On Nuit

The furthermost fright for aspirants is the simple fact that Babalon is Nuit and that all the inability to understand this simple equation is the complete defeat of our understanding of the great mother. And if that is the issue, if we cannot know the Mother, how can we understand her child?

How can we understand ourselves and our paths when we are not aware of where we came from at all. And do we go anywhere at all. Our art is based on nebulosity and paradox, not mysteries. It is paradoxical that we cannot understand. Babalon is only a form of Nuit, there is nothing out or far from “her”. Because she contains every form and every manifestation, born or unborn, every possibly or imposibly potential.

At dawn she is a girl; at noon she is the mother, at midnight she is a a whore. She has no name because she is nowhere. Like Pan is everything, so she is Nothing.

Frater 273

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