Liber Resh. Some notes on practices. Also, on Māyā or Illusion.

David Chaim Smith

Ever since I can remember, as much as I thought I had found the perfect method, I was always amazed by the fact that I always changed things by simple observations even as a beginner. Those observations have often been in the focus of the most fascinating changes in the understanding of some methods, so always keep your ears and eyes wide open, especially for those things which you take for granted. None of the issues that we’ve been through so far, and those we have yet to tackle, do not require any deeper analysis or contemplation, but only dedication and most importantly of all – childish sense for play. All your failures stem from the simple point that you are no longer a child. The essence of True Nature is actually in awakening, not in discovering. The true crown of achievement is not to remain a child, but to become a child. Angel is neither beyond or above the Magician. He is neither other, another, second nor third. He is One with him. You will discover nothing new, something you do not know about yourself. You know it, but you are just not aware of it. In all these things which we will go through today, the main trick is to become aware of something unconscious. And yet it’s a lot of hard work. You must be vigilant enough not to slide into the world of dreams, but still sleepy enough to see things from the inside. If we to gather all the Grades under just one name it would be Oblivion. But if we should choose the name for true Attaiment, it would be – Reminiscence.

Now I just want to review the two topics from yesterday. The first is the practice called Liber Resh. I suppose you are familiar with this method? As a matter of fact, this practice makes a bond between Practicus and Philosophus. How? We said that upon this place dwells Mercury as brilliant and sharp Mind, on one side, and on the other are laying feelings and inflammation of being. The essence of Liber Resh is not in a single execution, like it may be in Samekh, but in constant, daily repetition, even when you are not aware of progress, to remind you what awaits you at the end of the Path. It reminds you of golden Tiphareth, gently and continuously. There are two ways of how to do this practice. The first involves an element of Bhakti Yoga, second includes Jñāna. In Bhakti, unlike Jñāna, it is about complete, unreserved commitment. If part of Jñāna is present in Bhakti, the failure is unavoidable. When it comes from the heart, your mind must be turned away. That is why this Path, which connects these Sephiroth, is horizontal. Work of the Mind and aspiration of the Heart must be in a perfect equilibrium.

Let us advance further. Notice that in the last section, when worship is expressed, it says that Tahuti stands in His splendour at the prow, and Ra-Hoor abides at the helm. What does it mean? Tahuti is Mercury; he watches the horizon and makes the assessment and conclusions on barge course. But it is the Ra-Hoor who chooses and makes decisions where to go, even if it is illogical or even “wrong”. These two types of practice are actually two methods of division in our Art. Western ceremonial magic is largely related to Jñāna Yoga. That’s why it takes so long and so much to read, study and talk just to feel the right path to Tiphareth. Path of Bhakti is more focused in the Eastern practices, but of course, that is just a general observation. The path that unites these two methods is the Path of Arrow. There is another issue in Liber Resh which is often neglected. And I do not know why. This is in part after the worship, where Aspirant briefly withdraws into silence and engages “in adoration of God which is beyond Him”. Who is the God which is beyond, if we previously worked with four Godly forms? There are four elemental aspects which are encountered in this rite, just as in the ritual of Pentagram. Except that Liber Resh extends to the whole day, from morning to midnight. And so for the months and years to come. The four aspects of Liber Resh are actually four aspects of Tetragrammaton. The God who is above is the element of Spirit; this is the letter Shin. And that is concerning the idea of Tree of Life. As far as Thelema is concerned, this fifth element or letter is not isolated. It appears every time you turn to either side of the world, or at any elemental point. This is Ra-Hoor residing at the helm. Liber Resh which is repeated every day is a kind of spiritual warming-up and maintenance of spiritual condition, and in that way, we recognized it as Jñāna Yoga. But when it comes to the adoration of Him who is above all that, we stepped on the path of Bhakti. Never ignore nor forget the element of Bhakti Yoga in your work. Not because of Bhakti, but because of Yoga.

Of course, it is not a big deal if you miss some of the adorations, just consider that at the moment when you sleep, there is dawn in my country. At this point, you can greet Tum simply if you just transfer your consciousness to the area of the planet where the sun is setting down. Observe it by astral eye; do not limit yourself by time or by space.

