“The Body of Light” astral projection technique

David Chaim Smith

We have left perhaps the most important technique, which is best performed only after we have become familiar with all the previous forms of lucid dreaming and after we have mastered all the mechanisms of a dream. The performance itself is known in the occult milieu as the “Body of Light technique.” Although it has been known for centuries in various forms and cultures, we will mention the one performed in the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. 

The technique has two parts. As for its form, it is quite similar to the technique of building the “Inner Temple”, which was elaborated in the previous presentation on lucid dreaming. In the first part, the Aspirant is asked to firmly visualize his astral double, or simulacrum, standing motionless in front of him, at a distance of no more than 2 meters, daily, and at a certain time interval. By everyday practice, it is necessary to enter more and more details in the astral double until his appearance is so close to the Aspirant that he becomes able to imagine in detail his double standing in front of him, instantly and at any time of day. Such exercise should take approximately one to two months, and daily visualization should not be less than 15 minutes. The astral double should always be imagined in the same clothes, with the same hairstyle and always the same details that should not be changed. After this period, the Aspirant adds another part of the technique that relies on the first step; after building the image of our astral replicator for a while, there comes the part in which we transfer our consciousness and sensations to the duplicate – into the “Body of Light.” In other words, the Aspirant must imagine looking directly into his physical body from the eyes of his double and keep doing so until a complete and thorough transfer of his consciousness into an imaginary simulacrum has taken place.

This brilliantly simple and important exercise will bring the mind to unimaginable heights; mental projection will be mastered over time to such an extent that it will completely overcome the time-limited lucidity and conditioning of a lucid experience by the duration of the REM phase, as well as the constant need to deepen and strengthen the vision and other flaws that lucid experiences have. But this technique also has its drawbacks, such as the lack of complete sensory experience. Although the visual representation can be perfected to such an extent that the difference between the physical gaze and the perspective of the astral double can hardly be perceived, other senses, primarily the sense of hearing and touch, which have a completely identical reaction in lucid dreaming as in the physical world, here have a lot narrower range of intensity.

However, this method renders overcoming the greatest enemy of the lucid experience, which is lack of time and limited REM phase, as well as the difficulty in maintaining vigilance and control, completely obsolete. Any serious endeavor and exploration of inner worlds will sooner or later put a huge question mark upon lucid dreaming, and the Aspirant will soon learn that the true skill and even condition for his progress is the use of both of these skills in exploring inner spheres – lucid dreaming and mental projection through the Body of Light. Only when the Aspirant masters the final discipline of the holy trinity of astral endeavors – scrying – one can say that his training is complete and that now there is nothing left but to further sharpen and improve his new senses and perception with dedicated, daily work.

Success in the complete transfer of consciousness to the astral body is something that is very rare in occult work, and it can be said that this technique is both simple and impossible to perform, especially if by the success we mean complete transmission of consciousness in the same way as we did in previous techniques. There are several elements here that simply prevent such transmission, and as long as these elements are present, this exercise will be nothing more than a mere visualization exercise, which in the end is not such an inconvenient thing. In fact, there are two important elements that many Aspirants do not pay attention to, and those seem to be the most important causes of failure.

The first element is the timing of the technique because, in too many cases, the technique is performed during the day or, in the worst case, at bedtime, when our brains are simply destined to fail in lucid dreaming experiences. We need the early morning, when the brain is intoxicated with hormones that build the reality of dreaming and when consciousness is so far away from that in the waking state. The ideal time would be after 6 hours of sleep or an hour before we normally wake up. This depends on whether the individual has a waking-up routine or has a different schedule each day – when it is more appropriate to apply the first option of 6 hours of sleep.

