Comment on Liber Cordis Cincti Serpente – Chapter V

Jose Gabriel Alegría Sabogal


Frater Alion∴
Frater Aureus∴


  1. Ah! my Lord Adonai, that dalliest with the Magister in the Treasure-House of Pearls, let me listen to the echo of your kisses.

Adonai dallies with the Magister in Binah, “they“ are married through the path of Zain, and right through that path Adept receives qui-vering of kisses of Love which he is listening to.

Ah! is the exclamation of losing oneself at one moment of realization – it refers to the moment of disconnection from the “environment,” focusing on the polarity that unites – in Kether.


  1. Is not the starry heaven shaken as a leaf at the tremulous rapture of your love? Am not I the flying spark of light whirled away by the great wind of your perfection?

The starry heaven is Chokmah; this “sphere“ receives exceptional influences arising from the love of the union of polarity (which flows from Kether) and acts upon the Stars.

The great wind of your perfection is the Power of Wisdom from Chokmah which affects its manifested polarity – a flying spark of light.


  1. Yea, cried the Holy One, and from Thy spark will I the Lord kindle a great light; I will burn through the grey city in the old and desolate land; I will cleanse it from its great impurity.

Adonai responds to the Aspirant, confirming the achievement and Understanding the Mystery; the spark which is at the center of Adept’s soul is developing through Understanding, into the Great Light.

Adonai’s action through the Sphere of the Stars arouses the great light which unhindered emanates its Understanding (Binah), i.e., the grey city in the old and desolate land – Egypt, the desert in which are the Pyramids of the Initiation; the burning light purifies the city, i.e., the complexity of the manifested soul (Ruach), and diminishes all the dirt.


  1. And thou, O prophet, shalt see these things, and thou shalt heed them not.

Chesed; he also addresses Master’s “lower“ self, the prophet in him, who transmits Wisdom and Understanding through the words of men. Even Ruach will be silenced and purified by the Spiritual Light of the Unification of Polarity.


  1. Now is the Pillar established in the Void; now is Asi fulfilled of Asar; now is Hoor let down into the Animal Soul of Things like a fiery star that falleth upon the darkness of the earth.

The force is balanced in the Middle Pillar – the whole Tree of Life is that Pillar – in relation to the Void – Emptiness, or AIN.

Asi filled with Asar is Kteis filled with Phallos – this Phallos is the Tree of Life, whereas Kteis is AIN. This Union emanates into Pentagrammaton – HOOR, a fiery star, which is incarnated in Nephesh.

A fiery star is in Geburah.

This star is 5, the Animal Soul of Things is 6 – united they are ABRAHADABRA.

Spiritual “descends“ into the Manifested, Spiritual permeates the material.


  1. Through the midnight thou art dropt, O my child, my conqueror, my sword-girt captain, O Hoor! and they shall find thee as a black gnarl’d glittering stone, and they shall worship thee.

Tiphareth; the element of Spirit that dominates through the verse is not yet wholly active – therefore, the soul is at midnight hour. There is indeed a “Vision of the Sun at Midnight“ that is a specific experience and state of consciousness.

Adonai calls Adept his child; Adonai is the Father, Adept is the Son – Vau – Tiphareth.

With the sword, he is the captain, the ruler of Air, or Ruach who arranges and holds the Force of Sephiroth which surrounds him.

Tiphareth is, of course, Hoor – the Sun; the black glittering stone is a symbol of the material midnight Sun.


  1. My prophet shall prophesy concerning thee; around thee the maidens shall dance, and bright babes be born unto them. Thou shalt inspire the proud ones with infinite pride, and the humble ones with an ecstasy of abasement; all this shall transcend the Known and the Unknown with somewhat that hath no name. For it is as the abyss of the Arcanum that is opened in the secret Place of Silence.

Netzach; now it is explained that the prophet, as a transmitter of the impressions of Illumination, conveys the concept to the “lower self,“ i.e., “the scribe“ and the World itself.