Question: Does the greeting align with the position of the sun or by the astronomical dusk or dawn?
Answer: With the position of the Sun. During summer, the duration of the day is different than in winter. Not all aspects are equally represented within a day. Some are shorter, others are longer. But if you look at this ritual performed throughout the entire year, you will see that everything comes into balance, occasionally. Only when our Earth makes a full circle around the Sun, you’ll pass through all aspects. In other words, only then you will get the full sense of the Sun’s journey, or Solar consciousness. That persistence in the solar journey and shift of day and night throughout the year is actually a reference to the passage through Duat.

Do not expect too much from Liber Resh. We talked about the ritual of pentagram, which you can perform while sitting down and visualizing it. Exactly the same principle can be applied here. I just did it 15 minutes ago, at this very place. That’s why I felt the need to touch myself and to stand up, to give myself a confirmation that I’m here and not in astral.

Question: Did you have a vision that you are there?
Answer: No. I had something else. When you do these things for a long time, sometimes you just need a small trigger for the achievement of full projection. Vision is realized for some other works, but this time I just needed the space “out there”, to greet in silence with the Sign and by the Name. However, after these short astral outings, sometimes it takes a few minutes to recover, or even more. So at one point I got up in front of you and started to walk, to let my tactile sense attract and pull my consciousness back here and now. If I remain in the same position after returning, I need sometimes up to an hour to get back in full, like waking up from a nightmare.

Question: If I miss the performance at noon, shall I imagine the sun at the highest point or turn where it is exactly in that moment?
Answer: The former. It is Thelema in practice. What you need is noon, so create the noon. If someone closes you in a cell without windows, then how would you perform Liber Resh correctly?

Question: So actually we do not have to get up early in the morning at dawn?
Answer: Try to be as close to that as you can. Do not make Thelemic excuses for your laziness. I’ve never performed the rite at 6am, which tells you everything. Of course, unless by chance I was awake at that time. I would never disturb the natural flow of my dreams, no matter for what purpose. I would never change my current habits because of some future prospects.

As I said earlier, what you are doing right now is the predominance and supremacy of Mercury over Venus, which is quite normal for the Western mind. Your Jñāna Yoga is more pronounced than Bhakti. You wish something, but your mind says differently. It’s so normal that the heart wants one thing and the mind think of another. It would be quite inconvenient to have a heart who speaks and the mind who wishes.

This is exactly Tahuti who is in front of Ra-Hoor. This is just the kind of exercise that tests your sense of Thelema. It is a stepstone which will distort your way of thinking and show you how much you are limited or not. This is maybe the most important issue which concerns Liber Resh. I think it was very helpful to talk about this.

Question: Regarding Liber Resh, what is the exercise equivalent to it in Yoga and whether this exercise could also be done at lower grades?
Answer: Absolutely. Maybe the best analogy is Surya Namaskar. In my opinion, Liber Resh is designed to bring together Sephiroth of Hod and Netzah. It is more an idea of Path, then Sephira. When you walk upon this Path you invoke a certain quality upon your journey, and when you reach your goal you find yourself changed. This is a long and exhausting route. We already said that the sum of all horizontal Paths is 93, and this is the deepest and fundamental Path of all horizontal Paths. It is the foundation of your Thelema.

Question: Is this rite a part of the ritual of Rose-Croix?
Answer: Yes, as it is understood from all those under the Paroketh. Rose and Cross is the full name of that God who is above, and who is worshipped by the Liber Resh.

Just a few remarks. There are two kinds of worship of Hathor. First of all, Hathor is a wrong name, like most of the names that have come from Greece. Hathor is actually Het-Heru, as a “House of the Sun”. The ancient Egyptians marked specific areas of the sky upon which the Sun is travelling. You will encounter a lot of names, but I encourage you to explore the root of words and to carefully study mythology. True, these are all speculations and very little remains from Old Egypt. When you work with Hathor, you either make a triangle above your head or you place it before your Ājňā. In previous years I worked with a triangle above my head, but as time goes by that makes me somehow vulnerable. A midday sun is the strongest one, and I thought it was reasonable to put it before the Third Eye. Also, each adoration is followed by vibrating the Name with the Sign of Enterer and the Sign of Silence. So we have four elements, and the element of active spirit and passive spirit. In this ritual are represented all the aspects of Pentagrammaton. There is a lot of discussion about the position of legs in the sign of Horus, for example, which leg is used to Step into the Day? Sign of Horus is a misnomer term. It is actually a Sign of Enterer, which was also the attitude and proper position of other Godly Forms. I find it logical to perform the Sign of Enterer with my right foot. If you look at the Tree of Life on your body, the mainstay of Geburah is on the right leg, although it is a passive Pillar. You cannot go wrong; the question is how comfortable you feel with your choice. Left leg also has a lot of sense, and the Egyptians mostly carved their statues with left foot stepping forward. All that has nothing to do with our Art of Magick, but you must think what is natural for you. As for the Sign of Silence, which is the sign of Harpocrates or Hoor-Paar-Kraat, there are also variations. Not so much whether the right or left hand, as we have seen in Ritual of Pentagram, but maybe which finger to put on lips? From the beginning, I was putting the thumb on my bottom lip, because I drew Pentagrams in the same way, and the element of Spirit, compatible with quiet Adonai and Dwarf Self, seems the best suit for me. Because the thumb represents the God above, who is worshipped, as a finger that was singled out by its position in the hand.

