Ordo Thelema – Liber Misteriorum Rosae Crucis


Mysteries of Sexual Magick for ages have been veiled in Secrets,  mostly due to Taboos and Restrictions imposed upon humanity by Grand Sorcery of the Black Lodge, through the influence of public and corrupted religions.

Sexual Act is indeed THE MOST SACRED ACT IN THE UNIVERSE! And in the ages of dark and insanity, ages without love, this secret has been given only to the rare chosen.

The beginning of the new Aeon has shaken the foundations of these Restrictions and Lies, clearing the path for free men and women to finally walk in Wisdom, Freedom, Light, and Love.

Those who will so are at last enabled to get initiated into the mysteries of Sexual Magick. The purest instructions can be found in the Holy Books of Thelema, especially the Book of the Law – Liber AL vel Legis, and also in the writings and work of the Prophet – the Beast 666.

There are lots of new authors who successfully deal with this „subject“. Fr. A. has decided for this occasion to only give some basic and most simple instructions.

Sexual Act is the Most Sacred Act in the Universe. It is the fulfillment of the equation „2=0“. It is the conjunction of the Point and the Circle, which are symbols of Rose and Cross, which are symbols for the universal Male and Female principle. It is the Great TAO which originates from the unity of Yin and Yang. It is Love under Will of Lord Phallus and Goddess Kteis, which are MahaLingam and MahaYoni in Yogic union. It is the union of the Scarlet Woman and the Beast in their Passion.

Sexual energy is the most powerful force that human organism can produce and that energy has as its characteristics elemental as well as spiritual qualities, hence is capable of operating on all levels. That energy is accumulated through the sexual act and released through the orgasm of a union, hence it is possible by Will and Love to direct it towards the certain Aim, which should lead to Spiritual Gnosis, Wisdom, Light, and Liberty. This is not attainable at once, nor it is recommendable for a beginner to combine Magick with sexual energies, until s/he completely balanced these energies it may inseminate and „feed“ the elementals or in a worse case the Husks, which will, in that case, get more strength and work so to divert the magician from the path of the middle.  Sexual Climax causes waves in Akasha, which then spread its waves-of-influence to the realm of the elements, and by which the influence of the Sublime forces can be provoked, or entrance into the Higher level of awareness, but can also lead to disbalance due to the focus of one’s attention on some „plain“ thought, wish or tendency.  Indeed, those thoughts, wishes or tendencies (or whatever) will get new strength, but that is straying from the path: only the aspiration to Spiritual Gnosis (Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel) is  White Magick, every other Magic which does not lead to it, or does at least not help towards that goal, is Black Magic. Every Symbol or Magickal Formula visualized or spoken in the instance of union acquire the strength of that spiritual energy, working thus according to their nature through the consciousness and the whole being of the Man and Woman engaged in the operation. Such Work can truly lead to Illumination.

First of the „possibilities“ for practicing this kind of Magick is not to conduce the sexual act physically, but to visualize the whole operation of uniting (of man and woman, or magician and God), to imagine, „fantasize“ it. The Aim is the same: Spiritual Knowledge.

Of the „works of the wand“: this pertains to magickal operations of auto-erotic type, when the male magician does not have physically a female partner in the ritual but invokes and visualizes his Goddess. In the moment of sexual climax, he unites with Her by the power of his Will, projecting his energy toward Her.

Of the „works of the cup“: also pertains to auto-erotic operations, when the female magician does not have physically a male partner in the ritual, but invokes and visualizes her God, and unites with Him in the instance of sexual climax by the power of her Love.

In these operations, Sygils and Formulae that lead magicians to an intimate relationship with the Divine can be used, and they are „charged“ with the magickal force of physical orgasm.

Of the Mystery of the Rose and Cross:

Woman is Rose and Man is Cross. In Rituals performed by a magical couple, a greater and purer force is induced (which, of course, depends on their refinement and dedication, as well as true Love existing between them) which leads to the consecration of the performed invocation.

The principle of the operation itself is extremely simple (because the very act of making Love is a normal and natural deed) but complete seriousness is adviced regarding the Ritual.

In the Star Saphire couple performs preparations and the ritual itself until the certain point when sexual union appears (it’s implied that the choice of positions and Asanas is completely left to the will and ingeniosity of the couple and that all is up to their skill and art); from that moment on they should truly identify themselves with the principles of Isis and Seth, and to apply all their energy, passion and love to the act. At the moment of orgasm, they should firmly visualize (it’s best if that happens simultaneously) a Hexagram (pronouncing ARARITA three times), which they then project with the whole of their power up, through oneself and beyond, endlessly up, to shine like a star in the Body of NUIT. Similar is done in the Ritual of BABALON, except that there a Sevenfold star is visualized (see the seal of the Brotherhood of the A.’.A.’.) and Her name is spoken and invoked.

After that, the couple leaves themselves to meditation and trance.

Bodily fluids that emanate during the sexual orgasm united in Divine Ecstasy are the true Elixir of Immortality, so they are consumed as a sacrament (most often) mixed with the Wine and the Cakes of Light (Bread).

Sexo-magical rituals besides from leading to spiritual knowledge and illumination, have a specific „nus-product“ and that is the attainment of the Aim of the ritual or creating the Magickal child. Magical couple performing this kind of operation should be aware that by this act they will indeed create the Homunculus, so it’s only upon themselves what kind of child shall that be. They can give life to an elemental, but can also incarnate a Divinity or a Star. Elemental will always pull to its side, while a Star will be able to act from its balance and thus itself give the world of its Light.

It can be „philosophized“ in greater extent about all of this, but the very deed of making Love and the act of sexual union of opposite genders was, is and will be the Most Sacred Act in the Universe.

Frater Alion

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