On the names of power

za imena moci
David Chaim Smith – THE SACRIFICIAL UNIVERSE (2012)

By the name we can swear, we can invite, invoke, evoke or banish, call or recall, but only if we are in contact with the essence which just uses the name as a drive, and if we know what the name really is carrying, what is the nature hidden behind it. The name must be in balance with the desired force. In the idea of balance is the key to all our pursuits, it indeed serves for the education of our mind to deal appropriately with the forces of nature. All the strategy of wonder is hidden in spending all available resources for finding the leverage point, never in rising power for the movement itself. When the perfect balance point of the forces is found, the thing starts to act on its own. The will of a magician is often a weak thing when it comes to initiating, but it is unbeatable when it comes to accomplishing. Therefore, the knowledge of correct pronunciation of the name is less valuable than the knowledge of the nature behind the name. This observation particularly refers to the work with Enochian system.

There are two main ways of dealing with names. When you rob the bank, always start from below and never from the top. This is gold-worthy advice; you have to be good with a doorkeeper, or even better with a lady cleaner who will give you the right information for a kind word about her brand new red shoes, while everyone in the bank is mocking her. Flattering to the bank’s executive is meaningless; no matter how high is your offer, it will never be enough. Therefore, one way is to use the names by forcefulness, while the other is binding them with love. One by swearing, the other by embracing. Both methods are neither good nor bad, right and wrong can only be the mind who use what is given by the gods. To all these things aspirant needs to pay attention to fully understand the principle on which the use and purpose of magical names lie.

After all, there is nothing so effective as the nature of silence; the full effect of the ritual is only after its last word, never during the performance; in that silence when words remain as an echo in the mind which is drained from active desire, once when the will have already been invested previously in the awareness of the goal. Success is found in the end, as all ends are crowned by silence. What is the common conclusion of all books, stories, songs and fables? That is the dot in the end, and no matter how magnificent is told saga, that dot has more to say then all the letters and words together. If the dot is the body, then silence is the blood of that sacred organism with which we have to make our final communion at the end of all lessons, tasks and insights. Without it, any message would be without meaning. This silence is equally in Knowledge and Conversation, as much as in all Mottos of the aspirant.

Frater Aureus 273∴

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