The words that come out of his pure thoughts of Understanding possess such a power to fertilize maidens, i.e., passive contents of consciousness, giving them the meaning of bright babes; the proud ones who are filled with the active energy of understanding will receive the Force that will make the expansion of every positive idea of ​​itself; humble ones who are passive, under the influence of Illumination Force will deteriorate their existence to abasement (humiliation); these are two descriptions of the Path of Magick and the Path of Mysticism – Magick strives with active “methods“ to achieve understanding of Known, while Mysticism, as Yoga, silences the self toward Unknown; paradoxically, abyss of the Arcanum as Knowledge is connected to the secret Place of Silence. It is precisely the secret place that is known to be a certain barrier or “transition“ of force from Spiritual sphere to materiality.


  1. Thou hast come hither, O my prophet, through grave paths. Thou hast eaten of the dung of the Abominable Ones; thou hast prostrated thyself before the Goat and the Crocodile; the evil men have made thee a plaything; thou hast wandered as a painted harlot, ravishing with sweet scent and Chinese colouring, in the streets; thou hast darkened thine eyepits with Kohl; thou hast tinted thy lips with vermilion; thou hast plastered thy cheeks with ivory enamels. Thou hast played the wanton in every gate and by-way of the great city. The men of the city have lusted after thee to abuse thee and to beat thee. They have mouthed the golden spangles of fine dust wherewith thou didst bedeck thine hair; they have scourged the painted flesh of thee with their whips; thou hast suffered unspeakable things.

Hod; Adept’s mind receives the impression of the Spiritual Force; the grave paths brought the prophet from Kether to Hod; he has contemplated by his mind all of the intellectual Qliphoth that restrains the Ruach. The Dung of the Abominable Ones is the filth from corrupted Chesed; Goat and Crocodile are Ayin and Nun – “ON“ – Animal compulsions of Geburah. The evil people are the deviation of Tiphareth; the painted harlot is the distortion of Netzach; he is a plaything in the sphere of Hod, playing on every gate and byway – the Great City is the Tree of Life, and the gates and byways are paths which connect the Sephiroth. Lust is the distortion of Yesod’s passion, while mockery and scouring are low human egoistic aberrations and the constraints of the material Ego, which throws the soul to Malkuth – where it suffers unspeakably.


  1. But I have burnt within thee as a pure flame without oil. In the midnight I was brighter than the moon; in the daytime I exceeded utterly the sun; in the byways of thy being I flamed, and dispelled the illusion.

The Angel exceeds all. But he is neither inside nor outside, the moon and the sun are just mere symbols. He is out of any division; he is a pure flame without oil – the Will which does not seek the reason for being.

Yesod + Spirit/midnight, the moon; pure flame without oil is Asamprajnata Samadhi – Illumination “without support.“ Adonai is the Light that transcends any brightness known to the mind and the soul of the Initiate.

These are the four “sides of the world“ – the East is a pure flame; the North – midnight, brighter than the moon; daytime is the noon, the South and the force of the sun; the West represents byways of thy being.


  1. Therefore thou art wholly pure before Me; therefore thou art My virgin unto eternity.

Adonai indicates that the Magister, even in his most material form, is pure before him. He is a virgin – final He in Tetragrammaton, Malkuth.


  1. Therefore I love thee with surpassing love; therefore they that despise thee shall adore thee.

Aleph; unconditional Love. The Magister is so immensely “above“ people that those who do not understand him convey admiration and obey the internal constraint of the Light.


  1. Thou shalt be lovely and pitiful toward them; thou shalt heal them of the unutterable evil.

Beth; Magus heals the world with his wisdom – acting by the Word of the Æon. Evil in this context is restriction and slavery towards an imposed law which conditions the personality and identity of a man beyond the actual nature. Realizing the truth of the personal law of the Æon, the Initiate is cured of this evil – radiating his own Light.


  1. They shall change in their destruction, even as two dark stars that crash together in the abyss, and blaze up in an infinite burning.

Gimel; destruction is also the union of polarity and the abolition of the Ego, and dissolution of consciousness in the Light of Adonai. Adonai is the Star, and Adept is the Star, they unite at the “level“ of the Abyss becoming One – blazing up in an endless flame. Unity brings consciousness into Ain Soph Aur.


