About the A∴A∴ Grades


Grades are meridians of the soul and like earthly meridians, they are just a matter of agreement, and as it does not mean that there are clearly visible lines on the planet, it can be said that from the standpoint of  LVX, the Grades do not exists. All the Grades of all the aspirants together are constantly impelling one single query, and that is: Where are you? What we truly need is an answer to other, a more important question, which is: Who are you? And there is only one Grade which will give you the answer to this. Yes, indeed, this is the right standpoint to everyone in our Order, and you should not spare effort to always steer yourself in this way.

Advancement through the Grades is nothing but your own guidepost. And all you discover is that the Grades are play like peeling of onions. Advancement through them, no matter how many current truths and insights reveal, actually serves to reject these truths and not to perceive them, since none of these truths is permanent, acting only as a consequence of staying in one Grade, which in some other would be entirely denied. How brilliant is the observation that neither one experience or achievement in the A∴A∴ is assimilation but transcendence, which occasionally implies their destruction. The only two relevant attainments in the Universe, the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel and crossing the Abyss, are in fact completely diametral. With the first one you achieve what you are, so after that you can achieve what you are not. In all paradox, you can not achieve what you are not before you achieve what you need to reject. But this rejecting is not a passive motion at all. The essence is not to remain a child, the true crown of achievement is to become a child. Think about it. This covers all the secret and wisdom of everything we will talk about. Advancement in the Golden Dawn, from a Probationer to Dominus Liminis at first glance may look like the assimilation of the elements and the formula of Tetragrammaton, but it is everything except that. Because only Adept can have true knowledge of elements. Passage further involves awareness not of the elements, but of what we just think the elements are and what our Ego now reveals with astonishment, but in fact, it is just the invention of yet another treachery in your life. Therefore, the path towards truth is nothing more than the advancement and confirmation of false beliefs, which, however inspired by the divine, are nothing but our projection of what the truth looks like and nothing more.

Grades do not reflect the elements, but rather the illusion of the elements. The truth awakens in Tiphareth, therefore their truth below is just a distorted perception of some false reality. No matter how hard you try, it will just never be enough. Whatever you do, it will never be good. And that is precisely what we need.

Every particular Grade is nothing but a parable of LVX and nature of the habitat in which Genius resides, although Genius is not an LVX. This is a great mistake done by many experienced aspirants, which identify a condition with nature. Believing that something which is coloured by blue must be blue. That something that is a bright must to be light. The light is only a consequence of the passage of electrons through the resistor, and as long as the certain voltage is present, the light will be manifested. But without voltage, the light will disappear, therefore the survival of light is conditioned. Maintaining the light in this way is a completely unnatural appearance of things that only begin to shine when the voltage is expressed and what our perception defines as bright and visible. In all its remarkability, the clay teapot is not real, what is real is only the clay. How would a teapot ever exist without clay? A teapot is just a clay form by Genius in the shape of a teapot. Ice does not exist, there is only water. Ice is only a consequence when Will passes through the water, transforming it into the ice. It is the same with all the other elements. 

Frater Aureus 273∴

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2 thoughts on “About the A∴A∴ Grades

  1. What an excellent way to break down the learning process. To unlearn and become a new born. I’ve been trying to evaluate how my body is naturally gone through the alchemical process on its own without ‘grades’ and you’ve made it so much clearer for me in my mind. Bless.


    1. Dear Jess, 93!
      Thank you very much, your words means to me as my maybe means to you, even more. We are all same children under the stars, learning everyday anytime new things, but in fact only one thing in essence and that is Love. Therefore, receive my true Love and friendship! Aureus 273


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