The second element is a trick to perform, which is as simple as it is effective. We may notice that our art is full of technically irrelevant things that hardly affect or push us in the direction of success at all; really, little is written about these little tricks that make such a big difference between the peak of success and complete failure. It is about the following moment: after 10 minutes of constructing the duplicate standing in front of us at a distance of two meters, now comes the most difficult part: and that is to transfer consciousness to the double and see with his eyes. In order to see with astral eyes, you have to look with a changed consciousness. You have to acquire a conditioned reflex at the moment of entering a new body and looking at things from a new perspective. At first, it is a trick, but it is learned very quickly unless you waste precious time looking for perfection in your visualization. The trick is in the determination to reach out, not to persevere. It should be done, not doing. It is a complete misconception that the chance of transmitting consciousness increases as time goes by; on the contrary. The transfer can happen in just a few minutes. What enables success is the activation of specific levers of the mechanism, after which the whole thing moves completely automatically and without any force. The effort in visualization is entirely unnecessary, almost undesirable. When you look at your body from the astral double, at that moment, you must acquire all the aspects that this new body has. Therefore, at the moment of transmission, you not only have to see with new eyes but also breathe the air from “there,” smell and stand in “that” place. You have to burden the mind with the truth that you are really there. You have to turn off your own reality censor that tells you that it is all just a fantasy, with the simple truth that you really are “there.” That truth must not have any aspect of falsehood. Create success by creating magical links. You cannot expect to be there if you breathe and think from here. And even if you fail, try to experience failure from there. You will see, my dear, that you will soon achieve success in this if you do the right thing by doing it properly.

The first, some might say catastrophic mistake, is that practitioners take this step with their eyes closed, thinking that open eyes are an aggravating circumstance in switching consciousness and that visual sensation will disable and overload our attention. On the contrary, it is open eyes that will burden a part of the mind – but not the one in charge of transmitting consciousness, but the one that prevents the experience of transmission. With open eyes, we will disable that very part of the mind that blocks the experience of seeing from a new perspective. If any of you uses a telescope, they will certainly know what this is all about. There are two types of people who observe the starry sky through a telescope: the ones who close one eye using the other to observe through a telescope aperture, and those who keep both eyes open. Both types see the image that the telescope brings with the same clarity. The fact is that an open eye not used to observe the object does not affect the image seen by the other eye in any way. The focus on the image we get through the telescope completely nullifies the data of the eye that does not look through the telescope. This goes so far as to result in an impression that the other eye is kept closed all the time. When we keep the passive eye that is not looking through the eyepiece open, the object in space is studied comfortably and for a long time with the active eye, without muscle spasms that sooner or later occur if we keep the inactive eye closed. This comparison is a crucial description of what I want to convey. The practitioner of the Body of Light technique performs it when fully awake – where one eye, the active one, is the view from our Body of Light, while the other eye, the passive one, is the view from our physical eyes. Using certain tricks, we will force that eye to stop sending information to the brain and, so to say, close. In other words, we will not close its lid but cut off the flow of information that the eye is sending to our brain.

At this point, we use a trick that turns the mission impossible into a child’s play. All it takes is to imagine looking into the eyes of your original body from the place of the double eyes but to imagine the image intensifying as you inhale and exhale. In fact, you have to create the impression that you are breathing from the place where your double is located. When you take in air, you have to pull it in from there and to feel like taking cigar smoke to increase and ignite the ember, imagining the vision intensifying during the inhale.  In this case, you will ignite the level of consciousness that, due to too much data and sensation, will have to decide on a new position – the position of the eyes of your astral counterpart. With exhalation follows the same thing; in fact, inhaling and exhaling air from a new body will prevent awareness from returning to the perspective of your physical body, and very quickly, you will almost lose physical sight. Under no circumstances should there be a pause between inhaling and exhaling – as long as we breathe in this way, our mind will be unable to return the old perspective from the physical eyes. The use of inhaling and exhaling will burden the attention so much that the transfer of consciousness will happen many times faster and easier with this little trick. As if your attention considerably increases while you focus on a new perspective during active inhale and exhaling, which indeed looks like your new sight and vision behaves now like a burn from such aggressive breathing, like fanning the flame – that is indeed the whole trick of the entire operation. It is very important to pay attention to the idea of looking into our own eyes and not the whole body in general. Eye fixation is very important, almost crucial for success, which together with inhaling and exhaling – imagining your vision now ignites like that cigar ember in the new body – forms a unique mechanism that triggers the process of consciousness transfer, and which is, without the presence of these details, simply doomed to failure in a huge number of cases – regardless of the years spent training.

