Particles of Self

David Chaim Smith

Every piece of new knowledge is an old one, just vestured, and this old knowledge is founded on our senses, and however subtle may be, they are just a fraction of the distorted truth that we struggle for. Never underestimate the senses; regardless of how much you think the truth is intangible, it is only a product of electrical impulses in your brain. Right now, these words you are reading are not in front of you as you may think, but inside your mind. You are not looking at them, you are looking directly inside yourself, in the part of the brain that is seeding this projection as a visual image, which is purely and solely constructed by you. They are not letters at all; they are particles of yourself. Your path of truth is made of lies. Any mentioning of truth is just a word, it is a technical negation of your natural state, and that is a lie. No matter how extensive this book is, and every other in the world, only one advice is valid and worthy. Doubt everything and everyone. All turmoil through history shows that the statistical number of those who reach the truth is completely inverted to the number of those who are trying. In this lies the painful fact that no matter how much we try to think the opposite, all our efforts are condemned to failure from the beginning, for we have established the whole system in false relationships and in a broken mechanism that has a lower statistical success than pure randomness. You cannot think right, thinking itself is wrong just because you think. The experience of enlightenment of the one who is trying is statistically less possible than the one who has the experience without actually wanting it at all. There is a greater chance of enlightening someone cleaning his dishes than sitting in his asana, and this is the first disturbance that a Probationer perceives. His observation that things just do not work, the more the Aspirant tries, the more he fails.

Therefore, efforts are not a measure of success, or talent, nor hours of practice. The truth is somehow closer and simpler, it lies within Genius who gently waits for his moment, and as long as we discourage him by various exhibits and experiments of God, he will remain silent without a desire to expose himself. His natural habitat is darkness, although its nature is nothing else than LVX, and the objection to this is only a matter of our wrong perception. The nature of Genius is suchness as much as oneness, and in darkness, there are no things, there is no unity or duality, not because they do not exist but merely because they are not perceived. If you want to hide things in the room, you do not have to put them all under your bed. It is quite enough to turn off the light. This action, that movement of extinguishing the light somehow simply forces Genius out of his environment. And then, when your gnosis, like LVX, illuminates everything and enters everything, it will offer you one single chance to see that Genius, fast enough before he wriggles and disappears again. But that darkness, the supreme initiator of all things and the creative element of the universe, that faceless root of all creation is the A∴A∴ in its very essence, and all disagreements on this are nothing but excrements and obsessions of all our fears from all our lives together. Therefore, LVX is the nature of the habitat in which Genius resides, although Genius is not LVX. This is a great mistake made by many experienced Aspirants, who identify the condition with nature. Believing that something which is colored by blue must be blue — that something bright must be light. The light is only a consequence of the passage of electrons through the resistor, and as long as the particular voltage is present, light will be manifested. However, without voltage, light will disappear; therefore the survival of light is conditioned. Maintaining light in this way is an entirely unnatural appearance of things that only begin to shine when the voltage is present and what our perception defines as bright and visible. In all its exceptionality, a clay teapot is not real; what is real is only clay. How would a teapot ever exist without clay? A teapot is just clay formed by Genius in the shape of a teapot. Ice does not exist; there is only water. Ice is only a consequence of Will passing through water, transforming it into ice. It is the same with all the other elements.

Frater 273∴

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