  1. All this while did Adonai pierce my being with his sword that hath four blades; the blade of the thunderbolt, the blade of the Pylon, the blade of the serpent, the blade of the Phallus.

ynda. a as M, as a thunderbolt. d as Door, as Pylon. n as H as a serpent. y as Phallus. His Action is a Mystery of the Mysteries. His Work is the Collegium of the Mystery. The A∴A∴.

Daleth; 4 – four blades – 4 elements impregnated by the Spirit; Pylon – L/Malkuth; Phallus – N/Yesod; serpent – M/Tiphareth; thunderbolt – O/Daath. Adonai is the Spirit who “holds“ the Sword with these four blades. Each blade represents the penetration of the Spirit into a particular Sphere/Element.

The sword is Zain – connects 8 = 3 with 5 = 6.


  1. Also he taught me the holy unutterable word Ararita, so that I melted the sixfold gold into a single invisible point, whereof naught may be spoken.

He; Adonai revealed to Adept the meaning of the Magical formula of a Hexagram – which is a symbol of the union of Active and Passive, Heaven and Earth, the union of the Adept and Adonai.

He is a Star; Star is also a Sun, Hexagram is gold.


  1. For the Magistry of this Opus is a secret magistry; and the sign of the master thereof is a certain ring of lapis-lazuli with the name of my master, who am I, and the Eye in the Midst thereof.

Vau; Understanding and Wisdom emanating from Logos, and Adonai to the Magister, this process cannot be adequately presented to the “lower“ self – the soul of Ruach which uses mediation for concepts and ideas.

The sign of the master is a ring, which is then a sign of the “wedding“ between Master and Adonai. Eye in the center is Adonai, while V.V.V.V.V. are the letters of the Master’s Name.


  1. Also He spake and said: This is a secret sign, and thou shalt not disclose it unto the profane, nor unto the neophyte, nor unto the zelator, nor unto the practicus, nor unto the philosophus, nor unto the lesser adept, nor unto the greater adept.

Zain; the meaning of Mastership and the nature of this achievement cannot be explained in the “lower“ Grades of the A∴A∴. Each Grade has its perceptions and its “way“ of understanding and “communicating“ with Adonai – but the Love of union with Adonai cannot be “pronounced“ or “revealed“ because it is an experience analogous to that achievement – all spoken words are meaningless compared to that secret sign.


  1. But unto the exempt adept thou shalt disclose thyself if thou have need of him for the lesser operations of thine art.

Cheth; a Master of the Temple conveys the lessons and “inter-pretation“ of Æon’s Gnosis only to “himself,“ as “he“ is manifested on the level of Chesed. Therefore, he is like a charioteer who runs on water carrying the Grail of Understanding, but still being manifested, in the “armor“ of his manifestation “below“ the Abyss. Master of the Temple needs an Adeptus Exemptus so that Understanding can permeate the “lower“ parts of Being. Otherwise there would be no real integration of spiritual attainment – if the Force did not flow from that attainment, being “selfishly“ reserved only for the Master (which is almost impossible), then it would be distorted; therefore, the Master transmits “instructions“ from Understanding to the Exempt Adept who is able to conceive the manifestation of that Spirit, which is nothing else than himself.


  1. Accept the worship of the foolish people, whom thou hatest. The Fire is not defiled by the altars of the Ghebers, nor is the Moon contaminated by the incense of them that adore the Queen of Night.

Teth; passion and worship come from a lower level – Ego and Ruach are trying (foolishly) to approach and consent to their personal surmise of Mastership, imagining what “it could be.“ The real attainment of the Spiritual experience is not the same as interpretation or intellectual understanding of what Illumination represents and what is its meaning. Fire is not the word which describes the Fire; Fire can only be perceived through feeling the Fire and Being the Fire. Moon as Luna is not just a description of a goddess, but her presence and unification with her, as a direct experience. The mind can understand the structure of the Universe, but the Ego is not yet realized in it.


  1. Thou shalt dwell among the people as a precious diamond among cloudy diamonds, and crystals, and pieces of glass. Only the eye of the just merchant shall behold thee, and plunging in his hand shall single thee out and glorify thee before men.

