Astral projection. Fundament of dreams. Also, on trance techniques.

astral1We will now continue with the presentation, but in order to progress further, you have to forget everything you learned so far. A change in consciousness that is experienced during the trance and astral projection is more valuable than all the seminars and workshops to which you have ever been. Without the experience of astral projection, the whole system of Western and Eastern teachings is just another fairy tale.

Your souls, each one of you, are heating up on a low fire. You are like water in the court, which is heated up by your progress more and more. When the temperature of water reaches 99 degrees Celsius, it still does not boil. Only 1 degree of heat is missing. This 1 degree is a change in the quality of your experience. You can wait millions of years for water to boil at 99 degrees. It will not. Astral projection is that 1 degree needed for boiling the water. This 1 degree which makes the change of the quality of your water. Not quantity, but quality. Basically, there are two main methods to achieve what is referred to as astral projection. During wakeful state – it is harder, and during sleep – it is easier but has some drawbacks. Now we will consider methods which are most suitable for beginners. You can be a life-long practitioner in all subjects we talked about before, but yet be a complete novice in astral projection. And otherwise, there are people who have never been involved in Magick or Mysticism, but who are natural experts in astral projection. Astral projection is a phenomenon which is actually not. It does not require intelligence or experience, but what I told you at the beginning of my workshop – a sense of play. Let us talk about the techniques that start at dream state. Why these techniques are easier? Because we are already there, but we just do not have awareness of it. There is no need to practice astral projection during sleep, you just need to wake up in that dream. Essentially, most of the methods which use this are often based on erroneous instructions. By the most authors, in order to influence the subconscious, you are required to give yourself positive affirmations during waking state, repeating it like a mantra that you will become aware of your dreams, that you’ll be aware that you are dreaming. You are saying to yourself that you will do something which you demand by the same self. You must admit it sounds ridiculous. Understanding the condition of astral projection is a condition to understand what a dream is really. I warmly advise you to read a book by Michel Jouvet Sleeping and Dreaming. Let me go over the theory of dreams.

Before we go to sleep, our brain operates at a frequency of Beta waves. From this terrain, it is extremely difficult to break through to our subconscious. Our subconscious mind has armour and sensitive system of self-intelligent shields which are impossible to penetrate. Almost. When you go to bed tired enough, after a while – and that time is extremely important and I will return to it later – you will enter a state known as the state of hypnogogia. This state is built on the idea which is quite similar to the Qabalistic Cross. It is a transition state, a state between the worlds that lasts only for a few moments or minutes. It’s a duty-free zone in which the brain frequency slides down to Alpha waves. At that moment, the feelings of sinking and floating are quite common, and I shall return to it later. What happens after 90 minutes is the state of REM sleep. What is REM exactly? At that time, we are paralyzed along the spinal cord. In other words, we are in a state of paralysis. The only parts that can move are our eyes and the diaphragm. Also, erection can occur, especially in the morning, when REM stage lasts longer. The moment you enter the REM stage, your sleep transforms into dreaming. In other words, at that moment we have dreams. Medically, the condition when we have dreams is called paradoxical sleep. Why? If you connect the brain to instruments at this stage, the instruments will show a much greater activity of certain brain centres, even compared to the waking state. You have the highest activity of your brain when you are not exactly aware of yourself. This phenomenon is therefore paradoxical. There is no need to increase your capabilities. You only need to dedicate a time when your abilities are already manifested at their highest level. And that happens every night. You are so much awake during REM that you cannot even suspect that you are dreaming. That is the true nature of our dream. A paradox.

So, what is the real purpose of astral projection? It is exactly to use this range of mind and to become aware of ourselves at the moment when our being is able to conceive of higher spheres. Actually, nobody gave a valid answer what really happens to us during this part of our life.

