Divine embodyness

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If we were able to comprehend our own immunity, we would be closer to the Knowledge and Conversation than we could ever imagine. All of our spiritual aspirations are, in fact, an astonishing mixture of biological and physiological elements, those which we so often reject in disdain thinking that they are not worthy of our aspiration. Giving it a second thought, it is precisely these opinions that render us unworthy.

The proper approach to immunity is in close encounters with particles and the experience of illness but in small quantities. Health is therefore not safeguarded in isolation but, on the contrary, while being exposed to the broadest possible but carefully balanced doses of impurity. Encountering illnesses is the way to find our health, not in looking for shelter. Sterility is the worst thing we can pursue in developing immunity, avoiding diseases at all costs is a sure strategy to ruin human health. How wrong is our approach toward Great Work. True Abramelin does not last for six months; it is actually the time of incubation. Abramelin’s real operation lasts a lifetime; we have to relate continuously to the ultimate experience of the Angel, in all aspects of life, in spiritual and occult practices the least. In heavy traffic, the first snow in the season, or when paying bills. Always and in the same way, we have to remain healthy with healthy thoughts of the Angel at all times, even in the filthiest statements of insults, masochism, aggression, and stress.

The purity that is related to human health is of transcendent attribution; it really has nothing to do with purity in the physical or moral sense of the word. The Pure Will is the more straightforward and much purer idea than the True Will is. Understanding the term purity naturally implies the notion of Will and vice versa; realization of that Will fulfills the key to complete Purity. The naming mechanism of the ultimate substances in our Great Work is very interesting, and we often witness that the most natural things have such boring and clumsy names, yet those completely straight experiences in our lives have no names at all, which does not prevent us from implementing such nameless experiences into our own lives. Sometimes, a single human life can be the result of an utterly inexplicable urge experienced in childhood, which can be transmitted later on to the entire life of an individual. But are we not all victims of such acting, isn’t this illogical and unspeakable urge what we strive to declare as the Will? Also, let us remember the definition of Adept Minor’s great oath embodying the attainment of the Great Work – he undertakes “to attain the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel,” – an utterly complicated mumbling presentation of quite a simple and natural thing.

This hides quite clearly what we are striving for and what the role of a healthy body is in the concept of the Great Work. It is certain that Nigredo is pointing at the body, but that body has nothing of the Osirian afterlife stiffness; it is the bearer of light, and above all, the bringer of joy, nervous pleasures and experiences, in which the ultimate experience resides. The body itself is an orgasm of the Sphinx, every sensation hides the phenomenon which the entire cosmos originated from, each and every moment we receive the same information about the Knowledge and Conversation, but our perception refuses to process that information.

Frater 273

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