“The Body of Light” astral projection technique

We have left perhaps the most important technique for the end of this presentation, which is best performed only after we have become familiar with all the previous forms of lucid dreaming and after we have mastered all the abilities and mechanisms of a dream. The performance itself is known in the occult milieu as the “Body of Light.” Although it has been known for centuries in various forms and in various cultures, we will mention the one performed in the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. In short, the whole technique comes down to imagining a mirror image, or a duplicate of yourself in front of you. After building that image for a while, there comes the part in which we transfer our consciousness and sensation to the duplicate – into the “Body of Light.”

Success in the complete transfer of consciousness to the astral body is something that is very rare in occult work, and it can be said that this technique is both simple and impossible to perform, especially if by success we mean complete transmission of consciousness in the same way as we did in previous techniques. There are several elements here that simply prevent such transmission, and as long as these elements are present, this exercise will be nothing more than a mere visualization exercise, which in the end is not such an inconvenient thing. In fact, there are two important elements that many Aspirants do not pay attention to, and those seem to be the most important causes of failure.

The first element is the timing of the technique because, in too many cases, the technique is performed during the day or, in the worst case, at bedtime, when our brains are simply destined to fail in lucid dreaming experiences. We need the early morning, when the brain is intoxicated with hormones that build the reality of dreaming and when consciousness is so far away from that in the waking state. The ideal time would be after 6 hours of sleep or an hour before we normally wake up. This depends on whether the individual has a waking-up routine or has a different schedule each day – when it is more appropriate to apply the first option of 6 hours of sleep.

The second element is a trick to perform, which is as simple as it is effective. We may notice that our art is full of technically irrelevant things that hardly affect or push us in the direction of success at all; really, little is written about these little tricks that make such a big difference between the peak of success and complete failure. It is about the following moment: after 10 minutes of constructing the duplicate standing in front of us at a distance of two meters, now comes the most difficult part: and that is to transfer consciousness to the double and see with his eyes. In order to see with astral eyes, you have to look with a changed consciousness. You have to acquire a conditioned reflex at the moment of entering a new body and looking at things from a new perspective. At first, it is a trick, but it is learned very quickly unless you waste precious time looking for perfection in your visualization. The trick is in the determination to reach out, not to persevere. It should be done, not doing. It is a complete misconception that the chance of transmitting consciousness increases as time goes by; on the contrary. The transfer can happen in just a few minutes. What enables success is the activation of specific levers of the mechanism, after which the whole thing moves completely automatically and without any force. The effort in visualization is entirely unnecessary, almost undesirable. When you look at your body from the astral double, at that moment, you must acquire all the aspects that this new body has. Therefore, at the moment of transmission, you not only have to see with new eyes but also breathe the air from “there,” smell and stand in “that” place. You have to burden the mind with the truth that you are really there. You have to turn off your own reality censor that tells you that it is all just a fantasy, with the simple truth that you really are “there.” That truth must not have any aspect of falsehood. Create success by creating magical links. You cannot expect to be there if you breathe and think from here. And even if you fail, try to experience failure from there. You will see, my dear, that you will soon achieve success in this if you do the right thing by doing it properly.

The first, some might say catastrophic mistake, is that practitioners take this step with their eyes closed, thinking that open eyes are an aggravating circumstance in switching consciousness and that visual sensation will disable and overload our attention. On the contrary, it is open eyes that will burden a part of the mind – but not the one in charge of transmitting consciousness, but the one that prevents the experience of transmission. With open eyes, we will disable that very part of the mind that blocks the experience of seeing from a new perspective. At this point, we use a trick that turns the mission impossible into a child’s play. All it takes is to imagine looking into the eyes of your original body from the place of the double eyes but to imagine the image intensifying as you inhale and exhale. In fact, you have to create the impression that you are breathing from the place where your double is located. When you take in air, you have to pull it in from there and to feel like inhaling cigar smoke to increase and ignite the ember. In this case, you will ignite the level of consciousness that, due to too much data and sensation, will have to decide on a new position – the position of the eyes of your astral counterpart. With exhalation follows the same thing, in fact, inhaling and exhaling air from a new body will prevent awareness from returning to the perspective of your physical body, and very quickly, you will almost lose physical sight. The use of inhaling and exhaling will burden the attention so much that the transfer of consciousness will happen many times faster and easier with this little trick. As if your attention considerably increases while you focus on a new perspective during active inhale and exhaling, which indeed looks like your new sight behaves now like a cigare burn from such an aggressive breathing, like fanning the flame – that is indeed the whole trick of entire operation. It is very important to pay attention to the idea of looking into our own eyes and not the whole body in general. Eye fixation is very important, almost crucial for success, which together with inhaling and exhaling – imagining that consciousness now ignites like that cigar ember in the new body – forms a unique mechanism that triggers the process of consciousness transfer, and which is, without the presence of these details, simply doomed to failure in a huge number of cases – regardless of the years spent training.

The emphasis on performing in the early morning hours is important primarily because an Aspirant really needs to experience full success as soon as possible and to get the highest possible motivation for future endeavors. Once the full transfer is achieved, we can use this technique during any part of the day and in any circumstances. You can apply it on the bus or subway or while watching a movie. The early morning hours represent the greatest possible ally to our mind to accomplish something so unattainable and impossible for him, although the reality and ease of this technique is quite the opposite. This brilliantly simple and important exercise will bring the mind to unimaginable heights; mental projection will be mastered over time to such an extent that it will completely overcome the time-limited lucidity and conditioning of a lucid experience by the duration of the REM phase, as well as the constant need to deepen and strengthen the vision and other flaws that lucid experiences have.

Frater 273

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