The emphasis on performing in the early morning hours is important primarily because an Aspirant really needs to experience full success as soon as possible and to get the highest motivation for future endeavors. Once the full transfer is achieved, we can use this technique during any part of the day and in any circumstances. You can apply it on the bus or subway or while watching a movie. The early morning hours represent the greatest possible ally to our mind to accomplish something so unattainable and impossible for him, although the reality and ease of this technique is quite the opposite. 

We need to draw attention to some things that significantly help perform this elevated and universal method, which has not been mentioned in books and instructions. Suppose the Aspirant is left to carry out the technique in a rudimentary way, without using these tricks. In that case, he will end up spending years (at best) or even decades in persistent and futile attempts to transfer consciousness. Even if there is any random success, it will be just enough to seduce and breathe false enthusiasm and hope that such success will happen again, with more months of futile attempts. As we have already shown, the difference between complete success and complete failure is in such small and beautiful details and spices that our minds need to be provided with and seduced in such a way that it will have no choice but to allow for a transfer of consciousness. By no means will it be a reward, but rather as a surrender and blockade of our naïve and gullible thinking apparatus by powerful diversions, tricks and disavows, skillfully seducing and forcing it to let us have nothing less than complete success.

First and foremost, the success of this technique by no means depends on hours of extensive exercise, visualization ability, or power of concentration. One can be quite sure the Aspirant will think that the more time he spends practising, the closer his success is. But the secret of success in the transmission of consciousness is elsewhere; it lies cunningly in the evasion of the censors of reality. Like a cuckoo, you are trying to place something so striking and unusual into the mental apparatus for which it will have no defense. There is no transfer of consciousness because there is no consciousness at all. There is no transmission or projection whatsoever because you are subverting a false reality with no consciousness, and therefore, there can be no omission and failure in its transmission. You are subverting a completely different but still solid reality in which your mind simply does not notice the change. This is quite easily made possible by simple tricks that have the role of fooling the mind rather than constructing success. You must burden the mind with tiny and nonsense details that will initiate success in projection to such an extent that consciousness will not notice that it has already been projected. It is a cunning and almost daring procedure that has no precedent in our art. The Aspirant must be in control of an ultimate trick that will enchant the whole Universe. Such a trick must be like an uncut gem that will never become a precious sapphire or a brilliant. The core of the entire success in this technique lies in this intactness. The Aspirant’s job is not to abrade that magnificent stone, on the contrary. He is there to taint it so much that he can redeem it cheaply, on the market of Gods. Andthen to put it on the altar in the most hidden part of the temple.

The first such trick consists of the previously mentioned use of a specific inhale and exhale, and most probably everything you will need to succeed, but we will list some other quite nice things too. These tricks can do more beneficial for the development of the mind in a few weeks than a lifetime of meditation and tiring concentration exercises.

Magnificent Six

The first such exercise, which also brings the mind into a specific exchange of information between the hemispheres – so valuable for transmitting consciousness by the Body of Light technique, goes the following way. It is necessary to sit comfortably in a chair without leaning on the backrest, trying to keep your spine straight. The feet should rest on the ground at an angle of 90 degrees. Now, lift your right foot slightly of the ground and start with a circular clockwise movement. The circle should be regular, relaxed and precise. Do not make a small circle; let its diameter be half an elbow –just enough so that the leg is not bent and the circle is drawn easily. Keep doing this for a while, and then, without interrupting the circle drawing with your foot, draw the number 6 with your right index finger in front of you. Some people draw this number from a circle upwards, but it is important to draw it as most people do – from above, closing the circle counterclockwise. You will notice that this movement blocks the leg almost completely while drawing the circle. Often, the leg changes direction, or stops, or begins to move rectangularly or triangularly. It is important that drawing the number six with the right index finger does not disturb the shape of the circle drawn by the right foot. It takes some practice to synchronize these movements, but once it is, their uniform and parallel performance will help develop certain mental structures and mental abilities that you were not even aware you had until now and help in the transfer of consciousness to your astral double.

