Ordo Thelema – Liber Linea Imagum Dei


All this while did Adonai pierce my being with his sword that hath four blades; the blade of the thunderbolt, the blade of the Pylon, the blade of the serpent, the blade of the Phallus.
(Liber LXV – V:14)

From the Crown to the Abyss, so goeth it single and erect. Also, the limitless sphere shall glow with the brilliance thereof.
(Liber LXV – V:26)

Take the posture of a dead man.
Imagine Yourself in a form of Pylon: sing a “mantra”: “AKA DUA…”
In the form of Phallos do the same.
Also in the form of the Snake.
Finally in the form of Lightning.

The visualisation should be done with utmost persuasion and determination in the assumption of those “forms” uniting thyself with those energies.

Then imagine yourself infused by all those “forms”, sing the “mantra” (inside). Finally, all the forms and energies unite with the Point on the Top of your Head and concentrate on this Light (singing “Aka dua…” then: Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law).

Note: L.I.D. is a “version” of the Middle Pillar exercise and it is advisable that “traditional” Middle Pillar exercise should be performed before L.I.D. The numeration of L.I.D. is 44. Four God-forms are attributed to the Sephiroth of the Tree of Life:

(A.) – Pylon – Malkuth
(D.) – Phallos – Yesod
(N.) – Snake – Typhareth
(I.) – Lightning – Daath

It is clear that Kether does not have a “form”; it is a Point. The forms have a nature of ancient elements.

The second stage of “preparation” for performing L.I.D. is a Thelemic Middle Pillar exercise, that should be performed in a similar manner as the traditional one, but the “vibratory” formulas are aligned with The 93 Current:

Kether – LASHTAL
Tiphareth – VIAOV
Yesod – AGAPE
Malkuth: MUAUM

Thus You are transgressing through “traditional” into Thelemic, and passing into individual unity with the Line of Light, that is an Image of God.

So also is the end of the book, and the Lord Adonai is about it on all sides like a Thunderbolt, and a Pylon, and a Snake, and a Phallus, and in the midst thereof he is like the Woman that jetteth out the milk of the stars from her paps; yea, the milk of the stars from her paps.
(Liber LXV:V/65)

Frater Libero

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