About the body of light, and a specific scent that follows its course

David Chaim Smith

I am amazed by the statistical probability of being distracted; I do not accept refuge in Buddha, Dharma or Sangha. Defining the model in which the Truth exemplifies requires the Plane succession; for the reason of the inability of the Mind to accept Simplicity. In fact, the question is how does an advanced model look like, because all who are set up and unfortunately still work, proceed from the basic structure of the Universe that is viewed from the bottom. In other words, the universe model no matter what it is and wherever it is, can simply not be adapted to its own Change. The delight of Santa Claus diminishes with the Change that manifests itself by growing up. The problem arises because our model contains both theconcept of Santa Claus and the concept of growing up. In some ways and rarely, some models manage to be classified by flat action, but the consciousness that observes the model cannot have insight into the multiple dimensions and multiple existence (multitude of dimensions and multiple existence as Practicus and Philosophus).

Perhaps this is best illustrated by frequent equalization between consciousness and awareness. This theoretical speculation is so necessary in understanding the phenomenon in what is called the projection of the light body. Many Aspirants seek and, unfortunately, find the appropriate methods that lead them to synchronic Success, while retaining the consciousness that Achievement has not achieved by Will, but by the power discharge or, worse, the statistical probability of large numbers and attempts. Defining the essence of this phenomenon and the structure of a model that is activated in a reality called astral projection is in itself a Method for the same Achievement.

I want to influence your consciousness like a stunning scent; I am not a flower – but you will go in my direction thinking that there is all the beauty of enthusiasm in it. And when you finally get to the destination, you will see that the smell of scent will stunt you. There will be no more; but you will be carried by the Movement already, you will no longer be from where you smelled it, you will be moved.

Each Method is therefore an agreed system of values that can logically fit into a particular model, or Achievement. But this does not mean that this model undoubtedly contains this value, because in fact, any Method leads to any Achievement. No matter what Method, no matter what kind of Achievement. If you want to merge two points, you will not draw a line from the center, it would be terrifically stupid. When points are defined by their existence, the line is imposed by itself , in fact the line is like a point, a new Achievement.

Therefore, why would the exercise in the astral projection have to do with the achievement of the astral projection? Statistically, out of 1000 lines randomly drawn on paper, one is likely to combine those two selected points. The problem is that rough awareness at that moment implies and creates a model that these points and that line are the products of the Will to merge, and that everything is just responsible Intention.

Think about why I create this kind of abstract model right at the beginning. First of all, try to understand how your mind behave at this place.

Exercising astral projection can’t contribute to the achievement of astral projection. Exercising astral projection leads to the exercise of astral projection. The problem with most of the Magician is a completely misconceived model or poorly structured Work. I am sure that the best books on astral projection would be that of the failures. The reason why so much noise is raised around it is solely because of Failure, not because of the magnificence of experience. Apparently I gave you the abstraction model, and you can find that my calmer way of writing is more acceptable to your mind. That is why your Work is crowned with Failure.

It is not the essence to achieve astral projection. The Jewel of the Right Achievement is reflected in the awakening and development of the Astral Consciousness; Astral projection is actually just one of the aspects on which its Nature manifests itself. It is like I would expect a man without a leg to run like you. He can have his head and hands, even having a complete model of thought built on the basis of which you were built, but one single segment of Plain is missing and Fail is inevitable. So it is with the body of light. How are you, really rude to expect a result when you do not have any healthy link. Frankly, I’d rather invest money on a man without leg. What makes me more vomit more is the fact that you have all the quantitative associations and correspondences, the only thing you need is consciousness.

The answer is in the Change of consciousness. In order to observe with your astral eyes, you have to start looking with altered consciousness. You have to acquire a conditioned reflex to change the state of consciousness at the moment when you step into the new body and look upon things from a new perspective. In the beginning it is a trick, and you can learn it very fast unless you waste the precious time looking for perfection in your visualization. The trick is in determination to make a reach, and not to endure. You have to make it done quickly, not to do it indefinitely. When you look at your body from your astral counterpart, at that moment you have to acquire all the aspects that the new body has. Dear Brother, it is a Qabalistic method. Remember how I insisted, last time we spoke, that you learn all the correspondences. Now, apply it here. In the moment of transference of awareness, you have not only to see with your new eyes, but also to breathe the air there, to smell and stand at that place. You have to infuse your mind with the truth that you are really there, you have to switch off your personal censor of reality that tells you it is all nothing but a figment of the imagination, by the simple truth that you are there. Therefore, that truth must not have a single aspect of falsehood. Create the success by the creation of magickal links. You cannot expect to be there if you breathe and think from here. And even if you are Failing, try to Fail from there! The whole point is not in visualization at all, but in a state of clear resolve. In many occasion, I achieve success without visualization at all. You will see, my dear, that you will quickly achieve Success in this if you Act properly, Doing properly.

Frater Aureus 273∴

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