A∴A∴ Constellations


“Every man and every woman is a star.”

We should understand that A∴A∴ (as in a form of the sigil of Babalon) is a center of a stary galaxy, where certain stronger stars have received the influences from this central force of A∴A∴ and they are streaming in gravitational pull around this central A∴A∴ “station”. Those giant stars also attracted “smaller” stars, so they formed starry constellations, that all “rotate” around the central A∴A∴. Every star constellation thus has its own structure and nature of flight – faster, slower, closer to or more away from the center, approaching, or going away, but still gravitationally attached to A∴A∴ “central station”.

Some constellations are not directly attached to A∴A∴, sometimes they just “fly by” the A∴A∴ influence, so they receive a certain amount of its energy, so they continue their trip away.

Take an example, many people (so to say from “Facebook”) is connected to “A∴A∴ groups” and as we know they are all individual “stars”, and they are attracted to A∴A∴ but in a moment they are in very wide orbit (as Coupier belt or Oort cloud around solar system), and they travel their individual Path around A∴A∴ as their point of interest – but yet they are still not “connected” to the Source nor under its direct influence.

So, the idea of A∴A∴ “lineages” depicts a single A∴A∴ constellation with its specific starry relations that are connected by the inner influence of energies, gravity, spirit, group will or even “destiny” – and this “single” lineage in certain point of its existence received any certain amount of influence of A∴A∴ Source Power.

It might be said that there are a main seven A∴A∴ constellations that radiate A∴A∴ influences into the wider surrounding and outer space.

The aforementioned explanation of A∴A∴ attraction defines the relations brings peace to individual differences of starry constellations, gives approval of “fallouts” out of A∴A∴ – the certain Stars with its energy separates them off the gravitational pull so they go on their own Path, in whatever cosmic direction. Even the assimilation of a smaller star into the bigger star, the destruction or dissolution of a single star or a group of stars is understandable in this context. The rotation of twin stars also gains a meaning more reasonable in relation to starry interactions of Central A∴A∴ Star with other Stars in its “galaxy”. This description is more preferable than the symbolic “branches” and “lineages” of the mundane and past-aeonic idea of “apostolic” transmissions. By understanding its Starry Nature and the Power of abilities of this most transcendental Source of Spiritual Center all gain the ability to feel the starlight shed above them – any individual or any group.

“Come forth, o children, under the stars, & take your fill of love!”

The Constellation of stars is a “part” of the Sky where a certain group of stars close to each other together creating an “imaginary” form that can have a mythological, religious or spiritual meaning, or story “attached” as the description of its unique nature. In common speach, the astronomers call it Asterism – means, the group of heavenly bodies, that form a certain image on the Sky or that are attached to each other. In astronomy, the constellation is a certain part of the sky that includes all bodies in its region. The sections of the sky have to us, humans, a specifical historic connotation, and all regions are precisely “separated” and defined with understandable barriers.

The Silver Star, or as many “know” it as A∴A∴ (“Astron Argon”/”Aster Argos”) is a Centrum to certain starry and spiritual galaxy that is surrounded by certain number of stars that are directly influenced by this central source power of A∴A∴, so that stars defined their Paths unmistakeable around the Central A∴A∴ “station”, thus affecting others, and might be said “smaller” stars – thus forming Starry constellations that move with the flow of A∴A∴

All stars thus take their part in the mutual gravitational movement of A∴A∴. Some stars (and attached constellations) have their Path closer, some just flyby, approach and leave, and are not attached to A∴A∴. The Silver Star Source does not “trap” the stars or bond them unwillingly to its Nature. But many stars or starry grupations felt the wide influence of this spiritual “radiation”. Some do see this Spiritual Center but still does not interfere – observation is not essentially the interaction. A∴A∴ shines its light and this Light penetrates all regions of Endless Space – but so it is with other Spiritual Sources in this Endless Universe.

Thus we are back to the idea of A∴A∴ “lineages of descent” (some like to call it as such) which define that certain Star was influenced and connected to the core Source, interacting in mutual exchange of energy, gravity, spiritual will – thus being “Chosen” for a special Divine transmission. As we know that the “word of sin is restriction” we can not say that only one star is “the chosen one”, and by knowing that “Every man and every woman is a star”  we Understand that Light shineth from the Central A∴A∴ Sun and gives its Law to All.


“Above, the gemmèd azure is The naked splendour of Nuit; She bends in ecstasy to kiss The secret ardours of Hadit. The wingèd globe, the starry blue, Are mine, O Ankh-af-na-khonsu!”

The international astronomical union has defined some 88 “modern” constellations with precise regions so that any point in the sky belongs to a single constellation. As we know the most of the known constellations derive their names, stories and “meaning” – as a precise depiction of their True Nature – from the Myths and Legends of Mesopotamia, Sumer, Arabia, and Old Greece.

Some of us who are more interested in Astrology, as a Science of knowing the nature of stars (and their influence to this small planet and its occupants – incarnated stars) are well aware of a Twelve main constellations, and sections of the sky sphere that transmit Outer influences and starry radiation to “us”,… “here”.

There are, thus, well known, 22 root emanations of spiritual “alphabet” that are related to its fourfold trajectory of energies to 88 sections over the Sky. Through them, we learn and know the nature of Stars and we live in a constant interchange of mutual Emanations of Light.


“Now ye shall know that the chosen priest & apostle of infinite space is the prince-priest the Beast; and in his woman called the Scarlet Woman is all power given. They shall gather my children into their fold: they shall bring the glory of the stars into the hearts of men.”

Our Order, or “lineage”, or as we call it through our Understanding – “local A∴A∴ star constellation” has its uniqueness – due to the Nature of stars that form this constellation and due to gravitational-energetic forces acting among us. Interaction with other “A∴A∴ constellations” exists, in more or less approved or recognized manner or form, but, it must be clearly understood that all A∴A∴ constellations (or “lineages” attached) has their movement around The Central Station of A∴A∴ that is our main spiritual source and Axis of this Starry Surrounding.

By this small and awkward writing, that mixed the basic scientific facts and occult knowledge we see the Life, Liberty, and Light in Love of Material and Spiritual, individual and in mass, through the magickal Link of all Stars in This Company of Heaven with the Infinite Space and Infinite Stars thereof – in Goddess NUIT.

This is a call, for You to see and understand Your own True Nature – that is made of Stary energy and Consciousness, floating in fluids of relations with other Stars, respecting and tolerating the specific emanations of Light from All existing sources. And as the Law of Thelema is for All so we claim that All is under influence under the Main Central Sun of our Spiritual Unity – A∴A∴

“Invoke me under my stars! Love is the law, love under will. Nor let the fools mistake love; for there are love and love. There is the dove, and there is the serpent. Choose ye well! He, my prophet, hath chosen, knowing the law of the fortress, and the great mystery of the House of God.”

Frater Alion∴

aa const

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