. Soon, I come to light, and now I am standing on the edge of a thin plate, below me, there is an abyss, dark endless universe, and in front, there is wonderful light just a few meters away. I vibrate the name AVTOTAR, and the light begins distorting into the contour of the female Angel. She tells me with a wonderful voice that it is just one half of the name and that I have to say the other half to make the full transition. I understand that technically I am on the bridge between Hod and Tiphareth, on the 26th Path, so I pronounce and call the name of my Angel. Now, in front of me, the Angel appears more concrete, the light becomes blue (as it is my Angel’s color), I continue vibrating these two names while entering a great change. I noticed that I had received winged sandals of Mercury on my feet; on the other hand, Angel spread her wings. I hear her telling me: “For this is he! The bornless spirit! Having sight in the feet: strong and immortal fire!” My Being is now completely in the change, and at that moment, I realize that from the beginning, it was my Angel playing with me through the “temptation of the Swords” (Temptation of the Air as an intellect). Change is unrestrainedly overflowing and growing in my Being. I see my Angel, who is now in its true form. Through my beings radiates such intense enthusiasm, which grows more and more every moment; at the peak, I make the Sign by which I always come to Her, the winged sandals raise me in the air, as she flies towards me at the same moment. As I come to Her, the change grows to infinity, and “I” step into the space of ​​pure LVX. Complete bliss strikes my Being; in the end, she tells me that my method that I come to Her Knowledge and Conversation is complete, and I do not need to change it. This is indeed the method of the Blue Triangle of Holy Hexagram. I am coming out of bliss, completely blissful. I finish the vision. Aumgn.


Wednesday, April 10, 2004

15:18 – 16:33

            Astral passing through the Sphere of Mercury of the Water tablet

            Enochian Senior SOAIZNT (SoaiZODant)

            After rhythmic breathing, I vibrated names, gave the signs, and went through the door with the engraved sign of Mercury. I found myself on a small barge floating on the ocean; in front of me are the walls of a vastly ruined city. It is noon, the Sun is right above me, and the waves are slowly pointing me to the shore. Everywhere above me are thousands of seagulls. The city is impressive, a bit futuristic in appearance with extremely unusual facades and buildings. At the same time, this marvelous futurism mixed with something ancient, which is also embodied in the idea of ​​ruins. Time passes, I am completely approaching the city, and now I notice the huge letters “A Tuat LA Tuat A” engraved above the wall of the entrance of city harbor; I understand the nature of the name of Atlantis is hidden in it and with that conclusion I enter the change. This is the projection of the idea of ​​Atlantis or at least what is left from it. My little boat fits into the harbor, I climb a pontoon, finally reaching the land. I have a clear feeling that I do not need to call the name yet, but to go further. As I stepped on the land, the atmosphere changed drastically, my vision began to fade, and I lost strength, so I immediately invoke by the hexagram and vibrate the name of the elemental King, invoking energy and clarity. After a few moments, everything calmed down, and as I was convinced that energy and stability had been restored, I continued. I am crossing the white marble pontoon in the center of the port, where I noticed the steps which led to a big bluish-white building. Here again, I experience a sharp decline in clarity, and I decide to perform the Middle Pillar for a few minutes in this world but using the appropriate Enochian names. Therefore, I name the crown as IAIDA, NANTA for throat region, MPH ARSL GAIOL for plexus, RAAGIOSL for genitalia, and SOAIZNT for the feet. While performing the technique, I feel a drastic increase in energy and the security that will eventually allow me to pass through the vision. But I also realized that I should not exaggerate in this, so I continued with the path. I climb the steps, with change getting stronger, I vibrate the names by climbing and eventually reaching to a large building of blue marble. It is very similar to the Poseidon temple on the Acropolis, but its bluish color makes it completely unreal and sublime. There are two guards at the entrance; the left is a powerful, muscular man with an eagle’s head, while the right is a woman with the head of a snake. He holds a shield and a golden yatagan, while she carries a large silver spear over two meters long. I am approaching them, giving the signs, and pronouncing the name. They did not say anything, so I went inside, feeling a little stupid that they ignored me. Inside, I encounter a large pool in a rectangular shape from which blue light comes out. As I am approaching, the water transforms into dark and completely opaque matter. Now I call the name SOAIZNT several times, and every time I pronounce the name, the water is getting more agitated. After around 7th vibration, the great Naga emerges on the surface, a huge snake twice as big as me. I salute her with the sign and the higher names. I feel a friendly relationship between us; she approaches the perimeter of the pool; in the beginning, I was a little afraid, so I strayed from the edge. Naga starts to speak: “Do not be afraid, you Mage of Gods, who are in possession of your MA, why would you be afraid of the knowledge that is beneath you?” I approach, drawing a hexagram and coming closer to the edge of the pool. At that moment, I enter the great change; the fear is completely gone, and great security and a friendly attitude towards Naga is rising in my Being. She continues telling me:

            “Know now that you are chosen by your MA, come into this sphere carried by your will. Know that although you seem to have entered the city-ruin, it is by no means what it looks like – this city was also made by man. These are not the remains of the city, because this is the city that you recognized by your MA. It is ruined because your mind wishes to observe it in that form. Atlantis is beneath the sea, which is wrong because the Knowledge is on the edge of the Abyss, not below it. The Knowledge did not sink this city because the illusion and the lie that it was sunk came from the minds of those whose MA resigned and remained submerged in the Great Sea. This is but a city along the road, and nobody resides in it; therefore, you will see its similarity with those Pyramids. But that is not the same, you will think about it, and so you will devote your MA to the highest gift. Walk through the waters, and once you have passed, go in peace and calm down steadily. Be sure, as you are now, with this MA – to disappear in prayer. You will solve the first half of the equation, leave the other in the darkness and intact. Even if you solve it, it will always work untouched, being hidden in the darkness?” (Dictation received through automatic writing)

            With these words, we say goodbye; I perform the appropriate signs that draw her back into the depths of water. I returned back.


Wednesday, March 17

12:24 – 12:51

            Astral passage through the sphere of Mercury of the elemental tablet of Fire

            Senior ANODOIN (Anodoin)

I stand in front of the portal with the symbol of Mercury engraved, I give signs and pass through the portal, vibrating names. Therefore, I appear in a black space, opaque and heavy; I am surrounded by thick darkness, I float curled up in the sign of Silence as if expecting the Vision and Voice to move me. But for a long time, nothing happens or moves, and I make the Sign and say the Name. And now, in the distance of that darkness, I notice a subtle light approaching me, and I see that it is the tip of the horn of the silver Unicorn, running towards me carried by the beautiful stardust. With the force of the onslaught, it pierces my Ajna with its horn, but I am calm because I know that it is a sign of change and movement in this sphere. This transforms everything into LVX and the whitish vastness of infinity. And in front of me, a woman descends from heaven with a spear and a sword, with a small golden crown with a large opal on her head. I greet her with names, Sign of the Grade, as well as the LVX sign and a big Name, while she starts speaking to me:

            “Seven kingdoms are under the hand of One of your Kings, and they are ruled by Whores, not the King. Let æons celebrate their vices in the region of heaven ruled by the same God, who is the Mage of the Gods. And may your MA really be deprived of that horror because it is not for your eyes, you, a great spirit of magicians.”

And she set aside her sword and spear, with a large red book appearing in her hands. Then she took off that golden crown and threw it under her feet, let her red hair off, and opened the book.

            “The names of those I adore are not in it. Instead, they are inside me as you are at this time in the present. Those who do not know me will be carried away by the tide of the Great Sea, but they will run aground in the same city where you settled. And do not worry about the counting order, because it is always now with me. Kiss me, and I will reveal to you the mysteries of my creation,” she said.

I approach it and kiss Our Lady, and everything is covered by darkness, and a terrible rumble echoes in my ears. Time passes, and the rumble intensifies, I open my eyes, and a scene of intercourse between Our Lady and the Unicorn appears in front of me. Soon the climax captures everything, and the rumble becomes so strong that at one point, I thought I would go back. With the help of the big name, I managed to adjust to a sudden change, and then I attended a big orgasm that is that Rumble that begins to travel throughout Cosmos, touching all things. My Aina shines with light, and in the end, I saw nothing but that light. And now the great horn is imprinted in my mind, and their elixir is being poured into my Being. Now the arcana “Mage” and “Gemini” appear, and drawn by some wind that roars the big name, I came back. (This dictation was received by automatic writing.)

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