Question: Maybe you could show us how it looks like?
Answer: Of course, and it’s best to do during the next break. I’ll show you two or maybe three versions of how I work. First one is more magical, the second one is more mystical, I use them depending on the goal and how I currently feel. The only thing which is little inconvenient is the use of Serbian words, but you’ll know what I’m saying because you already know the form of ritual.

Question: Is it possible to use Sirius instead of Sun?
Answer: If Sirius is closer to you by idea or conception, why not. However, I suggest that you first come to your Sun and maybe then to aim yourself to some another and further Star. Before I came to Brazil, I had a transfer to Rome. I could not come directly from Serbia. Distant star can be larger than our Sun, but with much less radiation. The Sun is the subject of our quest; and even for those who are working with the shadow, the shadow would not exist without the Light. Do not be too captivated by the magic of Shadow. Yet we are all like Darth Vader. As a young aspirant, I was very fascinated by that. My advice is to experiment freely, but only after you have fulfilled your basic tasks and forms. Leave experimentation for the end of your training, don’t do it in the beginning. Do not let your shadow become an excuse for not turning to the Sun. It would be very well to say that only ugly ones use masks. Do not be fascinated by masks.

Question: When you talk about the shadow, do you think specifically about Goetia?
Answer: No. I’m talking in general, though Goetia works with the idea of spirits. Do not identify the idea of Spirit with the idea of Demon. As it is a major difference between the ideas of Angel and God. Although Goetia works with Shadow, it implies the shadow which is made by your own being. It’s not the issue of Shadow that comes from another Reality or Plane, as it is done in Enochian. We will certainly have the opportunity to talk more about this.

All right. Another thing I also wanted to lightly touch upon is the practice of Liber SSS. I do not know if you’re familiar with this practice. There is a hidden word of Neophyte in it. All other words of Grades are known, only the word of Neophyte is elusive. In Liber SSS, the Aspirant awakens in Egg surrounded by painted Crosses. The first one is Black, then Green and Red, and finally Golden and Silver. Maybe this will answer the question about Sirius. The analogies of these colours, as Malkuth is 10, red and green are the Emperor and Empress, Tiphereth is 6 and High Priestess is Silver, give us the sum value of 93 – what is the value of the hidden word of Neophyte. I will not tell you what it is, because you’ll certainly find it by yourself. Remember the order of colours because in it lies a lesson from Alchemy. This will be especially interesting for Zelators.

We will move on. I think it may be the best to do, because we spent so much time with the Liber Resh, to use it as a driving force to replace the third topic with the first, just to leave the most interesting issues for the end. I would kindly ask you all to make note of Liber Resh. It’s a very short rite. And I was doing it all my life. Many Aspirants repeat Ritual of Pentagram like parrots, as it is actually the only ritual that exists. Just take into consideration Liber Resh, the performance of it on a daily basis reminds you of your Great Work which is both in front of you and inside you.

I want to underline that in your work you should be equally careful about both of the aspects of Venus and Mercury, as Hatha and Jñāna Yoga. Teach yourself to develop both aspects of weapons of fire and water, as the Sun above is Air, like Son. It is unfortunate to try to assign the elements to Adonai. Albeit it is inexorable, because in Tetragrammaton there is no element for the Spirit. Also, we forgot to mention three veils of negativity which stand over the Tree of Life. It is interesting to draw a parallel between the three lights of Freemasonry, which are lighted at the beginning and extinguished at the end of a Rite, because the nature of that light is unmanifested. Only three Officers in the Masonic Lodge, which are symbols of Adepts – Minor, Major and Exemptus, can light candles and spread the LVX over the Lodge. Besides elemental Signs, which are present in Liber Resh, there is a sign of Opening the Veil for active Spirit and Closing the Veil, for passive. As each Sign of Enterer needs to close with Silence, so the sign of Opening of the Veil must be completed with Closing the Veil. Think about these sequences.

