Ordo Thelema – Liber Invocatorum




At will purify and arrange the Temple, and the inspiration to arrange altar in accordance with the work.
Star Ruby or Reguli Ritual might be preformed. Burn a lot of insence.
Stand upright facing East, close your eyes (be naked, or at least barefoot). After a calm place on the heart your left hand, and right on the abdomen (this symbolizes practicioners tendency to follow his path of his / her heart), then say the Invocation in order to penetrate into its essence and that it floods your mind.

I invoke Pan – Almighty God!
I invoke Pan – Pastoral God!
I invoke Pan – Limitless God!
I invoke Pan – God of the forest!
Invoke Pan, Pan, Pan!

Great God Pan
Boundless space
From the darkness of night and light of day!

Great God Pan
Azure sky
Earth unlimited
Sea endless
Fire immortal!

Great God Pan
Whose melodic chords celebrate all life
God with the face of the light
Lord unmatched by the world!

Great God Pan
From whose horns and Blending all is born
Which makes all
Which maintains and destroys everything!

I invoke Pan – Almighty God!
I invoke Pan – Pastoral God!
I invoke Pan – Limitless God!
I invoke Pan – God of the forest!
Invoke Pan, Pan, Pan!

I invoke Pan – God of Wisdom!
I invoke Pan – God of Light!
I invoke Pan – God of Liberty!
I invoke Pan – God of Love!
Invoke Pan, Pan, Pan! “

Io Io Io IAO! Sabao Kirie, Abrasax Kirie, Meitras Kirie, Fale!
Io Ishiron, Io Atanaton, Io Abroton! IO IAO!
Haire Fale, Haire Panfage, Haire Pangenetor!
Agios! Agios! Agios! IAO!”

End invocation at will. Now let yourself to meditation. Consecrate Bread and Wine and consume the sacraments.


The arrangements at will. Before each verse vibrate the Name of God H.P.K..
After each verse say, “Armed with fire You jump out of the womb of Star Mother, dwelling in Your Silence!” then give a sign of silence taking over the form of God.

The Lord of Silence! HOOR-PAAR-KRAAT!
0 – O thou born in the lotus! By unveiling of Light and exposing innocent desire. I invoke You!
1 – In Illusion core of Magus by his word AGAPE. I invoke You!
2 – You I invoke from the throne of Atremis the huntress, behind her brilliant cover!
3 – With spiral motion I come to your sevenfoldspiral emanation celebrated in the body Nuit by exposure of love!
4 – From the balance of fiery cubic rock, thee I invoke that appears from eagles shell!
5 – I invoke You O thou child with initiators pentagram on my breast!
6 – Under the canopy of the word 418 I Invoke You! Under the golden armor I expect Your arrival!
7 – I call You out of the woods with spears that marked the opening of a purple veil!
8 – Come my way balanced, from a blue pen of Maat immovable!
9 – I’m Your lamp  the sublime chosen! Come from the fertile fields of silence You perfection of the ancient!
10 – The living center dot I call You, with a raised palm between the lightnings!
11 – By The Cup of Babalon You I invoke, from the illusion of power O beauty of the Beast!
12 – I call You out of dark wave’s of Mem, by Ankh and a snake wrapped around my feet!
13 – From the house of death, Amenti, thee I invoke, pour out its light over my Path!
14 – Manifest Your innocence in me, thee angel of the gods, rise quickly as arrows vaulting long, unite with me in the sacred cauldron!
15 – With a speech in silence You I invoke! Oh You! Open the Eye of Truth!
16 – You crowned child twelve rays of glory I bring you my seed, guide me to the crown to the white brilliance of Nothingness!
17 – You I invoke my holy center, my heart & my tongue! O Thou starry child crowned with a snake whose wisdom is the world in enlightenment!
18 – You Come from the center of the Sun, from the Golden Rosy Cross and the Heart of scarlet!
19 – You I invoke by the moon falling out of balance among the towers! O thou child voice of the midnight sun!
20 – Let the face of the earth and Aeon is your MaNiFestatIon, O thou child of glory of Divine silence
and power!
21 – From illusion of matter in the great Night of Pan, from the center of NOX, as Isis rejoyceth – I call YOU!

Frater Alion

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