About Frater 273

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Fellow travelers,

Welcome to my personal blog dedicated to Thelema, Magick, and Mysticism. I am Dusan Trajkovic, Frater 273, or Frater Aureus. After 20 years of my intensive work in the system of Argentum Astrum, I am glad to present to you in one place my own writings, books, practice records, information on workshops, as well as my little piece of music.

All my blog posts are part of a whole that I hope will soon be published in the form of a book about each Grade in the A∴A∴. The book is quite soon to be finished, and subscribing to my blog you will be timely informed about its publication, as well as all other posts.

This blog is dedicated to my Superior, my Students, and my little stars – Nika and Mina.

In case you want to write me, I would gladly respond: here you can contact me. I wish you have a pleasant visit.

Love is the law, love under will

Frater 273∴

3 thoughts on “About Frater 273

  1. Frater 273, I am in a place of turbulence I can stand through but misinterpret and somehow I’ve felt surfacing a power much greater than my place demands. I attempted some time ago to join the A.·.A.·. and OTO, requests all unanswered yet at every turn i notice Thelemites (I’m pretty sure) follow me but are in some way afraid of me too. Last night I was treated to a lovely Christmas Choir in major Masonic Temple and it seemed to be just for me and perhaps my cousin who is fighting her own mind to comprehend what she is being shown.

    Nobody guides me. My partner, AA I am sure but never admits and sure appears to be working if not against me certainly not with me. Now she fled to a different state and is trying to sever communication. I want to at least make her very easy clitoris numb but can’t find any way to do that reversibly , in my mind. A few days back I believe I crossed the abyss, at least I’m part, and humbly ask to be heard in the event there is meaning in what was given those nights and that which I worked through to arrive upon. At least 2 very divergent realities I have but know not whether you even notice me here. If you do. I beg you to give me a look over and tell me what I am or am becoming. I fear not the power but my worn emotions from years of abuse from her, confusion about her loyalties and family story, and a large set of additional phenomenon. I can get to the destination if only I can do the things that will get me there…and turn off clit of orgasm underservimg light of my life slut.
    Frater Malakhai, {}÷|given by Moloch and nod by Baphomet.
    Please answer!


  2. „Let ~BABA~AL~OHM~bEEE~
    ~Shalom~ be!“

    I will definitely order your book „The Anatomy Of Abyss“ on Amazon next week, dear Frater 273, and am also looking forward to part II already.


    ‎““““באבא – אל – אמממ“““““
    ……… ….My name:


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