Invocation of the Moon and Mercury

David Chaim Smith

As further in the text, I am conveying to you the notes from my private journals. I believe that insight into practical goals and achievements, even only as a poetical understanding, worths thousands of sealed Jinnis. Therefore, we do not seek your Understanding here, but attention in this process of transmitting the teachings on subtle planes. Notice the method used by the Spirit in its manifestation among human life.

SUNDAY, 24th August

Assumption of the god-form of Zeus.
Facing East, I vibrate IHVH, ShDI AL KI.

First vibration. Aware of a curly white beard. The projected force was a whitish fog. After vibrating was over, the quivers appeared in the fingers and a light above me (Tipharet). Feeling of fortitude, change of awareness. As I was slightly moved out of balance, and then firm again.
Second vibration. The vision of a stone gate in the clouds. On top of it was a carved sign 🜁. The clear vision of a red equal-armed cross.
Third vibration. A sudden vision of an eagle (Cherub). Clouds, sky. Change of atmosphere, it is clear and peaceful. A vision of the chariots that carry ; Zeus’ son Phaeton.

Assuming the form of the elephant.
1)      Colour grey. Inertia, but firmness at the same time.
2)      White ivory. Two tusks: Tiphareth and Kether are the lights “above”.

Feelings and sensations:
1)      Goodness, obedience.
2)      Inertia.
3)      Pleasant sleepiness. The comfort of an asana.


Vibrating the name ShDI AL KI according to the formula of Tetragrammaton.

By the Sign of Enterer, I project the force forward. Like an ebb tide it goes to eternity, I make the Sign of Silence, and it returns like a sea tide and I receive impressions. I breathe in the name through an appropriate elemental sign, which makes impressions to summarize the elemental nature of the name.  

🜂 Fertile cows. Desert landscape, stone-and-sand desert. Cattle-breeding.
🜄 Icy desert. Ice cracks, a crack appears holding water with small fishes inside. Colour bluish-white.  The name is violet.
🜁 A vision of a warship at the open sea.
🜃 An alchemist’s basement. Violet fog.

I feel very clearly impassioned and enthusiastic. My mind works quickly and efficiently. I have a clear desire to work, to write and to study.

MONDAY, 25th August          

Vibrating ShDI AL KI.

🜂 Clouds again. There is a blue sky above, but the Earth cannot be seen below.
🜄 I am at the top of some mountain. The sky is violet. Feeling of longing.
🜁 Red hexagram, with letter Iod in its center.
🜃 Fields of wheat swinging on the wind.

Assuming the god-form of Zeus.
1)      A very clear vision of an Egyptian temple with the lotus-top pillars.
2)      Storm. The wind is blowing and rain is falling.
3)      Pain in the upper part of my head (Athens). Warmth and lightning in my hands.

Skillfulness in vibrating. Shivers in the whole body and obvious feel of warmth in hands. I vibrate in silence, so the whole of the Universe trembles because of the name. The obvious feel of force.

th August

Vibrating ALHIM TzBAVTh.

🜂 River of blood. Mountainous landscape. Sheep, and the sound of Pan’s flute.
🜄 A charioteer in chariots led by four cherubs.
🜁 Moon surface on the sunlight. Craters.
🜃 A circle in rainbow colors.

Assuming the god-form of Anubis.
1)     Burial room. A stone sarcophagus. Lamentation by women.
2)     I have a definite feel of being “heartless” as well as a feel of “impartiality”, but also strange loneliness at the same time.
3)  Absolute independence in relation to the rest of the divine Way. There are no obstacles for Anubis.

An excellent method to pronounce a name in order to “enter” a particular sphere is to say it almost sub-vocally in the beginning, increasing the volume gradually until it becomes a sonorous yell. It seems that this gradual shift towards yelling brings about the quick change in consciousness, while the nature of the name remains abiding in the mind which is contemplating that name.

THURSDAY, 4th September

19,42 – 20,13h
Invocation of Mercury

a)      Lesser Banishing Ritual of Pentagram (LBRP)
b)      1st and 2nd Enochian key
c)      Greater Invoking Hexagram of  ☿
d)      Names of the Seniors
e)      Greater Banishing Hexagram of  ☿

Commentary: Pentagram ritual was done extraordinarily well. I worked with my eyes closed. Invocation of Archangels successful. I was standing in Tau cross, in emptiness, without a feel for the body, floating. During the Hexagram ritual, I felt a taste of syrup in my mouth and a sweet smell. Presence of a specific nature in orange color. After that, I felt non-static and got a desire to move. I felt my ears turning into wings. Very clearly I heard the sound of bells in my head and right ear. After that a vision of an anthill and tunnels underground.