Yod – the Hand; he moves hidden among people, like the Hermit; he is Perfect, yet hidden – because the lower segments of the being cannot clearly understand the Reality of the Spirit. The eye of the just merchant is the sincerity of the Initiate and unconditioned com-mitment to the Spiritual.


  1. But thou shalt heed none of this. Thou shalt be ever the heart, and I the serpent will coil close about thee. My coil shall never relax throughout the aons. Neither change nor sorrow nor unsubstantiality shall have thee; for thou art passed beyond all these.

Kaph; it is a Grand Fortune! Change, sorrow, unsubstantiality – three aspects spinning on the Wheel; the axis of the Wheel is the heart, while the rim is the serpent.

The only thing that matters is the grip of a snake around the heart. Everything else is irrelevant. Because what would be that “rest“? Even that is part of the grip.


  1. Even as the diamond shall glow red for the rose, and green for the rose-leaf; so shalt thou abide apart from the Impressions.

Lamed; apart from the Impressions – deliberation through impartiality – blind justice – Equilibrium of goddess Maat.


  1. I am thou, and the Pillar is ’stablished in the void.

Maim; he is the Messiah; Two are One – Adonai and Adept are One; the Pillar is the Tree of Life, the void is AIN – “they“ are United.


  1. Also thou art beyond the stabilities of Being and of Consciousness and of Bliss; for I am thou, and the Pillar is ’stablished in the void.

Nun; continuum through Æons “overcomes“ Yesod, Hod and Netzach; I am thou – Tiphareth; Samekh is appointed in the Sphere. Samekh is a ritual of the Union.


  1. Also thou shalt discourse of these things unto the man that writeth them, and he shall partake of them as a sacrament; for I who am thou am he, and the Pillar is ’stablished in the void.

Samekh; the Gnosis is transmitted from Master to Adept, from Adept to Magician – who understands all this as a divine blessing. The indication that Samekh meant the unification of polarity – it could not stand upright to be disturbed by some force, nor to lack firm foundation, nor that the Pillar itself is not mighty in its standing.


  1. From the Crown to the Abyss, so goeth it single and erect. Also the limitless sphere shall glow with the brilliance thereof.

Ayin – the All-Seeing Eye of the Crown; Ayin – raised Phallos – pillar; the limitless sphere is Ain Soph, glow with the brilliance is Ain Soph Aur; the pillar permeates everything and transmits the concept of the union to all parts of the Being.


  1. Thou shalt rejoice in the pools of adorable water; thou shalt bedeck thy damsels with pearls of fecundity; thou shalt light flame like licking tongues of liquor of the Gods between the pools.

Pe – flame – the highest aspect of this verse in the expressed threefold of soul’s inspiration; he transmits Gnosis to himself and interprets it on every plane – to integrate experience in all possible worlds; he initiates Spiritual Fire among man.


  1. Also thou shalt convert the all-sweeping air into the winds of pale water, thou shalt transmute the earth into a blue abyss of wine.

Tzaddi; transfusion of the elements – conveying the Force from one plane to another – permeating the Illuminating Self with all parts of the soul. The ability of consciousness, after the realization of Enlightenment, to act smoothly and unconditionally from any plane that it chooses to be suitable for the transmission of Gnosis and Consecration of Æon.


  1. Ruddy are the gleams of ruby and gold that sparkle therein; one drop shall intoxicate the Lord of the Gods my servant.

Qoph; the Lord of the Gods is Adonai Elohim/Jehovah Elohim; sin-gle and only one idea of the Gnosis of Æon’s Logos has the Power to act on the Ruler of the manifested Universe, because this drop is the Point, Hadit, the hidden potency of Spirit (as well as “homeopathic“ acting through “potency“ by which the hidden effect is obtained from an immeasurable “unconscious“, through water as the “me-dium“ and the transmitter of Spirit’s act).


  1. Also Adonai spake unto V.V.V.V.V. saying: O my little one, my tender one, my little amorous one, my gazelle, my beautiful, my boy, let us fill up the pillar of the Infinite with an infinite kiss!

