IAO formula


IAO formula and the phase of Apophis is omnipresent with its mechanism in all aspects of our art, but has a very special place in the life of a Probationer. At first glance, this Ego mechanism ceases to function with the accomplishment of an Adeptus Minor, but it does not need to be overly reminded that shortly after gaining the Knowledge and Conversation, the Adept confronts with what is described as the “Four Great Princes of Evil.”

Thus, the self-realized Adept in a special, almost exalted way has the opportunity to revive the same pattern again, though in its purified form. The Four great Princes of Evil is what our purged nature in Tiphareth projects through the same mechanism which created the Tetragrammaton in the first place – the Four elements from which the “world” is made.

A distorted Tetragrammaton, perceived as the idea of “Four Princes of Evil“, that shadow of the memory of what has been transformed into the gold of Tiphareth, in the same way is a negative transfer and the aspect of the Apophis inside IAO formula, we have mentioned before. That memory, which serves not to return through time, but precisely to create the illusion of time, is the same mechanism of rejection to capture the wave of the present, and which is always the same requirement for the creation of neurosis.

IAO – is “ouch”, cried by your Angel, as somehow he step on over some remarkable thorn on his path through the light, every time you act “out of him”, like a mother screaming each time her child doing some silly things. And “silly” things are our every action or doing which doesen’t have connection toward Pure Will. You silly, crazy, wondeful child.
Frater 273

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