About the Neophyte

David Chaim Smith

The Neophyte is a newcomer, but not because he gets new experiences, but because he gets right experiences and comings – those which will imprint their seal so heavily on his soul, all the way to the extreme limits of Dominus Liminis. Even the illusion, for the Neophyte, is not an unfamiliar field that is dependent on fate, he embraces it not as part of reality but as part of himself.

A Neophyte who knows his imperfection has an advantage over all other Aspirants who just think they are perfect. The Neophyte prepares his being to become Asar Un Nefer, just by embracing his imperfection; he, therefore, embarks on the path of his individuality rather than perfection.

And just as being the Probationer is like a comet trajectory, the Neophyte trajectory is like a planet; he does not need to burn out but to make a full circle, the idea which lies within his ritual of passage through Duat by the end of his Grade.

But let the Neophyte always think that a full circle implies revolution inasmuch as rotation, that particular fullness always implies both a micro and a macrocosm – the completeness of the journey around the Sun as much as around oneself.

Frater 273

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