This technique is not applied during the Body of Light technique. It should be carried out at any time of day, completely outside the practice of consciousness transfer. Its value lies in the subsequent arrangement of your mind in such a sublime way that this exercise will manifest its benevolence to your entire life, not just its spiritual aspect, even though perhaps this aspect will profit the most from this simple and important method.

Nickname repetition

Let us do a quite different but also a simple exercise that unlock our mind in an exceptional manner. It is a task of repeating one’s own name at a monotonous pace. Or better use a nickname – which is always associated with our true nature more closely than it is with its morbid cousin – first, or our given name. Repeat your nickname out loud, always pronouncing it in exactly the same, identical and monotonous way, without the influence of any emotions or intellectualization. Simply, be a broken record and keep repeating your own nickname indefinitely. Very quickly, after a couple or ten minutes at most, your consciousness enters a completely meaningless space in which it resides in a different way than it usually did. Then, you will suddenly lose all the sense of what that name means and whose name it is. You will simply be overwhelmed by the loss of meaning – repeating what you knew perfectly before the repetition and what you are fully aware of – and that is your own nickname, and at some point, you will lose that same knowledge over the familiar term experiencing complete nonsense. In no way and at no time should you stop or change the rhythm or the way of pronouncing the name once nonsense has been experienced, but continue to repeat the nickname in the same manner, swimming even further in that ocean of chaos. All the difficulty of Mantra Yoga is that the terms themselves mean nothing to the Aspirant. Hence, the use of extremely familiar terms to which we are emotionally attached is so much more effective for our minds that this simple exercise can lead us to the edge of a deep trance, and in some cases, even further.

The ultimate goal in all these things is to consciously barge into a specific point of nonsense, wiping you out by your mind establishing new rules and new laws, new entities, and a whole new world. What kind of world it will be shall depend solely on your Will before the experiment – the same Will that shall then create and construct in that empty nonsense as the most talented artistic genius. Which in the end, it is indeed. When it comes to that sublime place, the nickname serve only as a mold where that will nestles just as much as a dream is constructed before a lucid dreaming attempt. It is experienced completely authentically after entering the dream, much more real than if you had done it without that projection before dreaming.

Like the first technique of achieving trance by drawing the number six, this extremely interesting and simple exercise can be applied independently of the transfer of consciousness, but its full effect is still better achieved immediately after some time of transferring consciousness by the trick of inhaling and exhaling. Then we simply repeat the nickname with monotonous pronunciation as we imagine looking from the eyes of a double into our physical eyes. At the moment when there is confusion about the meaning of the nickname, which will certainly follow after a few minutes of monotonous repetition, such crazy confusion is so beneficial in the transfer of consciousness that in many cases, this simple addition was all my students needed for complete success.

It is very helpful to include the Magnificent Six exercise and Nickname repetition with your Body of Light training. However, they are all but relaxation exercises, calming down the Aspirant’s mind and descending into the unconscious habitat’s abysses. We need an opposite outcome – to raise and speed up the mind and enable a pleasant midday conversation between the cerebral hemispheres, which is utterly impossible during our daily activities. We need extremely lively and active meditation, a special mental process by which we become part of the universe in the same universe was created within us.

Movement and tactile imagination

Any particular action or formula cannot ensure the transfer of consciousness to the Body of Light, but by something completely different – diverting attention from the possibility that such a thing is impossible – which is best achieved by constant movement and the change in visual representation. This subtle swaying in the visual field and constant walking of the gaze is an exceptional aid in achieving a complete transfer of consciousness and maintaining the vision and preventing us from returning back to the body.

