Memorizing the Chapter


Concerning the concrete work, the Probationer is instructed to learn one chapter by heart. This requires some discussion. The Book of the Heart consists of five chapters, each assigned to one element. Unfortunately, this instruction too often acts like an intoxicating agent of the worst kind and Aspirants, choosing and dedicating themselves to one chapter, neglect all other. This task is nothing more than pointing the Aspirant to determine what he likes at the very beginning and getting him accustomed to the A∴A∴ most important principle, which is to choose what he truly desires. The selected chapter shows the affinity and character of his unconscious nature, thus referring him to his own Angel.

Learning by heart is a mind game that poses constant pressure until saturation, boredom and fear rise. Fear not to fail, not to make a mistake, not to stutter, not to miss a verse. It is upon his Superior to decide how he will evaluate this part of the test, but the real crown of attainment is reflected in choosing of what is His will, and not in the perfect automatic repetition of something that is drawn out of coincidence and haste. The whole book with five chapters is everything that the Aspirant in Golden Dawn will ever need, and the full understanding of this book would point to the attainment of the highest Grades.

Yes, the Probationer is required to learn one chapter by heart, but there is something of at least the same importance. Besides that, the Aspirant chooses a chapter he likes, and the likeness is a younger brother of Will, he will also notice which chapter he dislikes and from which he diverges. Sometimes this is a more direct notice about our nature than things we want. After all, what you want and what you do not want are one and the same thing.

Frater 273

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