On magical link

David Chaim Smith

But the highest magical link, without a decent doubt, is the emptiness. No matter how empty it is, it is the one that connects objects in the universe; it is precisely that emptiness which gives them a possibility for perceiving each other, as close or more distant. Emptiness itself is always the cradle of love. The girl thinks more about her darling when he is on the vast sea than when he is in the pantry. In the end, here we can find all people we don’t have anymore, all that we are afraid, and all that we are proud of, there is all that could not be and all that is, that what is long gone and what we think is yet to come.

Truly, breaking up with all things creates a magical link that has no flaws. He who is free from everything can use everything freely. To the one who doesn’t care about anything, nothing is missing. He who goes nowhere is always at his right place. No single act deviates more from the Aspirant from the Self from his attempt to reach the Self. A free man doesn’t strive for what he already has, only the prisoner yearns for freedom. Indeed, the void is the only possible magical link – everything else is its clumsy nickname.

Frater 273

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