You must move aggressively and confidently in the imagined space around you; you must always imagine a different place, always a different angle of view in your imagination, you must slide, you must try not to interrupt or break your movement in any way. Such sliding in a vision must not be slow; on the contrary – it should be quick, harmonious and deft.Such gliding and silent hovering around the space must be safe but also refined and careful as if you are trying not to wake your sleeping body across you – as we cushion our child’s mind into a devil’s cradle, and then we rush toward the stars in a hurry – until the child has woken up.

I remember old computers and the screensaver option very well, which had the function of protecting the monitor from overexposure caused by a static image damaging the screen if left on for a long time. After some time, the computer would turn off the monitor and turn on a special type of graphics on it, which would consist of random movements of lines and figures, where such figures would constantly move and make them never be in the same place. At a slight movement of a mouse or by pressing a key on the keyboard, everything would disappear, and the image on the screen would return, just as it was before the screensaver was turned on. It is very similar to the experience in our Body of Light: just one moment of standing and passivity in movement resets our mind and returns us to the physicality of our body. You are in the same place all the time, but your mind is so weakened by the constant effort to maintain continuity of movement and to map your position in the imaginary space, through which you move so quickly and energetically that you cannot even understand where that place is. You have to imagine that tactile movement in that imagined space as much as the space itself with visual imagination. This conclusion and instruction are perhaps the most important of everything that we conveyed throughout this book.

We shall repeat what was said about the importance of tactile imagination in part on lucid dreaming because it is the same mechanism that is so valuable in the body of light technique:

“As much as tactile imagination is crucial for lucid dreaming and astral projections (especially for the Body of Light technique, which will be discussed later), visual one is rather redundant or even counterproductive. It is insisting on improving the ability of visualization that makes the technique of the Body of Light so often and so much misinterpreted that it is almost completely impossible to pull it out in the way as laid out in the books. There is one perfect and simple exercise here: run your fingers over a particular object with your eyes closed, without any desire to visualize it in your mind. Suppose you do it this way, focusing solely on tactile sensations your fingers transmit to the mind. In that case, you will notice something brilliant – you will get a picture in your mind automatically provoked, without any effort. This is such an important detail in the Body of Light technique, where insisting and focusing on tactile sensations will produce an image without visualization, with movement from a new perspective due to such mental provocation. The more you imagine tactile movement and feeling, the better your mind will visualize what you are touching. The more you engage in visualization, the worse picture your mind will yield. Therefore, touching walls and a tactile sense of their surface is what will result in having a vision in a lucid attempt. As long as you are trying to create an image – you will fail. The moment you start touching something without striving to see what, you will be able to see what you are touching.“

We can develop this statement with a very cunning exercise that is brilliant as a supplement to the Body of Lighttechnique. If performed even occasionally, it fosters success in fully transferring awareness to the point that it has gifted many of my friends with success after just a few weeks. We must keep holding a stone the size of a walnut or acorn in our hands all the time from the beginning of the Body of Light technique. The exact size or structure is completely irrelevant. Its surface must be rough, uneven, and asymmetrical. We can apply the exercise after imagining fixing our gaze from our double and after breathing for a while as described earlier – using the active inhale and exhale technique, focusing on the visual representation of our physical body that we observe from our double’s eyes. Of course, such breathing will greatly loosen the fixation of consciousness for physical bonds, but it will often happen that something more is needed to completely detach the point of consciousness. This technique represents that little thing that will help and push the work to complete success. All that is needed is that we move our fingers and palms gently and subtly over the stone at that moment, exploring its surface and feeling its dimensions and structure. But the condition is to imagine that we get that tactile feeling from the Body of Light and that we keep looking into our physical eyes from there all the time. This touch must not rely on the ability to visualize; we do not need to imagine anything visually, except to enjoy the crossing of our fingers and palms over the surface of the stone and simply indulge in a variety of tactile sensations and stone surfaces, which we should exclusively feel from the fingers and palms of the Body of Light. The visual representation of our physical body sitting across from us should be of secondary importance at this point. Insisting on the tactile information we bombard our minds with at the moment of imagining a change of perspective, with both eyes open, simply creates complete chaos in our brain, forcing the consciousness to detach itself and stop cooperating with the brain providing it with entirely redundant and banal details which prevent it from discerning where it is – whether it is in the physical body or the Body of Light. In all this delirium, it gives up and quits all this hard work, moving to the first body at its hand – the Body of Light. In the first part of the technique, where we imagine our Body of Light standing across us, we can imagine it holding the same stone with our physical fingers. Those informal tricks and tiny details can mean a lot when the mind is overburdened. They can be a game-changer that could turn years lost on vain performing this obscure technique into our advantage, rising us into spheres we never dreamed existed.