Where is the key? It is in the phase between sleep and wakefulness. In the stage of hypnogogia. What is the work that led to failure? Either this stage is absent, or we are trying to separate from the body during wakefulness, or even if we come into the state between, we ruin it all by needless concentration which draws us back to waking state, rather than to deepen the trance. One of the best ways of returning from the astral experience is to aggressively and continuously concentrate on anything, without turning your sight from the object of your concentration. Focus and concentration are so devastating in this place. You can work on this for years, without moving an inch from the beginning. What is the right action then? A correct attempt would be done in the transition of sleep, usually after the awakening in the morning, ideally between 5-7AM. The practice has shown that awakenings after 6 hours of sleep are the ideal time for attempting the astral projection. And never, in any circumstances, you should try in the night, before you sleep.

During the night, there are several REM periods, and they do not have the same duration and depth; later the REM phase is – the longer it will be. And most important, closer you will be to the waking state.

Sometimes we wake up between 5-6 AM, during the last REM phase, when we turn to other side of the bed and feel that comfortable and warm state of drowsiness. From this state to the state of paradoxical sleep it takes only a few seconds. Therefore, the key to your first astral projection is a short and very simple action which should be done at that very moment. Take care not to lie on your back, because it will wake you up, and you should act in accordance with your habits and nature. Move as little as possible after awakening, preferably without opening the eyes, and look at the blackness before your eyelids. As soon as you find yourself aware, you will perform the action of imagining a strong and aggressive spin backwards, which will put you into a state of vibration very soon. First subtly, but as you persist, so will the state of vibration that is felt primarily in the area of the cerebellum, increasing. Imagining of this movement must be energetic, aggressive and persistent. Do not give up after a few seconds; vibration will occur even when it seems as impossible. Do not stop until you do this movement for the whole 1 minute. Many of you have had that strange experience of vibration, especially during afternoon nap time, or if you got up very early, and then returned to bed. When you feel your whole body is connected to some strange electrical circuit, and with some strange buzzing sound in your ears.

This backward movement is very important, especially when it comes at crossing into the state of a dream. This movement is simple and requires no visual imagination, just a tactile sensation. No visualization, just a tactile sensation. It is so easy that most of the time after your first success you will be stoned about how you waste so much time in totally wrong actions. Once you enter a state of vibration, you are left with just a little bit to get unstuck from the physical body. Vibrations occur when your consciousness begins to transfer into another body, thus entering into another reality. Vibrations are similar to the effect when you bring your mobile phone near the computer. When it rings, the whole screen will start to flash. A single consciousness cannot occupy two bodies at the same time, so vibrations are the consequence of animosity between the two bodies, between two worlds. You will either remain in the physical or start hovering in the astral. We do not have much time to discuss everything about astral projection, because that is a topic for another workshop, but here we are trying to come up with things that everyone can do, regardless of experience and abilities.

What usually happens then are the two things which are the same in almost all of the cases. First: the sense of vibration from the brain spreads throughout your whole body. Second: a sense of horrible fear start to spread through your being. The worst nightmares are just before the dawn, when REM phase is longest. Nightmares rarely occur at the beginning of sleep. Of course, these are general observations. Once you find yourself in a state of vibration, you will most likely hear strange noises. These are all normal stages of projection. Simple phenomena of drawing your matrix from the physical layer. Exactly the same sensations are experienced by those who have had a near-death experience. If you can resist the great fear which is likely to occur, it will be followed by experience that you will remember for the rest of your lives.

My good friend had such experiences in the army during the afternoon nap, and in the army they get up pretty early; you can see here exactly the same model as we mentioned earlier. Soon after he laid down to rest in the afternoon, after 10-15 minutes only, he found himself in a state of physical paralysis, with strange demonic sounds and great fear. At that time, he thought his mental condition was somehow distorted. Also, he experienced a state of vibration which shook his whole body, and in the beginning, he was convinced that the other soldiers would notice his bed shaking so they could help him. On the contrary, after returning from this state, he noticed that everything was in perfect order and that the soldiers around him did not notice anything. Every day was a real war for survival for him; he often refused to lay in the afternoon, but the same situation awaited him in the evening. Recently, he learned what the astral projection is and since then he explores astral plane almost daily, using the completely identical method, except that this time he overcame the fear and learned to move forward, taking the advantage from this situation. Therefore, it is quite possible to find people who have never heard about astral projection, yet they perfectly know what it is and how to deal with it in their own original ways. Especially the people who go to work early and have an afternoon nap. Once you get into this situation, it is very important not to remain in the transitional state, because the fear can be caught you and blow you away from success. This phantasmagoric fear is something unique and fantastic as it will happen to you. It is almost unreal, as if it was saturated with the flavour of another world. The imaginary world which you left in your childhood, now quite clearly returns back. In these fantastic sounds, which are in reality just the effect of electricity in your eardrum, your awareness now finds some most terrible things from the deepest atavism.

