Liber Phallo

1) North. NOX sign.

2) You are in the West now. The sign of Kteis. (The sign of Kteis is performed as follows: put your hands relaxed next to your body, then make a large circular motion with each hand, so that the right hand goes clockwise (to the right) and the left hand goes counter-clockwise (to the left). The left hand goes over the right one, so that you get an intersection of the circles.)
Make the sign Rending of the Veil (Opening sign.)

3) South (counter-clockwise). The sign of Kteis. Opening sign.

4) East (opposite). The sign of Kteis. Opening sign.

5) North (opposite). The sign of Kteis. Opening sign.

6) Draw the Sign of the Beast above your head. First, a full circle (shout NUIT), then a dot (say HADIT), and finally, a cross (vibrate RA-HOOR-KHUIT).

7) Imagine now how a pillar of light starts from the center of the sign and passes through your Sushumna.

Vibrating formulas are the following:

a) Sahasrara – AUMGN
b) Ajna – THELEMA
c) Visuddha – AGAPE
d) Anahata – VIAOV
e) Manipura – HOOR
f) Svadhisthana – ON
g) Muladhara – SION

8) Let the light continue to move from Muladhara to the feet. There vibrate TAU. The light now forks to the right and left, forming an inverted letter T.

9) Now, experience yourself as a colossal phallus.

10) Push the force upwards.

a) Muladhara – ISIS
b) Svadhisthana – AHATHOOR
c) Manipura – SEKHMET
d) Anahata – MAAT
e) Visuddha – NEPHTHYS
f) Ajna – BABALON
g) Sahasrara – NUIT

11) Shift your consciousness to the genital area. Start masturbating. Vibrate “ON,” waking that point. At the moment of orgasm, shout “BABALON” and fly with the force of Will upwards, along Sushumna, towards the Sign of the Beast. BAHLASTI, OMPEHDA! You can prevent the ejaculation of semen by pressing the point between the anus and the root of the penis. That is how the force of your passion will move towards the thousand petal lotus.

12) Finish with Closing. The sign of Vir in the North. Vibrate “THELEMA.”

13) The sign of Vir in the East. Vibrate “THELEMA.”

14) The sign of Vir in the South. Vibrate “THELEMA.”

15) The sign of Vir in the West. Vibrate “THELEMA.”

16) Aum. Ha!

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