Three great Lights


At each moment, every Student is illuminated by the three great lights of the A∴A∴: his Superior who is assigned to him, his Diary which is written by him, and his Angel which is manifested through him. And each of these three forms are projections of the one same hologram. His Superior is, therefore, the balance between two extremes: his Diary, which represents his lower form and his Angel, which represents the higher. The Diary, the Superior, and the Angel: this is the Holy Trinity of our entire Order, and all that the Aspirant needs is to follow these bright lights. It can be said that the Superior is the visible resultant of two ultimate forces: Student’s Diary and his Angel. Later, as the Aspirant achieves the ultimate Attainment, he will realize that everything written in his Diary and all that the Angel will manifest through the Knowledge and Conversation, is perfectly matching to the imprint which the Superior engraves on his soul.

There is a Grade which has a special relationship with Students. Namely, Superiors of all the Grades have an obligation to take care of Students who are below them. But this does not apply to Adeptus Minor because he has only one commitment in all the worlds, which is the Knowledge and Conversation with his Holy Guardian Angel. On the other hand, is not the highest ideal and benefit for the Student to observe someone who is striving for such an exalted cause? How sublime is the study about the A∴A∴, when the Student perceives the one who strives for the Great Work, so directly as Adeptus Minor? The only Grade that does not have a part of the Oath to dedicate to the Students is Adeptus Minor, but it does not mean he will not do so.

Frater 273

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