Astral projection and rising on the plane

One thing is to achieve astral projection, the other is how long you can stay there. But I have to admit, it is a sweet trouble, once when you find yourself in. The correct analogy would be a comparison between astral projection and the Internet. For the first few times you will google the terms like “how your house looks from above”, or “flying through the clouds”, “experience floating in deep space”, “lunar and planetary landscapes”, etc. But sooner or later, you will become saturated with that. As you gain more experience, you will find yourself doing more and more senseless things. And then you will encounter something that is called Alice’s effect. That effect is actually an insertion of the viral program from your own higher consciousness into the operating system, which was built over your reality, or at least you prefer to call it a reality. As we said, the sphere of Ruach encompasses most of Sephiroth. Your very first astral projection takes place from Malkuth and involves only a step into the Path of the Universe, without even getting to Yesod. Yesod certainly has its impact there, but you are still far away from it as your target. Even if you explored the whole of the physical universe, it still doesn’t mean that you are an inch away from Malkuth. What about the other Sephiroth? Astral body can travel along the sphere of entire Ruach. As it was difficult to move from Malkuth to Yesod, in the form of training the astral projection, so it will be hard to move from Yesod to other planes. As I have explained to you, for the practice of astral projection you must use a simple trick, not brain science, and in the same way, your astral body can be used for travelling to higher spheres. It requires the same mechanism. After a certain period of time, and it is certainly no less than the first 50 or even 100 projections, you will experience what is called Alice’s effect. And it cannot be caused by yourself or by your will at all. So, what is it all about?

The Higher Planes

Suppose I did succeed in astral projection and that I opened my bedroom door. When I get a vision, after the initial darkness which often appears in the beginning, I usually find myself examining the quality of my vision, to see if it could be improved. And at that very moment, something wonderful happens. I realize there is a door in the wall which didn’t exist before. Or I see a painting hung on the wall, which doesn’t exist in this reality. This is called Alice’s effect.

In Qabalistic terms, what happened? In a short moment, I stepped into the sphere of Yesod. My inner being, or outer reason or intention, brought to my astral reality one small detail, which I know was not a part of my physical world, such as that door. At this point, I do have a choice, either to ignore that door or to open it to see what’s beyond.

And this is all that you need. At the moment you open that door, you will start to move into another reality. When I open the door I usually find myself in an empty universe. Each one of you will have your own specific way to step out from the sphere of Yesod, and only through practice, you will be able to locate your output. That moment when you cross the threshold of the door or open a window which didn’t exist otherwise, the Force manifested in the very form of that window or door, will use your awareness to pull you deeper into your Ruach. What happens then?

In many cases, you’ll find yourself in a kind of limbo, something like a mezzanine. This is a typical astral region, with vast arrays of buildings and endless corridors. The mezzanine would eventually make up the forms of a real city, or even a whole new reality, which would be constructed automatically by your own consciousness. It is because in this place there is infinitely much time and infinitely lots of opportunities to play and explore. It is exactly in this city or limbo, which is apart from the influence of fate that you will wait for a certain Vision and the Voice to appear, which will bring about a pure change. It could be assigned by a certain being or force which would be given to you in that particular moment. Try to find an answer from whom this being was sent. In any case, this would be a sort of true spiritual guide. Is it a specific type of astral spirits or angels you would never know, like I do not know for sure, but what is important to understand is that they would be sent with a purpose to learn what would come.

Question: What could be encountered there, what is the nature of those beings?

Answer: Well, that particular being will tell you that. As it was invoked, it would be presented. You will get only what you would need at that moment. Even if you experienced it as negative, it would be sent by the Cause, and that experience of negative or strange would be just a Result of something that was needed by the Change.

Question: Is this the vision of an Angel?

Answer: No. The vision is not determined only by an Angel, but also by other kinds of force. Talking about the nature of that what we call an Angel, I think no one is competent enough to do that. For two reasons. Firstly, we are so much different from them to make our observations framed in a particular model. Secondly, each of us is different, so naturally, we involve more variegated models of angelic qualities. What you need is the contact, at all costs. No elemental that got negative inclination towards you could stay in front of the power of man’s pure desire, or in front of any name of God. You need to know what divine names are assigned to specific elements. So there’s no purpose to condition the creature of water by the element of fire. You need to know the hierarchy of beings. Use the names which are already there in the ritual of Pentagram, and you can find elsewhere the God’s elemental names and the names of the archangels. Use them properly.

Be careful, because if you do not understand me, no elemental will understand you. Jehovah and Eheieh sound similar but are not the same and cannot be the same. What other names you could use? You may have a situation that a force would still remain there in a clear presence of those names, and that you may still doubt its nature. The names of the archangels are very strong, but do not forget to shoot at the higher hierarchy all the time. When you apply for a job, always refer to top seniors as your acquaintances. Remember, in addition to the use of these names, it is necessary to feel safe and to trust those names; an elemental is not afraid of names, it fears your connection to those names. I am not afraid of big guys, I’m afraid just not to be beaten up.

Furthermore, the Enochian names are also very applicable, but we’ll get to those later in the section dedicated especially for the Enochian system. Lesser names are used efficiently for invocation, while senior names are useful for banishing, think about it. For an appeal, trust is necessary, as for banishing it is the authority and fear. It is the best, especially in Goetia and Enochiana, that when you invoke certain intelligence, to mention the name which is just above it first, and then gradually applies the higher and stronger forces. I urge you to show respect for intelligences from which you wish to learn, the same ones which you will manifest too when someone politely asks you for your help and assistance.

