Bouncing the hips

10. Listen, cousin of a close kind, is not your breath a Serpent, and your mind a mongoose?
9. Serpent jumps, then go down.
8. Mongoose knows that Serpent is deadly in her ascent, not in her descent.
7. Let the mongoose do not miss a single rise of a serpent.
6. For in one rise there is a certain death.
5. Still, let the mongoose not be distracted by Fear.
4. Yet, know that Death will be the crown of everything.
3. Also, let the mongoose follow the rises of Serpent from Strength until Joy (from Ra to Tum, from dawn to sunset).
2. Mongoose will die a thousand times, and after each death, another bite of Scorpion will be waiting for him.
1. And still, in every rising of a Serpent, let him feel the scent of sweet Adonai; yea, let him feel the scent of sweet Adonai (this exercise relates to whole day Dharana on the curse of breathing. Serpent’s rise and fall are inhalation and exhalation, of course).

Frater Aureus 273∴

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