Resh; six aspects of the Master which are explained by their analogy with the Sephiroth; the Master’s soul is sixfold manifested: the little one – Yesod, the tender one – Hod, the amorous one – Netzach, the gazelle – Tiphareth, the beautiful one – Geburah, the boy – Chesed. The pillar of the Infinite is Samekh + Ain Soph – a manifestation that fulfills the infinite – the true meaning of this is the unification of Polarity of God and Man, that union is an infinite kiss.

  1. So that the stable was shaken and the unstable became still.

Shin; Æon – “the Terrible Judgment.“ Change and stability; matter and energy (motion). Nuit + Hadit.


  1. They that beheld it cried with a formidable affright: The end of things is come upon us.

Tau; the Cross is the seal of the end of things – the final manifestation and the end of the visible Universe.


  1. And it was even so.

Kether; positive “confirmation,“ final point on manifestation (From Spirit to Matter).


  1. Also I was in the spirit vision and beheld a parricidal pomp of atheists, coupled by two and by two in the supernal ecstasy of the stars. They did laugh and rejoice exceedingly, being clad in purple robes and drunken with purple wine, and their whole soul was one purple flower-flame of holiness.

Chokmah; everything in the verse is related to the meaning of number 2 and Chokmah. Parricidal – the multitude disguises the One – “father“; coupled by two and by two – pairs of opposites – united “2 = 1“ and manifested (and it was even so – as in the verse 33) – they flow from Kether; supernal ecstasy of the stars – fixed stars of Chokmah; consciousness is in such a state that it expresses experiences through specific images and impressions that are appropriate to the mind for understanding – i.e. how it would be possible at all at this plane (the way the scribe writes, and the followers reads) to convey this Gnosis of Æon. Purple flower-flame of holiness is the Ajna Chakra.

  1. They beheld not God; they beheld not the Image of God; therefore were they arisen to the Palace of the Splendour Ineffable. A sharp sword smote out before them, and the worm Hope writhed in its death-agony under their feet.

Binah; God is not seen in Binah; there is no image of God in Understanding because in this place Master is “not“; the Ego does not exist in Binah and cannot “see“ from what it is “separated.” The Magister is unified with Adonai and therefore “he“ alone “does not exist.“

The realization of Understanding nullifies the unreality and absurdity of Hope as a state of the soul.


  1. Even as their rapture shore asunder the visible Hope, so also the Fear Invisible fled away and was no more.

Chesed; Hope is the passive trait of the path of He (the Star); rapture shore is a habitat on the other side of the river of life – Understanding against the Knowledge of Chesed; Hope implies that there is a certain anxiety about why the Ego assumes to “overcome“ the source of Fear. The Ego (and its Ruach) is the generator of uncertainty and fear. Therefore, direct Experience of Truth eliminates Master’s hope, in other words giving him certainty in cognition and belief in experience.


  1. O ye that are beyond Aormuzdi and Ahrimanes! blessed are ye unto the ages.

Geburah; two divine powers of polarity that are vigorously opposed to one another. From them deviates the concept of “good God“ and “evil Devil,“ as it was presented in the past centuries in the teachings of the world’s religions. From them comes the “fear“ – Pahad, from Geburah. However, these opposite forces are polarities that seek to unite, and Adonai refers that “his“ relation with the Master is eminent, equally through that polarity of the divine vision of the “conflict.“ The struggle stems from Love.


  1. They shaped Doubt as a sickle, and reaped the flowers of Faith for their gar-lands.

Tiphareth; self-analysis, introspection, self-reconsideration repre-sents doubt on the lower level, when the soul is on the path of self-awareness; sickle is the blade of truth that, in time, “cuts“, i.e., acquires experiences in the religious sense of the relationship between God and Man, in their continuous movement (the garlands of experiences) and interaction.


  1. They shaped Ecstasy as a spear, and pierced the ancient dragon that sat upon the stagnant water.

Netzach; Ecstasy as a spear is Ayin, and the ancient dragon is Nun – this is a new revelation of the Name “ON.“ ON is often shown to the Initiate at different levels and in different “forms,“ which leads him to various interpretations and perceptions of the Mystery of the Sun.