It would be excellent if you could have a notebook in which you would list all the correspondences to an element, with the names, shapes, colours, etc. Also, it is not bad to know how to write the names in Hebrew or any other language. If you encounter astral gates on your journey, such as those that would take you like Alice down to the rabbit hole, try to draw a sign for a particular element before you enter there. You could use the Tattva symbol too. In my drawer, I keep my tarot deck, and that is why my desk is always present in the astral copy of my room. The fastest way for me to jump to the other plane is simply to open the drawer, pull out one of the tarot cards, throw it on the floor and just dive into it. Those are all portals which are liberating you from the field of Luna. Method of Liber Samekh has a special effect when it is done on the astral plane. Try it. I am giving you some various tips which would make your astral journey more interesting and prospering.

The economy of time is crucial in the Astral. Contrary to that, the economy of movement is crucial for breaking and collapsing the whole of that experience. You have to move around constantly, touching all the things as much as you can, and most of all, you must get into higher realms of astral plane as soon as you can, where you will have clearer awareness and more time to do certain works that are designed for such place. Do not bother yourself thinking about communication in the astral plane. When you finally get into the realm of Ruach, communication is not a problem, but understanding. Some beings talk through colours. Some of them imprint impressions in your mind. Some do not talk at all, but you have to follow them and they will lead you to certain vital points in the astral plane. The point I’m talking about is that astral projection is alive adventure that needs your creativity. Without the experience of astral projection, as I said, all magical and mystical systems seem shallow and empty. All techniques mentioned yesterday and today, have deeper and more concrete results on the astral plane. But, some issues can occur. As people use the Internet to find information that is relevant to them, they also often use the Internet for information they do not need at all. You need to know where the limit is. Astral operations must not take place of your physical body labour. Yes, they are reserved for specific ranks, but they do not have a monopoly on entire Path of spirituality. The most effective way to use the astral is for works which face Tiphereth. Why? Simply because the Sun is closest to us from the position of the Moon sphere. In fact, from the entire Ruach, wherever you go toward the centre, you will come to Tiphareth. Whichever way you go, you’ll get to your destination. The main point is just to shorten the route, to allow more time for the experience, not to extend the journey. When you perform Liber Samekh, once you are naturally on that path, interesting things can happen. The main problem is that you do not have much time, or energy, to perform it in full form from the beginning to the end. We could see now that all the techniques are interrelated. To do Samekh on the astral plane, you would find that you have to reinforce both the physical and astral bodies. You will begin to consciously do more exercises such as the Middle Pillar, the Ritual of Pentagram, Liber Resh, etc. with more enthusiasm than before.

Question: I heard that there are practitioners who do the pentagram ritual while they are asleep.

Answer: One thing is that you dream of doing the pentagram ritual. The other is to be aware that you’re dreaming and then do a full ritual.

Make sure, as soon as possible, if you find yourself lucid in your dream, to isolate from the dream place what your unconscious already prepared beforehand and constructed for you. Whatever the dream was, go from it, no matter how friendly or nice it was, you’ve created it and so long as you’re in that scene, you will play by the rules, which were pre-determined by your own subconscious nature, and by playing by those rules you are already pre-doomed. Because, instead of approaching to the centre, to Tiphareth, in this case, the Moon will shine so intensely that you would think that it is the Sun. In other words, you will be mesmerized. Whatever the dream was originally constructed of, it would only be a shadow of nothing but your own awareness, which would be interpreted as the enemy inside of that reality. Your subconscious mind is not used to the presence of your awareness within a dream, and soon it will raise protection systems against yourself. Your subconscious mind does not want you to go into the Sun. Your subconscious mind does not want you to go anywhere. It wants you only for itself. Now, and always. Think about it.

This is the whole point: get out from your dream through being awake, in short.

Question: How does all this fit into the Rising on the Planes practice?

Answer: Remember that the astral body got no physical limitations, and therefore possesses the ability of teleportation. In Liber O it was required from Aspirants to strive for the heights. In practice, what is it? In the astral plane, just fly up until you break through the clouds and leave the ground behind you. Then attempt to land back and you’ll find yourself in completely different surroundings, much closer to the Sun. It is because when you strive for heights so strongly, your higher nature creates all that time an ideal environment right behind your back. Consider this thought.

Question: Too often in my dreams, I feel like I was connected to deceased people, my feelings and senses are completely focused, and then I have a great sense of connection with them. When I address them and ask them how they could be alive when I know that they were deceased, they start to fade and disappear. It happens almost always.

Answer: The most pleasant rest is the one in the shade. Think about it. Those are all only elementals. There is a Buddhist concept called Chitakasha. It’s like a collective field of humanity where all things and possibilities are stored. Something like a global network. But the ideas which you mentioned are volatile and they endure only because they are just shells, once supported as pure and agitated life. Therefore they fade and disappear when you’re inviting them into a discussion, because they don’t have the power to talk, because they are just shells, shells in shadows. A discussion needs attention and alertness, and shadows disappear like dew in the sun when confronted to it.

Generally, the perception of ghosts is associated only with feelings. Especially little children have that when they say they feel someone was in the room. A simple conversation makes their energy to fade. Each of you got different talents with the astral body. Someone could easily make contact with deceased people, others could easily make contact with angels, others may have the talent to be very easily separated from the body, or they can fly or teleport easily. As each of you has your physical talents, in the same way you possess specific astral abilities.

Frater Aureus 273∴

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