Reverse blinking

The following aid is not so much directly related to the transfer of consciousness but to the development of special secondary abilities, primarily visualisation. However, during this exercise, we shall not practice visualization at all, and yet, this skill will be forcibly brought to its maximum. All I want from you is to take some time and go out into nature, to some quiet place where there is no traffic. Ideally, you should go to the forest that is not so dense, where you can comfortably crawl among the trees that will not interfere too much with your movement. Now I want you to pause and take a good look at the landscape in front of you, absorbing every detail with your eyes, especially every tree in front of you. Then close your eyes and make 10 huge steps. I want you to focus on the image you just saw in front of you and to walk confidently and bravely, but imagining the space you were looking at until recently. You will see that now your visualization will be much better than usual; it will be forcibly amplified for the simple reason that your mind will seek help from visualization to be sure where it is going. After 10 steps, you will open your eyes and close them again – in a similar way as you normally see while blinking shortly, but this time quite the opposite. You open your eyes for a moment and close them abruptly. Your steps must not be stopped or slowed down at all. The eyes will be open just enough for your mind to map the new ambience and coordinates so that when you close your eyes, you will surely follow the new route that will be imprinted in your inner gaze. You will notice that your attention is completely different than usual, and after a few minutes of this movement, your mind will get into a state of a completely specific trance – which bears no resemblance to any previous exercise. Now it will be accelerated but also deepened, to the extent that you will dwell across completely specific imaginary terrain within your mind – a replica of the physical plane. Closing your eyes and following an imaginary route, you will be awake like you have never been before. In a similar way to the previous one, this exercise does wonders for your ability to visualize and develops the sense of tactile mapping within imaginary reality brilliantly, which is so imporatant for the Body of Light exercise.

Ritual of the Pentagram

One of the basic rites in occultism – the alphabet of practical magic – is a ritual known as the Pentagram Ritual, or technically correct: Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. We will not mention the technical performance of the ritual in particular, nor are we especially interested in the theory of this ritual. It can be easily found on the internet nowadays; it is enough to type a term such as Ritual of the Pentagram or Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram in a search engine.

But, there are some variations of this rite which can be considered and particularly useful for the practitioner of astral projection. The main point here is that the whole ritual is to be performed while sitting in a chair, imagining yourself two feet in front of you doing the entire ritual, with all the details that would otherwise be present during the work. This work also dramatically increases the chances for spontaneous astral projection, and it has two variants in which can be performed. The first is to open your eyes imagining you are, in fact, there, looking to your physical body with your new eyes, and doing the whole ritual from there – vibrating formulas, and drawing a circle from there. If necessary, experience failure, but there, not here.

In the moment of transference of consciousness, you have not only to see with your new eyes but also to breathe the air from there, to smell and stand at that place. You have to infuse your mind with the truth that you are really there. You have to switch off your personal censor of reality that tells you it is all nothing but a figment of the imagination, by the simple truth that you are there. Therefore, that truth must not have a single aspect of falsehood. You cannot expect to be there if you breathe and think from here. And even if you are failing, try to fail from there. The whole point is not in visualization at all but in a state of clear resolve. On many occasions, I have achieved success without visualization at all. You will see that you will quickly achieve success in this if you act properly by doing properly.