Ecstasy as a spear is the rise of Kundalini – an active aspect of awakening the Pra-Nu; the ancient dragon is a passive aspect of stillness of Pra-Nu; the stagnant water is unconscious, unknown, the Nephesh.

The ancient dragon is the image of the Serpent which is Adonai, while ecstasy as a spear is Adept’s spiritual aspiration.


  1. Then the fresh springs were unloosed, that the folk athirst might be at ease.

Hod; with the illumination of union between Adonai and Adept, new sources for the flow of the Gnosis of Æon are created. That transmits the Knowledge and Understanding of specific aspects and the meaning of the “existence“ of the Universe so that the Multitude of Man can be moved and inspired, feeling the Call towards Spiritual.


  1. And again I was caught up into the presence of my Lord Adonai, and the knowledge and Conversation of the Holy One, the Angel that Guardeth me.

Yesod; this is the fundament of the lecture about what is the aim of all external Work and research in the “Golden Dawn“, i.e., what the Man of the Earth as Thelemite has to achieve – Adept here announces his Experience – the Knowledge and Conversation – Consolidation and Continuum of Consciousness in the inseparability of Adonai and the Adeptus.


  1. O Holy Exalted One, O Self beyond self, O Self-Luminous Image of the Unimaginable Naught, O my darling, my beautiful, come Thou forth and follow me.

Malkuth; Adonai is – the Exalted One – the Holy – the Self beyond self. Kether is in Malkuth, only such words that do not speak about the manifested and real “vision“ but which define epithets above human limitations, convey the indication of “what“Adonai is, i.e., “The Holy Guardian Angel“ – he is a Self-Luminous Image of Nuit. Adept and Adonai are connected by Love.


  1. Adonai, divine Adonai, let Adonai initiate refulgent dalliance! Thus I con-cealed the name of Her name that inspireth my rapture, the scent of whose body bewildereth the soul, the light of whose soul abaseth this body unto the beasts.

Aleph; the incarnation of the Goddess in the body of a mortal Woman commenced the Initiation of the Master.

Ada – Father, Lai – Mother, RD – the Gate of the Sun.

The threefold act of inspiration: the name is the driving “formula“ of the initiation of the Man of the Earth; the scent of love is the subtlety of the Lover; the light of the Hermit’s soul “tames“ the beast in him.


  1. I have sucked out the blood with my lips; I have drained Her beauty of its sustenance; I have abased Her before me, I have mastered Her, I have possessed Her, and Her life is within me. In Her blood I inscribe the secret riddles of the Sphinx of the Gods, that none shall understand,— save only the pure and voluptuous, the chaste and obscene, the androgyne and the gynander that have passed beyond the bars of the prison that the old Slime of Khem set up in the Gates of Amennti.

Beth; 44 – DM – blood. Elemental emanations from the action of Magical force.

Pure and voluptuous – Man of the Earth; polarity of animal passions.

Chaste and obscene – Lover; the polarity of love passions between Adonai and Adept.

The androgyne and the gynander – Hermit; the polarity of the realization of the “identity“ of the Master of the Temple.


  1. O my adorable, my delicious one, all night will I pour out the libation on Thine altars; all night will I burn the sacrifice of blood; all night will I swing the thurible of my delight before Thee, and the fervour of the orisons shall intoxicate Thy nostrils.

Gimel; the Adept is „addressing” to God in Kether from the beauty of Tiphareth, the night is from Moon, for he, even in the night and passivity of the Soul seeks for Adonai; aspiration and dedication only to the Highest can represent the “method“ of coming to Him.


  1. O Thou who camest from the land of the Elephant, girt about with the tiger’s pell, and garlanded with the lotus of the spirit, do Thou inebriate my life with Thy madness, that She leap at my passing.

Daleth; she leaps through her “gate“ while the Master passes because the Ego is destroyed, and he is in the ecstasy of the union with “her.”

Elephant – Krishna; he opens the Roads, opens the Gateway (Daleth); girt with the tiger’s pell is the association of Strength that has surmounted the raw, animal power; garlanded with the lotus of the spirit – Crown of Light – a lotus flower as a representation of the Nuit energies – wrapped around the “skull”, at the level of the path of Daleth.


