About Trigrams

I think that the understanding of Trigram should be subdivided into a form of analysis and opinion that is in line with the nature of the most abstract models; I perceive it and understand it in a completely different Level in relation to the Tree of Life. The best definition for me is that it includes the representation of the Reality beyond the decimal system that the traditional human mind is cultivating, it is simply Morse’s alphabet for the Cosmos. Perhaps, if I tried to go deeper into this limited thought, I could say that this model determines the conditions in which Cosmos can be manifested as a Whole; which is to say, there is no single Trigram that determines a specific line of Cosmos or some of its Levels. Each of Trigram explains always One the same Cosmos, but the difference is in the chronological statement of the stage of the development of a specific form of Ruach which looks into that Cosmos through Trigram; looking at Trigram Li, the same Cosmos is viewed as when it is looked through Duei, but the whole different level of Ruach is active; this is what is affected by this model, the sphere of Ruach and the external environment that impresses through him. Trigrams are the key to understanding the Cosmos, and if I were even more rammish, then I would say that Trigram is the key to understanding one Cosmos, there is no plurality here, it is a specific form of the manifestation of one Force within a certain sphere of consciousness. This can be categorized under the idea of Sephira, but it is not our goal to put the identity of the model on because these are not the same principles. For one form of Being and consciousness of that Being, there is one view of one Universe; if we were to try to paint the Universe miniaturized from that place, we would make the appropriate Trigram. So far, we look at the Trigram as arabesque of the Universe.

The shape of Trigram is dependent on Sephira. Do not think that the shape of the Cosmos is changing; it would be the most successful form of the Black Magic; but if that is your Will, that is how you should do it. This is the form of the highest level of Balance, you are asked to fit the model well and nothing more. Trigrams do not have their own model of Achievement, they are just the “mirages” during the way. There was a lot to say about this, so I will go to the analysis itself.

There are three horizontal paths on the Tree of Life; therefore, this is indisputable and only Qian; each of the paths combines a specific form of contradiction, consider this well; you will find the Father who is opposed to the Mother, the Grace opposed to the Strictness, as a Want opposed to the Cup. Think of these ideas as complementary forms of One thing, Balance is always between the Two, and there is still no talk of Oneness.

Three horizontal paths can be attributed to three Yang lines. This is an undeniable observation, and it is necessary to gain a lot of facts to disprove it. If Yang lines could be attributed somewhere, then I think this is certainly the best place. The gematria value of the track is 93, and you will find an analogy in Liber Reguli. Yin lines make a little confusion, I would say; it seems that everything depends on how we interpret the idea of the split line. Look at the diagram, it is much easier to introduce the abstract model visually.

This is the first way that the whole thing can be solved. We will add two vertical Yin paths to one horizontal Yang trail. So we have 3 floors with 2 possibilities on each; which is exactly enough to create the complete Trigram model. The other way is a bit more complicated, in the conceptual sense. Ruach takes on as a spatial basis. Therefore Yin paths will be pairs הז ,יל, and רצ. These are couples slanted slopes. The third way is also crucified in the Ruach area, but this plan goes through its framework. Yin paths are pairs וח, then כמ ,צר. The fourth way is almost identical to the second, but the last couple are not the lines of צר, but נע.

For good analysis, it is necessary to cross these ways in search of a golden key. You are dealing with what you consider to be useful for your progress, I gave you guidance. Also, I am sending you some of the ways in which you can set the Trigrams to the Tree of Life. You will notice more than an interesting gematric value of the Path with the appropriate shape of Trigram.

trigrami veliko

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