On the use of magical words

David Chaim Smith


Vibration is not the only way to use words in our skill; on the contrary, there are certain goals when the method of vibrating cannot bring anything good. Barbaric names draw strength from a completely different psychological effect, which uses a completely similar mechanism like mantra-yoga.

There is a special way of pronouncing invocations where they are uttered whispering; it is also a trick of the mind that automatically increases attention when words are spoken quietly. Have the Asprant read an invocation that he normally practices or that is close to him in a complete whisper, almost in silence, and he will notice a very sensitive change in the quality of his consciousness that occurs after such utterance.

One special aspect of the words in our Order is the magic motto; too many Aspirants think that it is as strong and fierce as the power and fierceness of the deity, as the motto is clumsily named. The motto must never be strong nor anything that has the characteristics of a similar kind. The motto should never be pretty or ugly. It must be yours, and it must be you in exactly the same way; it must be you long before you realize yourself. It is the name which you had had long before you were even born.

There is a very convenient way of vibrating, reminiscent of goat bleating, where the vocals are not repeated in one breath, but intermittently and very rapidly. Not one I, but a lot of short bursts of I with minor pauses in between that remind me of a he-goat bleating. It is a mental trick that, when mastered, which really takes just five minutes, gives a whole new level of vibration of any name, and is eerily effective when used together with the sign of the Enterer. This way of vibrating can be clearly felt even when you are vibrating in complete silence, that is when you imagine a vibration in yourself all the time. This can be perfected to such an extent that after a few times of such imaginary intermittent vibration, it can be felt in a certain part of the body, or even in the whole body to such an extent that the entire body really begins to tremble.

Vibrating with your mouths closed should also be mentioned; try to pronounce A, E, I, O, U, while clearly feeling and hearing the difference between the letters. Then you need to move on to more complicated letters, the only condition is that the mouth does not open, not even for a moment. This kind of magical mumbling is extremely effective and makes this practice something like mild energy purring, the only important thing is to make a larger jaw movement than usual, all with your lips closed.

It is certainly inevitable to mention the Enochian language, which has a very special place in our art, especially since all its greatness lies in the fact that it is quite self-regulatory to each Aspirant. In fact, whatever we pronounce, the result will be the same. Sometimes I skip some part of keys, or I say something different on purpose, sometimes I improvise, but whenever I had Will before “change,” it seems that Enochian will pour itself towards that mold in a totally same manner. It appears that the whole point of Enochian is in a simple mind trick used by children – simply start speaking a language that does not exist, and in a couple of minutes, your awareness will be totally drunk by the very specific change in awareness. I tried to experiment, and I read a text from the internet in a language that I do not know at all (try to copy some text with google translate and choose some totally weird language), and after that, I invoke the names. Results are fascinating, I get exactly the same visions with complete success. As long as I am doing for what I do not know that I am doing, that work always brings complete success, all on the condition that the Will for the same progress has been manifested beforehand.

There are only a few more practical tips related to the mantra; when you repeat it, imagine there is a dark cave in the center of the chakra. Try to use the mantra to call the one who is in that cave to go outside, this small detail only is enough to trigger things in a completely different manner and bring a whirlwind of ferocity that changes the consciousness of the Aspirant so indisputably and to such an extent that he will remain boyishly enthusiastic for days for he has discovered such effective magic. Also, after you choose a certain mantra, say it quite slowly at first. Repeat it a couple of times at a slower pace. Try to do two things slowly; slow recitation of the mantra, but also a long pause between reciting the mantra. After a few times – you must not count – say the mantra a little faster, and you will shorten the pause between utterances. After several such repetitions, you will now recite the matra even faster, with even shorter breaks, until the mantra is so fast that you will say it without any interruption mumbling it with your lips. Now speed it up even more, the mumbling becomes just a miniature movement of the lips, and the mantra turns into a pure sound. Now, speed it up to the extremes, no lips can move any more, no sound can be heard; let the whole feeling of the matra be within your mind imagining how the inner sound accelerates even more and becomes light. It radiates more and more as it keeps accelerating. Imagine how warm and radiant that pulsing light is,  and now all your thoughts are like flies clinging to that light. Millions of flies keep on sticking, more and more, with that light attracting them faster and faster. Finally, the last step is the easiest one – now, turn off that light.

Frater 273

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