On Change


black and wet

Constellations. When looking from a limited point of view of the Earth, constellations assume the form of mythic figures in two dimensions, but if the same stars are to be observed from the side, it would construct a completely different picture. This does not mean that the constellations are changing, just as the Tree of Life cannot be changed. Our position is changing in first place, our awareness changes, and thus our view of the very same Universe which we observed earlier.

Qliphoth is our inability to accept the constancy of Tree of Life with our Change, and I will be even more insolent to say that Qliphoth is nothing but immobility and retardation of Change. Therefore, each and every truth that exists for more than a moment is Qliphoth. Each of you individually here, including myself, is a Qliphoth. The only constant is the constant of Change. This is one of the essential symbols of Buddhism (Yin and Yang), as for us is number 93. And what is actually the endless repetition of this number in your correspondence and emails? If just one percent of us, who write this number so devotedly all the time, actually knew their Pure Will, we would be surrounded by millions of Adepts. But we are not. This 93 means a change in accordance with the Will, doing it by knowing it. But if we are not aware of the Will, how do we Change anything? Change. This Change is shown in the glyph of Yin and Yang. In the West, we know this much better as Swastika, as one of the oldest forms of the cross. Actually, that is the cross which is moving, and changing. Everlastly.

Frater 273

3 thoughts on “On Change

  1. Thank you for making and sharing. I have encountered the word ‘Qliphoth,’ in my armchair readings. It seems to be associated with a world of shells, husks. Is that relevant to your usage of ‘Qliphoth’ here? This area always hooks my attention when I encounter it.


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