A∴A∴ Philosophus Examination

aa mala
1. Name and analyze the correspondences on the Tree of Life for:

  • Ten Jewish saints/adepts;
  • Ten plagues of Egypt;
  • Ten commandments of the Old Testament.

2. Make a Qabalistic analysis for numbers: 19, 175, 451 and 786.

3. Elaborate on:

  • Philosophy as a balance to love;
  • Attractions and repulsions – control;
  • Ways of knowledge and conversation with A∴A∴;
  • Service to the Order;
  • Reverence to the Order;
  • Moral training.

4. In light of your understanding of A∴A∴ and your grade in The Order elaborate on “oath of poverty” (scire), “oath of obedience” (velle), “oath of silence” (tacere) and “oath of prudence” (audere) relying them to elements and nature of their beings (sylphs, undines, gnomes and salamanders).

5. Make a detailed study of one God/Goddess at your own choice.

6. Describe the experience of working Liber III, Chapter II.

7. Describe your Magickal Staff (wand).

8. Write a ritual, with the use of talismans, temple, clothes, etc. for gaining affection of a person of different gender.

9. Describe the experience of work with meditation called Mahāsatipaṭṭhāna.

10. Describe experience and results of working the methods of Liber Astarte.

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