Another method, which can be run simultaneously with the first, is easier but not less interesting. You need to imagine your figure, which performs as a puppet in front of you the whole ritual. After a while, spontaneous projections are also very common. I advise you to try, as this not only builds the ability to visualize but also works to strengthen your astral body. I shall return to your lucid diary. When I told you to write about yourself into your diary in the third person singular, this should be such an excellent parallel. It seems much easier than it actually is. You should hear your voice differently than when you speak regularly. It is easy to determine such a difference when you hear yourself on audio recordings. It is the same with the plastic visual perception of you. For all your life, you were watching the movements of other characters, and you are less aware of how you act in nature. These two kinds of techniques where you imagine yourself as a puppet and look at yourself from another perspective are very well accepted both as a method and as attainment. Do not be misled by those who claim that work on the astral plane could be dangerous and that there is the possibility that you will not return. Sometimes, I wish I could really experience such a long-lasting stay on the astral plane and worry about how I should return home. Silly thoughts. Your whole trouble, as long as you are alive, is, however, to remain there as long as possible. Your return is inevitable and unavoidable, so use your precious time there as well as you can. Once you return, you may be sorry for the missed chances because you did not use your time wisely there. I sincerely believe that mastering astral projection is extremely important to you, and I appeal to my students to experience it as soon as possible.


Now is the right time to mention certainly the most interesting and perhaps the most original aid in our attempt to transfer consciousness, both the shortest but also the most effective – it is the use of smiling and wonderful energy that it triggers in our brain, in the form of the happiness and enthusiasm boost. Not laughing but smiling, which must be done in such a special way. 

Before we start anything, I want you to sit with your back straight and your eyes closed for a while. Spend some time breathing slowly and deeply; inhaling should be as light and slow as possible, while exhaling should be done without any extra effort from the lungs. Do this for a while, but no longer than 5 minutes, and then pull off one ordinary thing: tighten your face, especially your lips, into a discrete and barely noticeable smile. Imagine the line and position of your lips bending slightly upwards while smiling. Feel the change in the way your mind works during such a movement. You will clearly notice a special kind of energy as it gushed the moment you smiled slightly, as if a source of hormones of happiness and energy flowed through your being, quite gently but noticeably. Feel that difference in your energy and mood before and after you smiled. Above all, feel the subtle change in consciousness that was initiated by this magic movement. The proper timing to apply a smile in the Body of Light technique is when we begin to transfer consciousness, imagining looking from the eyes of the astral simularcum directly into the eyes of our physical body. After using the active inhale and exhale technique for a while, as explained earlier, focusing on the new perspective and keeping the attention and fixing the eyes of our physical body all the time, we start with a slight tightening of the Body of Light face into a smile, feeling a momentous change in consciousness and an influx of enthusiasm and happiness while watch and smiling at your physical shell. It is this moment of raising that vibrant and pleasant positive energy and joy brought about by our smile, now from the perspective of the Body of Light, which is sometimes really all that is needed to initiate and trigger a complete transfer of consciousness. Many students find much greater value and success in transmission in this technique than the trick with active inhalation and exhalation. Certainly, the cleverest thing to do is try both and experiment. Which of them will be key to success will depend on you. After all, you might come up with a new and original trick that will please you the most, in the same way as I came to all of the above with my experience.

Remote viewing

There is a special way of working with a Body of Light that does not involve the transmission of consciousness at all, and that is the ability of remote viewing. In this technique, the Aspirant imagines the Body of Light before him for a while in the same way as he would do in the Body of Light technique. However, instead of transferring consciousness into it, he orders the Body of Light to go to a certain place and collect all the information the Aspirant might consider useful, like a robot. The Aspirant needs to state the order verbally and aloud. It proved to be much more efficient than imagining that order in a non-verbal way or speaking to oneself.

