On sexual energy

David Chaim Smith

Energy is always here, it always has the same presence, but we are the one whose presence is not constantly the same, so we will perceive our own absence as the fake accusation for absence of energy. It is like if we sleep the whole day, we might think that during these hours of our absence in our sleep, the whole world sleeps and beeing absence too.
You cannot raise sexual energy. You can rise only the awareness toward that phenomenon inside of your mind.
The level of sexual energy is the same.
Having sex or don’t.
Having a partner or don’t.
If you even don’t have one single orgasm in your life the level of energy in you will be the same.
It is up to you how you will Channel it.
People can have everyday love making with hundreds of godly tantric partners and to have nothing.
Or you can masturbate and make love in your mind with your God.
Try now to find what is that God.
Is it a male?
A female?
Sweet? angry? childish, wise?
How he or she looks like?
An animal maybe?
Maybe he is a sound?
Maybe he is a color and not a being at all?
Which color?
Maybe blue?
Each day add one new thing which is a part of your God.
You will build you ideal not lover, but ideal personal God on which you will have all monopoly, and which will have all monopoly upon you.
Then when you construct him, when you make this sacred sensual Anatomy of your God, start to play with him.
Go fuck with some ugly guy.
Go fuck with some boy from your childhood.
Go to another town completely and fuck some very old man.
Go have a threesome, buy a teddy bear and ride him whole day if you dare.
Play with lego and your genitalia, try to have an orgasm on the train without hiding.
Call your boss from secret number and let him hear you cum.
Masturbate, play not with your body but with you mind. Masturbate your mind, let the Universe arrouse you in his own way. Your soul is the sexual object of the entire Universe, let the whole Universe arouse itself with your thinking about the same Universe. Your whole Ego is just an echo of the Universe’s orgasm.
But always and constantly try to move that wind of change to brings you away, away from the shores of ordinarity and repetition.
Push to extremes, but always with everyone and everything fuck with your God.
See where this energy will take you.
In this way, your water will not be stagnant like the sea.
Let it become a river.
Wild, fast and furious.
One giant infinite living ocean of change which will drag your destiny like a little barge on an ocean. Then lose yourself on that open vastness. Yea, in that open vastness.
Know yourself.
Fuck yourself.

4 thoughts on “On sexual energy

  1. 93 Dear Frater 273,

    Simply astonishing this text, Great Work has been achievied here once again! thanks for Sharing, good Sir!

    93 93/93

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Es gibt kein Gesetz ausser, Tue was du willst.

    Moin Bruder,

    immer wieder interessant, neue Impulse von Brüdern und Schwestern zu bekommen.

    Weiter so.

    Liebe unter Willen, Liebe sei das Gesetz.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Do what thou whilt, shall be the whole of the Law.

    Hello Brotther,

    interesting to read your impulses.

    Go on like this.
    Think many brotherts and sisters like to read ya ideas to this theme.

    Love under will.
    Love is the law.


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