On Yoga and Oneness


Here is a statement to which we can come across. This is a great place to discuss it – just because it contains the wrong model of thinking. Here you can already notice that the Righteous Activity is the deepest essence of this Sphere. It is right because it is so Effective, and effective because it is True. Setting the right model is the condition of every good Magick. Namely, many times I hear the joyful news that someone is practicing Yoga. Practicing Yoga? It is like I would define somebody’s existence as a practice of Life. And when, let us say, he stops with practice – then he dies? You cannot practice Achievement – it would mean that you have already Achieved it. Yoga is not the Unity – it only directs to the Enactment of Unity, it cannot be practiced and therefore cannot be more or less distant. There is only One Success, Failure is All Other. Yoga is not Method, Yoga is Achievement. What distances you from Yoga is Will for Failure, nothing more. What distances you from Yoga is practicing Yoga, such as practicing the source of any other Failure. I have been overwhelming with the wonderful statements of the Wise Gurus who have shown that the essence of Yoga is to be One with another, but now no longer. Maybe because I no longer hang out with such idiots. Ah yes, did I already tell you that your mother is an idiot? I do not mean seriously, of course. But primarily because I do not even know your mother, so I can’t even know it. You can get angry with me, but she’ll still be an idiot. Just kidding. I did not really want to offend your mother, God rest her soul. Ah, sorry, I did not know she was still alive. Slut …

I jump from one topic to another, but try to turn your own Moral. One of the best ways is black humor, which is always and in every way a mark of more intelligence. Imbeciles, therefore, laugh only when they are tickled.

Returning to Oneness formalism. Becoming One with the Other Being a totally awkward thing. You are by yourself One, why would you be the same One with someone else? This is another projection of the Sphere of Geburah. The inability to experience one’s True Nature creates an illusion that this nature can be experienced elsewhere. Where, for God’s sake? Think of it always in the same way: you are alone already One, why would it be the same One with someone else? Do you think that this experience of the One that would possess when assimilating another sacred Concubine in itself, is different from the experience of yourself who you now feel?

How many things are defined when you think of Yourself? You have yourself, a thought of yourself and the one you think about – are not you always one and only One? The thought of this theme creates the next projection that your Being is on the path – the idea of enlightenment, no matter how honest it sounds, hides many nonsense. From the place of this Sphere, about enlightenment is only thought of as one of the aggregate states of your Self. Nothing more than that, because this is also an overestimation. What is behind this concept is what you should be interested in, which is the Truth, which introduces you to such a type of Change that is so necessary for Enlightenment. As I mentioned earlier, Knowledge and Conversation is the only experience that can be achieved without any Methods or preparations, it is just necessary to manifest the Change Now and Here.

What does not seem to happen so often does not tell us anything in particular – absence of evidence is not evidence of absence, and this topic is too quiet and unclear to carry out any statistical conclusion. Consider this in this way: The truth is not Achievement, nor a specific Method by itself – it defines a system of relations that exists within the whole. What brings you to it is the Alertness of it, the perception of that system of relationship in relation to the whole. Now direct your attention to the Truth of the Buddha’s Enlightenment. Then, hold on to the truth that you are unenlightened. What is the difference between these two? What is the difference between the truth of your unenlightening and the truth of the Buddha’s enlightenment, when both are equally true? On this lies the Sphinx, for the Truth you do not need weapons, but Consciousness – ease and simplicity adorn each Truth.


Frater Aureus 273∴

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