It is also important for the Aspirant to return to his daily routine while his Body of Light keeps on collecting information. Only after some time, usually after a couple of hours, the Aspirant shout take its meditative position, imagine his Body of Light before him, and then imagine information influx into him, bringing all that has been experienced and seen by his Body of Light in the form of integrated knowledge and feelings. This can be performed very easily by the Aspirant imagining the Body of Light coming and merging with him, or perhaps a light bridge being created between him and the Body of Light in the forehead area, enabling the flow of desired knowledge and information. 

The most important part follows after the Aspirant has assimilated the Body of Light into himself with all the necessary information and experiences that the body has had. That is to become aware of this new knowledge and process it with his mind. There is one great trick here, which is that such information, actually the signal brought by his Body of Light, is amplified by a slow breath. While inhaling slowly, the Aspirant is actively waiting and imagining he is smelling a completely mild and barely perceptible scent, waiting and looking for such a scent in the form of that new knowledge brought to him by the Body of Light, and he ignites and expands it with his mind now in the form of anything – a vision, feeling, scene. He needs to inhale through his nose and detect a very weak scent of some fantastic flower that is almost impossible to differentiate. That’s all the magic, really. But, of course, inhaling and smelling are completely irrelevant. The real function of such an action is to draw attention to the subtle feelings that dwell in you but are underdeveloped and not perceived to the extent needed to become definite and formed knowledge. Pretending to be smelling them, in parallel with the action of focused inhaling, diverts attention from the fact that you do not actually feel anything and increases the range of your senses to catch the stimuli of the soul. This is a real description of what we want to achieve with this great trick.

This is an excellent exercise for developing our fine feelings, and probably the most important, for developing a specific sense of suspense and browsing through fine currents through one’s mind, which is very important in the art of scrying. The Body of Light can be sent to pick up rather simple information within this realm – particular scenes and images of mountains, seas, distant landscapes, and astronomical bodies and phenomena within the universe itself, such as black holes, quasars, pulsars. Sometimes it is enough to enjoy the feeling of emptiness of the universe brought by the Body of Light floating somewhere between the planets, completely far from everything there is in the Aspirant’s life. But it can be sent to seek and explore in the dimensions and spheres of the time corridor, bringing scenes from the past or future, all of which remarkably develop the Aspirant’s mental apparatus and his ability to migrate consciousness.

Train the Body of Light to bring in an emotion you have never had before, to pick up information while we are doing something completely else. Practice getting its gift, a new experience that the Body of Light has witnessed. Make sure it is an emotion and, most of all, a memory that was actually brought to us by a separate part of the mind. Do not try to visualize; try to feel.

Many students ask the same question: how do they know which impression is objective or purely the product of their imagination? How do they differentiate and recognize that they have had an objective impression outside of themselves? The answer is in a completely different place compared to where students expect it to be. It is completely irrelevant because the Body of Light does not bring information and impression. All these ideas are really just supporting pillars of the force that radiates from the Aspirant himself; all he needs is within himself. The Body of Light does not actually go to the extreme corridors of the universe; it travels deep within the Aspirant himself. The information is not far away; it is deep within here. There inside, deep inside himself. Any information and anything he decides to recognize in any way as information is, in fact, already chosen by his fine soul as the only possible thing. At that moment, nothing else can be truth or information that his mind can and should process. Whatever his Body of Light is going to bring, he has already had for a long time. The very act of sending a Body of Light for remote viewing is a cunningly devised decoy and a bait that serves to move the mind to such an extent that during that time it decides what to offer to the soul itself. It is intriguing enough for the soul to receive it, mysterious enough to make that same soul dig deeper and keep on searching.

In the end, I will present a wonderful but also meaningless instruction – once before you make the transfer of consciousness to your Body of Light, you can summon the ghost in the way we did as children. Quite simply, with a needle or a cup, summon the most ordinary spirit – the same one we invoked in childhood. It is good enough to feel a slight change in consciousness and at least a partial presence of a foreign body, and then to transfer consciousness to the astral double, have a look at our physical body, and pay special attention to what is behind his back. We will notice over our body something that we will remember for the rest of our lives, and for what there are no words that can describe such a brilliant and completely unreal phenomenon.

Frater 273

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