AVTOTAR: Irritation in the chest. A sudden vision of telephones and telephone cables.
ANODOIN: Irritation in the legs. The vision of a shamanic tribe on an island. Some bird is being barbecued. The ocean is all around.
SOAIZNT: I see an orange planet, which is turning into a lollipop. It tastes sweet.
ACMICLV: Shivers in the back of the head. A vision of a huge seagull. Its huge wings dominate the sky that it is cruising upon.

General impression: My attention has direction, I move around very easily. My muscles are fully relaxed. A blissful feeling in my eyes, seeing at ease. The great power of observation. I have a clear tendency for knowledge and study.

ALHIM TzBAVTh: Vision of a battle taking place at sunset. I observe the clash of two armies from a distance. I feel the smell of brandy, very clearly.  I observe thousands of metal weapons pointing their blades toward the sky. Thousands of metal weapons standing upright, swords and halberds. In fact, there is no battle, only a crowd of soldiers with a bunch of weapons pointing toward the sky.

ALHIM TzBAVTh: Vision of a syrup of rose color. I drink it and change consciousness. It is very sweet. I feel airy, easy. Significant peacefulness, but there is an indication of Action in that peacefulness if need be. I am like a sling ready to fire, which is momentarily in the static phase. I clearly feel the taste and smell of the sweet syrup of rose color. Also, a sudden vision of a printing shop.

After the work: I can react in an instant, and I got fantastic reflexes. It is surprisingly wacky, but I experience great pleasure while opening the doors!

Evaluation: 80

th September

Vibrating the name ShDI AL KI according to Tetragrammaton formula.

🜂 A vision of a monkey – a baboon that drinks milk from a coconut.
🜄 A vision of a grey pyramid on the horizon in a desert. The sky is of a dark-violet color.
🜁 A vision of a forest hind.
🜃 A big, round rock rolling down the mountain. Somehow I know it was Sisyphus who failed.

Subtle feelings:
🜂 Being at ease, enjoying the summer vacation.
🜄 Interest in unknown places.
🜁 Joy in the science of measuring things. Satisfaction in the knowledge about the measures of things.
🜃 Clear certainty into the Sun. Trust.

Subtle feelings were experienced very clearly and concretely. After the work, there were shivers, energy, and levity in the feet (Foundation, as 🜃).

28th September

Vibrating ShDI AL KI.

🜂Bananas, palms, and Cynocephalus.
🜄 Beautiful red and yellow autumn leaves fell off trees.
🜁 Violent waterfall, and alchemists’ glassworks.
🜃 Beautiful white cat with violet eyes.

Subtle feelings:
🜂 Warm water. Sort of feeling like the Mediterranean.
🜄 Childish shyness in front of the unknown and new.
🜁 Longing.
🜃 Earth. Reliable goodness.

30th September

Vibrating ShDI AL KI

I did this during a concert, by the method of the revivification of darkness using peripheral sight, vibrating the name, and rising of the volume.

  1. Pine tree forest with a stone bridge in the middle of the vision, a silvery river flowing underneath.  
  2. A vision of a TV set with its electric circuits, wires, and transistors.  
  3. One pine tree broke apart, and I look into its growth rings.

around 17,45h
Visions started and I suddenly saw a blue cap that I had when I was a child. I forgot about it completely! Ah.

4th October

Vibrating ALHIM TzBAVTh.

🜂 Magma flowing like a river, easily and quickly.
🜄 Children’s playground, with swings.
🜁 A rocket flying into space.
🜃 A snake hatching from an egg beside a river. Swamp landscape.

🜂 A bark from Liber LXV.
🜄 Beautiful bluish icebergs floating the ocean.
🜁 Yellowish leaves carried by the wind.
🜃 Beautiful glass castle with an apple tree planted in a garden in front of it.

🜂 Stairs made of glass, leading upwards.
🜄 Anthill.
🜁 A creature looking like a mole.
🜃 Toys.


Vibrating ShDI AL KI

י White peacock, its feather.
ה A brown horse, a bay.
ו King’s chambers in a castle. King sits on his throne.
ה Green, bold hill. Scottish landscape.

י Surface of the Moon. Craters (a clear and sudden vision).
ה Small, quick, crystal clear river.
ו Surface of the Sun (very clear and sudden vision, like at י).
ה Seashore of a crescent shape. The trunk of an old deciduous tree.