Question: If ADNI does not belong to an element, why Tiphereth belongs to Air?
Answer: If in your house live Germans, does it mean that you are in Germany? I have said that sometimes we must assign attribution which only corresponds to the true nature of Sephira. Although Tiphereth as a son, as Vav in the Tetragrammaton, is assigned to the Air, it does not lead us to conclude that Air is Tiphereth. It represents the third letter of Tetragrammaton and sphere of Ruach that contains the largest number of Sephiroth orbiting around Tiphereth. This is the Ruach, mind in its highest sense. Neither brain, nor intellect, but the mind. Tiphereth, as the true nature of the Sun, is just the habitat of Adonai. Tiphereth is where, Adonai is who. That’s a good question and actually explains the nature of Adeptus Minor. After receiving the word, not the word of Æon, but the name and word of his Angel, he or she starts to execute that word in his or her Reality. A word is spread through the Air. By his tongue and mind, hovering on his Angel’s wings. Tiphereth is just a habitat of Angels. Who, not what or where.

The peak of the Tree is reserved for the Fire; it is a living flame which does not spread further. Like stars in an endless dead space. Divine name of Kether is Eheyeh, which means “I am”. But he does not say anything more. I am without the need to prove or to expand. The following observation is the element of Water. Great Ocean on the Tree of Life. Legend of Atlantis and City of Pyramids are tied to this place, tied equally to water and death.

Finally, the Ruach, which is the most widespread of all planes. Its basement is in Yesod; its ceiling comes up even to Binah. If it was attributed to Fire, Kether would have become Air. Yet, Air is an Active element which is expanding. Kether has no need to expand. Kether, which is Fire, is expanding just by Air, which is below. As lampblack which inflames when you blow it. There is only one correct way to stop the fire, and that is to stop the flow of oxygen. These fundamentals are excellent for your contemplation.

It is difficult, but yet not impossible, to make all four letters of Tetragrammaton stretch on the Tree of Life, so all Sephiroth and Paths are covered. There are two basic ways in which letters of Tetragrammaton are assigned to the Tree of Life. The first is by flats, or by planes, as we have seen so far. The second way is a tricky one; it requires that each letter has its own Tree of Life, so basically you would have four Trees. Four Tiphareths. You certainly remember from Abramelin’s when the Adept meets four great Princes of Evil who rule upon the world? This all may be analogies that show us the way in which the mind develops a method of spiritual progress. He deliberately made allusions to aspects of your Tiphereth, which is surprised by its own true awakening. Conversation with four Great Princes of Evil is the necessity for every Adept, and that is what follows soon after obtaining Vision and the Voice. Practicus and Philosophus have their methods of Bhakti and Jñāna, and in a way, these are embodied in the projections above as Geburah and Chesed – as the Vision and the Voice. These are the essential duality which represents entire Ruah. And we said that the unity of the Ruach is expressed in only one place. So, relay on yourself, believe in others. You can find in lovely medieval literature engravings where each Kether indicates Malkuth of the next Tree, and that is the second method about which we spoke. Again, relay on yourself, believe in others.

Question: Are Four Great Princes of Evil actually related to the Four Tiphereth?
Answer: No, they are tied to the Qliphoth of Tiphareth. We told that union dwells in one place only. Four Great Princes of Evil are actually just one Qliphoth of Tiphereth, not four. This is one of the tasks of Adeptus Minor, and which makes most of Adeptus Major and in full as Adeptus Extemptus. Adept Extemptus, liberated Adept, or free Adept. Free from what? Free from the projection that self have a projection. Free from the illusion that there are four Trees of Life. This is my conclusion and I find liberty to convey it to you only as an incentive for your research. Explore freely, keep your eyes wide open and have both models present in front of you. Because, when you get the Vision and the Voice it will be different from anything you’ve ever experienced before. You need to know the theory of all reality models, just that in your inner eye you could see the truth.