  1. Bid Thy maidens who follow Thee bestrew us a bed of flowers immortal, that we may take our pleasure thereupon. Bid Thy satyrs heap thorns among the flowers, that we may take our pain thereupon. Let the pleasure and pain be mingled in one supreme offering unto the Lord Adonai!

He; he invokes all the might of His Being to engage and support the experience of the union of Adept and Adonai.

Maidens – the Man of the Earth;

Satyrs – the Lover;

A supreme offering unto the Lord – the Hermit of Thelema.


  1. Also I heard the voice of Adonai the Lord the desirable one concerning that which is beyond.

Vau; Logos from Chokmah appears as a voice to Adept in Chesed.


  1. Let not the dwellers in Thebai and the temples thereof prate ever of the Pillars of Hercules and the Ocean of the West. Is not the Nile a beautiful water?

First, explore what is close to you and then go further. Graduality is the condition of every progress, which is the climbing upon the Mountain of Abiegnus. That is a defined relationship to our Way∴. The Pillars of Hercules and the Western Ocean, are they not the waters of the Great Ocean of Binah? What would they prate about then?

The path of Zain represents the Hercules pillars; the Ocean of the West is Binah; the Nile is the Milky Way – Nuit. Dwellers in Thebai are parts of the soul of Ruach, concentrated in Tiphareth, where there are their temples of initiation and awakening of light.

If you attained one Grade then you should understand it and conceive the path “onwards” without imagining and fantasizing about what it looks like “there“ or “above” or “further” – these are useless deceptions – an Adept must face with the introspection on Here and Now, without conditionality and limitations on possible and unrealistic ideas about the “worlds“ of the Spirit that he has not touched yet.


  1. Let not the priest of Isis uncover the nakedness of Nuit, for every step is a death and a birth. The priest of Isis lifted the veil of Isis, and was slain by the kisses of her mouth. Then was he the priest of Nuit, and drank of the milk of the stars.

Cheth; the Knight of Understanding, the bearer of the Holy Grail “should“ be pervaded by his understanding of the Universe, while the understanding of Nuit should be followed as a “consequence“ of the next spiritual step in the hierarchy of initiation. Isis is Binah, the death of the Master opens “what“ is “above“ – the Mystery of Nuit – the Starry Sky above the Divine Mother Nature.


  1. Let not the failure and the pain turn aside the worshippers. The foundations of the pyramid were hewn in the living rock ere sunset; did the king weep at dawn that the crown of the pyramid was yet unquarried in the distant land?

Teth; the Goddess rules over the animal soul that feels a failure and the pain. Still, the soul will not be discouraged from spiritual aspiration.

Foundation – 9 – Teth; the base and firmness of achievement was set even before the initiation, and the crown „exists“ for Adept – the Aspirant, even when he/she has not yet reached it. Everything goes through the processes and stages, so the spiritual cognition and Path have flows of accomplishment.


  1. There was also an humming-bird that spake unto the horned cerastes, and prayed him for poison. And the great snake of Khem the Holy One, the royal Uraus serpent, answered him and said:

Yod; the humming-bird is the restless mind of the Man of Earth; he addresses Adonai for the Knowledge – and to each question, Adonai answers.


  1. I sailed over the sky of Nu in the car called Millions-of-Years, and I saw not any creature upon Seb that was equal to me. The venom of my fang is the inheritance of my father, and of my father’s father; and how shall I give it unto thee? Live thou and thy children as I and my fathers have lived, even unto an hundred millions of generations, and it may be that the mercy of the Mighty Ones may bestow upon thy children a drop of the poison of eld.

Kaph; Adonai – the horned cerastes sailed over the sky of Nu and there is no single being on Earth that is divine – everyone has a material body and soul that is endowed with “human“ qualities; Adonai points out that the Spiritual Cognition came from the Father of his Father – (Kether of Chokmah) Yod of Yod – the dot of Hadit from which the flame of Yod emanates. Through his animal, mind and emotional knowledge, one cannot reach the state of the spirit – spirituality awakens in Man only by identifying with Adonai – who then conceives that “he“ is Adonai himself, the God.


