Two short astral visions


Trigram Zhen

Monday, water aspect

I am vibrating names and entering. I find myself in a transparent soap bubble; the whole area around me is typically astral, pink – the color of the setting Sun. I see bubbles all around me and one magician in each bubble, and I am just like that – one of them. We are flying up toward the Sun, and as we reach a certain height, our bubble bursts and we fall down, into the sea. Just above the surface, new bubbles form that we fall into, and we all move up again, traveling toward the Sun. This goes on indefinitely. I understand the aspiration of Aspirants to reach the Sun, but there is a limit that I cannot cross by any method. I invoke a guide of this sphere by the name of RAAGIOSEL; a bird appears on the open sea, and now I see a huge owl coming toward me. It grabs me with its claws from above, puncturing the bubble. In a strange whistling voice, she tells me her name, which sounds like EDA. She carries me spirally upward, making larger and larger ascending paths. She tells me that it was that bubble which prevented me from reaching the Sun, even though it allowed me to fly. She also tells me that I could fly without that soap bubble, anyway. In a spiral motion counterclockwise, she lifts me higher and higher. The solar disk is getting bigger, and I am finally immersing myself in the Sun, in pure LVX. I thank EDA and end the vision.


Monday, Earth aspect

I am vibrating names, and passing through. I show up on a single leaf of a tree. I am so tiny; in front of me, there is a drop of some liquid, actually dew, sliding down that leaf. The leaf is large and resembles a leaf of oak; it is on a tree branch in an oak forest. I’m quite small, a little bigger than that drop of dew. It is now sliding and falling from the leaf, and I am sliding and falling following that drop down into the sea of grass. Tall, thick grass is all around me in the vast distance. It is swaying in the wind like a wave in the sea. The top of each grass is golden, and those tops collect the light of the Sun. I call for a guide, a big snail turns up. I ask it for its name, it introduces itself as PIPAK. The snail is my height, and I am the size of a dwarf. I aks it to explain the nature of this sphere. I am riding it, holding on to its horns, and we are traveling quite slowly through that sea of grass. I have the impression that we will not get anywhere this way. I ask it where we are going, it replies that we are not going anywhere – and that exactly was the nature of this sphere, as I asked him. The night is near, stars begin to shine, and we are still traveling. I have the impression that we have not moved from the beginning. That endless sea of grass makes it impossible to get anywhere because there is nothing there and never to arrive. It is very pleasant here, though. Along the way, we meet various inhabitants of this sphere, earthly and airy elementals, gnomes and elves. I am looking at the sky; I see the stars. Grass leaves that used to be golden at their tops were now curled up, waiting for the Sun to rise. I am looking into the blackness of the night sky. Everything disappears, and I go back.

Frater 273

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