Dream Theater

David Chaim Smith

Ever since I can remember, as much as I thought I had found the perfect method, I was always amazed by the fact that I always changed things by simple observations even as a beginner. Those observations have often been in the focus of the most fascinating changes in the understanding of some methods, so always keep your ears and eyes wide open, especially for those things which you take for granted. None of the issues that we’ve been through so far, and those we have yet to tackle, do not require any deeper analysis or contemplation, but only dedication and most importantly of all – childish sense for play. All your failures stem from the simple point that you are no longer a child. The essence of True Nature is actually in awakening, not in discovering. The true crown of achievement is not to remain a child, but to become a child. Angel is neither beyond or above the Magician. He is neither other, another, second nor third. He is One with him. You will discover nothing new, something you do not know about yourself. You know it, but you are just not aware of it. In all these things which we will go through today, the main trick is to become aware of something unconscious. And yet it’s a lot of hard work. You must be vigilant enough not to slide into the world of dreams, but still sleepy enough to see things from the inside. If we to gather all the Grades under just one name it would be Oblivion. But if we should choose the name for true Attainment, it would be – Reminiscence.

Frater 273



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