For the first few times, this will be the furthest you are going to get. But with practice, you’ll get to the next step. During this state of buzzing, there are two ways to get out. The gravity of the physical body is so strong around you, that you have to trick yourself. The first way is to use the position of lying on the side, and simply roll out from your body. This does not include your abdominals, but only the will to simply slide off the bed. It is quite possible that you will fall, not physically, but in the astral. In most cases, you will appear in the dark, specific kind of limbo where you will not see anything, but you will have a strong sense of touch. And if you try to touch the walls, you will succeed to feel the objects which normally stand in your environment. You will have to depart much from your body before you get a vision. In fact, the first thing to do when you get out is to walk away from your body as soon as possible, by touching the walls. Get out of your apartment; just walk until you suddenly get a vision. It will be a new chapter in your life.

Another way to exit from the state of vibration, without any concentration or visualization, is simply to get up quickly and vigorously. Remember that at this stage you will not be able to get out if you work slowly and patiently. You must be energetic and aggressive in your movements. A lot and very.

All these points together would not take more than 3 minutes. Anything more than that will either return you to the Beta, or to the waking state, or it will induct you into dreaming. You must have perfect timing. Remember, there is no visualization at all. In that place, you do not have the eyes, but it takes a few tricks to get your sight. To summarize: we need two things. The first is to get to the border zone; the other is to leave the border zone directly to the astral plane. What to do from there, it surely goes beyond the scope of this presentation.

Definition of trance is – body asleep while mind is awake. It is very difficult to get into the trance from fully waking state. But from hypnogogic state it is not. Does it ever occur to you, from a beautiful state of drowsiness and somnolence, to do anything other than to indulge into dreaming? This is the famous state when our parents woke us up for school in the morning and we were begging for just 5 more minutes. Those 5 minutes we would use for something completely different. Try it. All of you have alarms on your mobile phones; choose some beautiful composition, not too aggressive, which will not awaken you too much. Just to push you gently from the state of dreaming. What you need at this point, is just to wait a bit. Your physical body perfectly knows where it’s going and what it’s doing. Take advantage of this and by a simple mental action place yourself into the vibration state. After you wake, after 6h of sleep, just return to the sleep position as you would do as you want to return to sleep. Close your eyes and wait a few seconds, being completely still. And them, do your aggressive tactile mental movement, again and again and again. 1 minute. And then, well, there are no words what is awaiting you.

We will now return to other methods, which are also not as difficult as they may seem. In any case, do not try them during bedtime, because your brain is destined for failure. You must not exaggerate; the ideal time for projection with the most difficult method lasts between 15 and 30 minutes. Anything more is superfluous to try. You can turn around and go to sleep; it is possible that you will run spontaneous projections through the mechanism of sleep. Or, it is quite possible that you will experience a third case, which is totally different, and that is the so-called lucid dreaming. At one stage of your sleep, you will become aware that you are dreaming. Then, there is no need to go through the process of separation, because you’re already on the astral plane. However, these experiences do not last for long and you should be trained not to return back quickly after the realization that you are in a dream. 90 percent of you will wake up from too much excitement, and that’s good. It is an ideal moment to take your notebook and write down remarks about your awareness at the moment you realized that you were dreaming. It is different from waking consciousness as the waking consciousness is different from the one in your dreams. Try to describe it fully in your diary, so the next time you can recover it simply by remembering.

