Ordo Thelema – Liber Nut – Nuit Meditation



0. Perform the initial relaxation, and slow pranayama.

1. Visualize the shining circle around the working space, and the shining point in the midle of your heart. Meditate on the immage of Nuit as a woman in a blue-gold dress who holds the lous-wand and an ankh. She bears an jar on the top of her head (this head is the cauldron of the witches and the Urn of Spirit).

2. Visualise Nuit in front of youself.

3. Awaken the shining sphere in your heart. Long for her.

4. The image of Nuit is merging with that sphere, and she is now in your heart. Meditate on this for a while.

5. The image of Nuit is now growing, she becames bigger and bigger, she fills  you all, she fills your temple, she fills the town, region, country, continent, whole planet Earth, she embraces all planets of Solar system  one by one, she is embracing the whole galaxy, whole Universe.

6. Then, fly upwards, Rise! Fly up!

7. Rise to that jar on her head, it is vastly endless too. You are seeing the night-sky, filled with stars, the image of Nuit as a woman bent over the universe is appearing.

8. The blue triangle is descending from her to you, and you are becaming the red triangle. Two triangles are merging into a hexagram of your heart. Now feel youself inside that hexagram.

9. The five pointed star – a Pentagram – with a red circle in the middle is appearing (this pentagram is black or silver when Moon is waning, and white or gold when Moon is waxing).

10. Nuit will reveal you own symbol that you should put in that red circle.

11. Unite youself with that pentagram, the fire-red sphere is in your heart, all arround is blue night-sky with the stars.


12. The Lotus of your heart is now oppening, and revealing the shining Star. In the center of that Star is a small spark.

13. You are that Star in endless body of Nuit!

14. Feel, now, that you are falling, falling in the depths of endlesness.

15. With fall you are disolving all of youself in the body of Nuit.

16. Embrace the silence. Meditate on non-meditation. Be an observer.

(this can last as long as you feel appropriate and suitable for you.

17. Return to your body, and continue for a while with slow pranayama.


In place marked with [***] you can became more aware with the jar- couldron-urn, you can see below the celestial waters, where white and black lotus’ float, you see a Mountain, and on top of this Mountain  is an Egg. Insted of this an Egg with an Eye can appear (you can visualise it during practice). And you can unite thyself with the Egg On entering the Egg you can see the Snake and the Dove, or Lion and Eagle (this will/can be chosen by your inner self) and you can unite youself with them and/or communicate with them. Whole vision can became a vision of Immage of LAM.

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