Question: Does it mean that all previous experiences are just projections for a confrontation with the four Great Princes of Evil?
Answer: It may be quite true. This is one of the most beautiful ways of expressing Reality. But do not bother with that, this is just one model of thinking that serves to expand your consciousness and your perception of Reality. Because just now, while I’m talking to you upon this subject, right now your Being makes projections, and develops specific immune system toward its own Enlightenment. And you put just another Veil over the Sun. But this is only a model of thinking; it is not a model of Truth. Truth has no model.

The true name of Siddhārtha Buddha is Tathāgata or Suchness. In other words, the Truth is the way it is, whatever it is. Tathāgata is a higher state of knowledge than Samādhi. Suppose Lord Buddha is sitting in that chair in front of me. He is enlightened in that chair there, while I’m not enlightened here. Therefore, the truth is that he is enlightened, and he knows it. Also, the truth is that I am not enlightened. So which is the greater Truth then? Why should the truth that he is enlightened be more than the truth that I’m not? He is enlightened and he knows it. I’m not enlightened and I know it. Where is the difference? Your belief that you’ll be enlightened and that being in unity with someone else is of the higher order than you are already, is a cause of your suffering. The urge for two to become one is meaningless if you do not have both. And when you have both, it just means that you have yourself, the one who wishes to become One with the other. But if you have yourself, it means you are One already, so why do you want unity with the other, when you already have unity with yourself? This is the essence of both Magick and Mysticism. Criticism of Yoga is greater Yoga than all the Yogic methods altogether. Think about it often. Relay on yourself, believe in others.

You believe. You trust your feelings and your senses. You trust your eyes and your touch. Alan, please step up to the front. Please close your eyes and cross fingers this way. Tell me with how many pencils I am touching your fingers. Alan: “two”. Open your eyes now. How many pencils do you see? Alan: “one”. To which one you believe? Your eyes say one thing, but the sense of touch tells you differently. Why do you think that your eyes would not deceive you, if your sense of touch cheated you already? Are you sure that the impression which you receive through your eyes is more truthful than the impression which you get through the nerves in your hand? Relay on yourself, believe in others. And doubt everything. Whom to believe, to your eyes or to your fingers?

Answer: Eyes.

Why? If your fingers cheated you, why fall for the same trick? Do you rather believe in a lesser lie just because you refuse to believe in a greater one? Do you think your eyes cannot deceive you? The eyes are the greatest criminals. Remember this when you look at the news from the world, when you watch authentic images from war scenes. Remember this when you watch a magician in the circus. Remember this, when you get a Vision and Voice. The principle is the same.

Right now we practically touched upon the nature of Māyā, or the nature of illusion. Sometimes the illusion is constructed from our own being, which built a shell around ourselves like a turtle. You will see that the densest part of the Tree of Life is right around Tiphereth. It is paradoxical that the part of Reality which guides us to Unity is actually dividable. When a being achieves Knowledge and Conversation, Adeptus Minor learns and sometimes is forced to cover up and put on a mask to manifest itself in the world of Malkuth. We spoke yesterday about the manipulation. Adept doesn’t manipulate. He just assumes the truth that he lies. The Truth about the lie is the truth and not a lie. Truth has no duality. There is only a projection of duality. White is not in contradiction with black. When you project the white light through a prism, you get seven colours, neither of those is black. And to get black, you must unite all seven colours. So our illusion is that the white is the opposite of black, just as it is an illusion that the truth is the opposite from a lie. It is the projection of Ruach, which is refracted through Paroketh like white light is through a prism. Those seven colours are seven letters of  VITRIOL formula, where each colour is one of the stages of Great Work.

The real manifestation of those who dwell in Ruach is right thinking. Here, introspection and psychoanalysis are more important than all rituals altogether. Without proper thinking and self-analysis, there is no progress. Without that, it is a question of time when you, being a Neophyte or Zelator, will turn from the Path. The need for companionship in the form of Brotherhood is not a weakness, but the nature of every man who is, above all, a social being. Sometimes the conversation with your best friend is more important than all the magical insights beforehand. The relationship between a Superior and a Student is fulfilling two most basic and spiritual needs: to say and to be heard. It is actually a surrogate of the Knowledge and Conversation, which moves every Aspirant. When Adept learns the name of his Angel, he goes into the world to spread that name. Also, the lower Grades are spreading their words, which are, however, lies, but come from the same need. The need to spread the word. That spreads and progresses through the air. Through Ruach. Therefore, Ruach is an excellent conductor for truth, as much as for lie. No matter how hard you try to reach the truth, you will always encounter a lie. No matter how hard you try to achieve success, you will encounter a failure. These are particularly important topics for Aspirant’s psychoanalysis and the study of his psychological processes.