What is the technique applied during the waking state? This technique also consists of two parts; relaxation and tactile imagination. And it has no visualization, not at all. I’m not saying that it is impossible to achieve something by it, but it’s very unnatural and difficult. What I’m referring to is not to project astrally, but to develop your astral consciousness. Understanding the difference between these two is crucial. I point to the way to achieve astral consciousness; astral projection will be just a consequence of it, a servant. In the stage of relaxation, and when you achieve the state of hypnogogia, it is sufficient to look at the blackness of the eyelids, and with peripheral sight to stare into a black circle, and you will notice that the darkness will transform into three-dimensional polygon very soon, which is a purely physiological defocus phenomenon. You’ll notice the most important thing, and that is that with the advent of three-dimensional space your consciousness immediately changes. Also, the drastic change of your body awareness occurs, so it will appear that you are feeling a bit skewed, as if you were floating. At this point, just throw yourself into the darkness ahead. This is much easier than it may initially seem. The key is in this change in consciousness; little effort will pull your astral body forward, with a feeling of suction and you will soon find yourself in the astral void. This is really easier than you think. The change of consciousness which is generated during defocusing is the same as when you look into a mirror or a candle. After a while, no more than a few minutes, your sight will be covered by dense, dark cobwebs and for a few moments, you will also perceive a drastic change of awareness. Try this; it is really worth the effort.

Question: I have a problem because several times I managed to get out, but I could not see anything around me.

Answer: Excellent. As I said, that is normal. Simply move away from the body, touch the walls and the vision will be available soon. Do not stand in one place, just walk and move your hand upon the walls, touching them.

Sometimes it is not necessary to leave the body. Just come to the point of three-dimensional darkness and continue to stare into it. The invoked force will construct the vision that you need or the portal through which you will pass spontaneously. Let your practice indicate variations of this method. Last mentioned was the art of clairvoyance. Specifically, there are two ways in which you can communicate with the other planes. To go there and actively participate in them, or to stay here and watch them passively.

I advise you to experiment with all these methods. It is quite likely that you will not succeed for the first few times, because you all have a great desire for success, and therefore too strong defence mechanisms. The moment when you truly achieve a relaxed state and when you do not listen to anything else but your own body which will always tell you what is best to be done, you will succeed. It is just a matter of time. It’s like you asking me how to dream? Whatever I say, you would continue to actively and excitedly wait for sleep to come. It will never come until you get tired of trying and you simply turn to the side, letting the nature to do its job. Astral is the natural habitat of your nature, just like the waking state.

All the keys of our Art are completely simple and natural. Any work in our Art that lasts longer than 15 to 30 minutes tends to fail.

Question: No matter how much dark the matter is, I still see colour. That brings stress to my work.

Answer: That phenomenon is called entoptic light. This is wonderful; just keep looking into those lights, as the astral world is actually a lot closer to you than to most people. Those lights tend to occur in the peripheral part of our vision, and if we tried to focus on them, they would disappear. The emergence of various colours and geometric patterns is simply a stage in the method of staring into the darkness before your closed eyes. Just continue to passively stare at those colours. It is not a flaw, on the contrary.

Question: When I get out, everything is often in slow motion and it is very difficult to walk.

Answer: As long as you stay close to your body, without a plan of action, the movement is difficult. Try touching walls around, rubbing your hands together, roll your eyes fast across your visual field and motion will be facilitated, and vision will become much clearer.

Question: Can you tell us some technique of trance?

Answer: I will mention to you a few handy tricks, which will cause the appearance of an effective trance. Each of you has a personal name. Sometimes it’s a nickname, sometimes an abbreviated name. Each of you is accustomed to being called in a specific way; each of you has learned to turn around when you hear that name from a distance. When you are alone at home, sitting in a chair, breathe deeply for a few minutes and try 20 minutes long monotonous and loud repetition of that name. The technique is fantastic and many children use it. You can use any word, repeating it to exhaustion, until you drift in your awareness, loosing completely the meaning of the name you repeated.

Also, while walking, try to imagine that you are actually turning the Earth globe around the imaginary axis. Imagine how you walk like circus clowns, turning the ball on which they stand. Try this for 15 minutes.

Question: I never had experience of astral projection, and all this today really instilled a lot of energy and motivation in me, but what interests me is what happens when you show up there, what should I do?

Answer: It is as if you got two girls in your bed and then you call me asking me what to do with them? Do what you can think of. And what you dare.

Frater Aureus 273∴

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