On some thoughts being a Neophyte

eye malo

Neophyte, on a deeply subconscious level, somehow like a prayer of the supreme salvation, projects his understanding forward as future experience of Knowledge or Conversation, but in the manner that he, as the aspirant of the Golden Dawn, can understand it well enough to serve him as an additional burning fuel, once when with unbalanced work he burned all the fire before time.

How fantastic is the A∴A∴ mechanism, self-sustaining and self-regulatory, which works in advance and always for the aspirant’s change. The way in which this mechanism can serve his being is a fresh reminder that will draw the living awareness from one specific moment. That is why it is incredibly important to record everything that is considered as important. Even that which is extremely irrelevant or ordinary, if it goes beyond the boundaries of irrelevant and ordinary, must also be noted in the Diary for it could serve as a trigger for the supreme experience. Maybe. But I can only regret that I as a Probationer recorded exclusively and only about practice; although these records were outstanding, with all the results, thoughts and insights, they represent only a small part of the Probation itself. The Diary is about Probationer, not about Probationer’s practices. Think about it. It has personality, in the same way Probationer has. And this personality advances and grows only by diversity. Beside a practice that he will perform daily, Probationer has a duty to write and keep a record of it. The practice of writing a magical Diary is the first true step inside the Golden Dawn, and if I had to reject all meditations and ritual practices, I would do so if it will be allowed for me to carry my magical Diary. Therefore, before we even look at the practices and possibilities that the Probationer has before him once he took his Oath, we will study this practice above all practices and discuss the ways in which the Diary can be written.

Frater Aureus 273∴

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