The worst diary is the one about success. The best one is about your failures. Sexual perversions, dark violent dreams, betrayals, vices, follies and failures. All those things which make you crazy and twisted. But remember, the mere fact that we are dealing with this skill, is making us all quite crazy enough. Does anyone have a question?

Question: I have information from a very reliable source that in the Holy Books every word is put in place for the right reason. When a person really understands the Libri then it can become a weapon. If there is no preparation, and if there is no understanding, then it can hurt. What do you think about that?
Answer: Holy Books are books, and someone had to write them. The one who wrote them was a man of flesh and blood. Not all Libri was written at the same stage of spiritual development. Also, there are many classes of Libri, Libri which are included in multiple classes, as well as Libri that are not classified at all. What interests us are Libri from Class A, which are assigned to all Grades within the Argentum Astrum. What you said was a nice statement which was actually given on the last page of Liber AL; it says that the study of this Book is forbidden and that it is wise to destroy a copy after the first reading. In ceremonial magick, we can find purification and consecration. Purification by fire and consecration by water. The Bible gives us a reverse order; starting with the flood and ending with the flame of the Apocalypse. The purest dedication is dedication by knowledge. The most dangerous weapon is knowledge. Remember Sephira Daath, the only one that does not have a kind of manifestation that the other ten Sephiroth have? It is important that its motto is Knowledge, as the Kingdom is for Malkuth. Think about it. The answer to your question is actually my question. Why do you need a weapon? Once when you’ve conquered the four great Princes of Evil, what are you defending from? From hidden enemies or from your own hidden ambitions and fantasies? The essence of this issue is best showed in Crowley’s evocation of Choronzon. In ceremonial magic, the circle is the area of protection. Triangle is the area of manifestation. Aspirant never leaves the area of the circle, because it is the last frontier of his protection. Yet think, therefore, is a circle a symbol of infinity or of slavery? So, this is the point; what Crowley did? He set up his circle inside of a triangle, and thus did something no one else has dared to do before. This symbol, an Eye in a Triangle, we can find more or less hidden in many societies, and some of you will have the opportunity to see it. Eye in a Triangle actually points to the equality of Evocation and Invocation. This does not equate intelligences and creatures; this only raises the level of your model of thinking, which uses both methods at Will. For climbing and descending in one building, you do not need two elevators, only one, which can be raised and lowered by intention.

Can anyone give us a basic explanation of what is evocation and what is invocation?

Answer: Invocation is directed inwards, evocation outwards.

Right, exactly. It’s like electricity, we have DC and AC. As we previously discussed, one direction has two courses. What Crowley really did? He has allowed his fear to manifest; he called all his enemies to his house. And that has stunned his enemies. They stood without purpose. So they disappeared. Or at least it seemed so. Your strongest weapon is your willingness to let go of all of your weapons in the right moment. Your biggest advantage is gained by sacrificing your advantage. If you make cause for war to your opponent, then you will have war. This means that you can lose. If you understand every particle in this universe as a companion, and each event as a specific dialogue between you and your God, then everything is possible. Dare to reach the goal. Furthermore, dare to use the means.

As for me personally, books aren’t dangerous. Dangerous can be misinterpretations of books; dangerous can be people who could not read. Thick books are not dangerous. Books cannot be fat. Pigs are fat; books are voluminous for those who want to learn.

What matters to me always, the most important thing for Student is to have a keen wit and sharp mind, so through time, he will naturally overcome his Superior. Therefore, to progress within A∴A∴ is possible only to a person who is at least one level higher than you. As in chess, to get a category, you have to win those who are stronger than you. This is the essence of A∴A∴. In Latin, the old Roman Collegia, which is a precursor of Masonic Lodges and Universities, there is a certain maxim which says: “do ut des”, which means: “I give so that you will give”. Consider this thought.

There is also another issue that I think is important. It is about Oaths. Giving an Oath and signing the paper that is certified by your Superior does not mean you accomplished that. That is still expected from you. So, Zelator by Oath is not actually Zelator by Attainment. Like in college, when you enter the first year it does not mean that you have passed the first year. It just indicates the fact that you have a certain program which is still left to be fulfilled. It is important to note at the end that all this does not apply to Chuck Norris.

Frater Aureus 273∴

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