Comment: I worked excellently, very freely and innocently. The method consists of exhalation with force, and inhalation with a vision.

Notes later added: No, a better method is to inhale first, letting the name in, and after that to exhale projecting the accumulated force into the darkness.

10th October

Short astral exploration of a sphere ShDI AL KI.

First travel.
Introduction: Rhythmic breathing and relaxation.
Experience: I appear to be on a meadow of white dandelions (from the vision of ADNI). In front of me is a fairy king in the green robe. He floats in the air like an elf. His name is Vakuma. He waves his stick and yellow dandelions start growing from the ground, while the trees around turn violet, and violet fluid starts dripping off them, like some resin.  Other white dandelions start to spread their seeds through the air, carried by the wind. Whole ether was filled by those flowers, like a sea with a ship sailing it and carrying a huge white caterpillar. It wrapped around the mast. I enter the ship, and there is a tunnel I walk through and enter a room with a pool filled with green water. I continue to follow the tunnel, and finally enter a big room with the red pentagram on the floor, at which ends are illustrations of the elements. I step into the center of the pentagram, and a huge octopus suddenly falls upon me from the ceiling and swallows me completely. Slime is all over me, but it is very pleasant. My nerves are being irritated and the whole of my body starts shivering. At the peak of that experience, I return.

Second travel:
I see a glass bottle, with a sailboat (🜁) 
inside of it, floating upon some violet fluid (Yesod). I release the cork sealing the bottle, and suddenly a strong wind started to blow from it. The ship sailed out and now I found myself upon it, appearing on an ocean. The sailboat approached a sea straight from which tops huge giants threw stones on us. The strait was just wide enough for us to sail through. We spread the sails, gain in speed, and sail through the strait safely. The boat afterward takes off and flies towards the Sun. Gradually we are consumed by light and eventually enter the LVX. I return.

20th October

Vibrating ALHIM TzBAVTh.

🜂 Heron stands by the river bank on one leg. Ibis.
🜄 Acorn.
🜁 Plenty of colorful balloons rising into the air.
🜃 Big cactus in a desert.

21th October

Vibrating  ShDI AL KI.

🜂 Silver, foggy-white crystal.
🜄 High, triangle-shaped, larch tree covered by snow.
🜁 Sewers.
🜃 Bedouin on a camel riding across a desert (High Priestess).

5th November

Vibrating ALHIM TzBAVTh

🜂 Beautiful wooden house for birds, in the woods.
🜄 A wheel with eight spokes, rolling.
🜁 A rose-colored sunset behind the hills.
🜃 Beautiful fireworks at night.

7th November

Vibrating ShDI AL KI.

🜂 A fawn with two horns, sitting at the shore of a crystal lake, high in the mountains.
🜄 Blue-grey wand with the red triangle at the top.
🜁 Owl.
🜃 Lion roaring in a desert. The sky is dark-violet.

th November

Getting and developing visions goes very easily now. The key is in watching “towards within”, pushing the consciousness towards the cerebellum. It creates a pleasant state and blissfulness. In a practical sense, fingertips should be minimally and very gently pressed against the eyelids, as you were pressing the “sight” inwards, and the pupils are expanded at the same time (This is a method of receiving the visions that reflect the inner Plane. Also, the equally useful method is focusing the sight onto the black area behind the eyelids, watching the edge of the dark circle using your peripheral sight, which creates a sense of three-dimensionality of darkness and a drastic Change in consciousness. For me personally, this is one of the most efficient and fastest methods of conscious astral projection. Not too much of practice would be enough for an aspirant to simply walk into that three-dimensional space and travel into the Plane from outside).

Vibrating ALHIM TzBAVTh

🜂 A deer under a tree with reddish-orange leaves.
🜄 A big water vortex.
🜁 Total invasion of frogs and grasshoppers. Animals that jump and devour.
🜃 Wonderful white clouds carried by the wind.

Method: Get the name inside by inhalation, and imprint it into cerebellum – “behind the eyelids”. By exhalation expand the vision and the impression, as the wind enlivens the ember.

Frater Aureus 273∴

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  1. Relaxation can be done with any methods, and there are easily to find on internet. Try to imagine your body is washed by light, imagine you are laying in the river of light, its water will drew every tension in the body. Rhythmic breathing is very simple and effective, specially if it is done after proper relaxation. Do the breathing in strict counting procedure, 4-2-4-2 (4 seconds in, 2 seconds pause, 4 seconds out, 2 seconds pause), or just 4-4. Or 8-4-8-4. Find a cycle that is pleased to do.


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