Ordo Thelema – Liber Khabs


Khabs is The Star mentioned in Liber AL vel Legis. It is advisable to study it more thoroughly, to know more about this Star – then to get involved in this Working. This operation is devised as a five day practice for a single Magickian, but the group workings are suitable.

The short depictions of practices are given and a practitioner can rehearse it by its own ingenium.

…Khabs is the name of my House.” … perform Asana and Pranayama with KHABS as a mantra.

Worship then the Khabs, and behold my light shed over you!” Asana & Pranayama with a concentration on Anahata chakra, with Khabs as a mantra.

The Khabs is in the Khu” … Meditate and visualize a Pentagram, while using Khabs as a mantra imagine that you are pouring radiation of elemental colors in It. At a certain moment project this Pentagram upwards into the Body of Nuit.

“…not the Khu in the Khabs.” Meditate on tarot Arcanas attributed to letters of K.H.A.B.S. – X-VII-0-I-XIV: Visualise the Arcanas and unite thyself with them in the proposed order.

The ways of the Khabs run through” … Meditate and visualize The Sigil of Khabs… imagine yourself inside the “K” sphere, infuse its energies in yourself… then fly through the “tunnel” of the sigil to the “H” sphere… travel all the way through this sigil in five turns.

Meditate and visualize a Khabs sigil (on a door or veil), pass inside astrally and explore it.

Visualize a Khabs sigil as it is merged with your body and aura, and thus a Khabs “spheres” will be certain “chakras” in Yourself.

The practitioner can easily divulge further modes of working ritualistic or meditative an s/he will make proper and suitable adaptations according to his/her Will.

For example, any meditation can follow the previous in turn thus generating more “power”. So that one Great Khabs Meditation can be as if follows here:

For intro sit in asana and perform pranayama; add Khabs mantra, then concentrate it in Anahata chakra; then visualise a Khabs sigil (in front of yourself) and pass into this region; then visualise tarot Arcanas (of Khabs) unite with them in turn, finally reaching a giant Khabs sigil  enter a “K” sphere, then “travel” through it experiencing attunement with the Current. Finally, empower the Pentagram (inside yourself) and project yourself upwards into the body of Nuit with Khabs energy… entering the regions of Space and Stars… let yourself dwell in the silent meditation afterward, and at will return to your mundane surrounding.


Frater Alion

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