  1. Then the humming-bird was afflicted in his spirit, and he flew unto the flowers, and it was as if naught had been spoken between them. Yet in a little while a serpent struck him that he died.

Lamed; the Mind, Ruach, deals with individual experiences which attract attention with its “beauty“ of image and fascination – the word of instruction is not understood – the mind is being “killed“ as Adonai touches it – the presence of Adonai has a beneficial outcome on the Aspirant.


  1. But an Ibis that meditated upon the bank of Nile the beautiful god listened and heard. And he laid aside his Ibis ways, and became as a serpent, saying Peradventure in an hundred millions of millions of generations of my children, they shall attain to a drop of the poison of the fang of the Exalted One.

Maim; the Ibis represent a sublime intellect in man, not a restless chronicle of “cleverness“; becoming a serpent Adonai is essential to such achievement. Commitment to the ”aim“ of Gnosis, when one sees its essential purpose that is Above All, determines unconditional aspiration in the endless time and space continuum.


  1. And behold! ere the moon waxed thrice he became an Uraus serpent, and the poison of the fang was established in him and his seed even for ever and for ever.

Nun; by the power of dedication to the spiritual, time loses its meaning and effect – Adonai is embodying himself through Adept. Adept and Adonai are One, there is no difference.


  1. O thou Serpent Apep, my Lord Adonai, it is a speck of minutest time, this travelling through eternity, and in Thy sight the landmarks are of fair white marble untouched by the tool of the graver. Therefore Thou art mine, even now and for ever and for everlasting. Amen.

Samekh; Apep is the Serpent, Adonai is HOOR. “Pillar is established in the Void“ – they are One, there is no difference. This verse is a seal and confirmation of the Master’s Unity with God.


  1. Moreover, I heard the voice of Adonai: Seal up the book of the Heart and the Serpent; in the number five and sixty seal thou the holy book. As fine gold that is beaten into a diadem for the fair queen of Pharaoh, as great stones that are cemented together into the Pyramid of the ceremony of the Death of Asar, so do thou bind together the words and the deeds, so that in all is one Thought of Me thy delight Adonai.

Ayin; the voice of the Light. This is the book of the Heart and the Serpent – Adeptus and Adonai. 65 is LXV: “L“ is Isis – the Mother; “V“ is Osiris – the Father, and “X“ is the Divine Son – Adonai, the Light of the Cross.

Fine gold – Tiphareth; diadem – crown; queen – Binah; Death of Asar is the cross of Chesed.

Thoughts, words and deeds which are refined by the experience of Adonai are delights of Adonai, as Nuit says: “I am above you, and in you, my joy is to see your joy.“ The joy of the people and the joy of Goddess Nuit is One Joy.


  1. And I answered and said: It is done even according unto Thy word. And it was done. And they that read the book and debated thereon passed into the desolate land of Barren Words. And they that sealed up the book into their blood were the chosen of Adonai, and the Thought of Adonai was a Word and a Deed; and they abode in the Land that the far-off travellers call Naught.

Pe; debating and imposing the interpretation of this book is meaningless – only the words that arise from Direct Experience of This Truth may seem to explain the parts of such exalted writing, which is the continuum of the Thoughts of Adonai formed as the flow of Master’s Thoughts – who are One.

Only the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel represents the real Gnosis of the Æon.

Through the Union of Adept and Adonai, Two “become“ Naught. There are no words that can explain this, there are concepts of mind frames that can be metaphysically and philosophically traced as a presentation, and even as an “interpretation“ of the Experience, but the Experience itself is transcendental – it is Nothing.


  1. O land beyond honey and spice and all perfection! I will dwell therein with my Lord for ever.

Tzaddi; perfection is in the Flame of the Lord Adonai.


  1. And the Lord Adonai delighteth in me, and I bear the Cup of His gladness unto the weary ones of the old grey land.

Qoph; Adept translates his Understanding to his fellowmen. The Gnosis of Æon flows, the Master radiates His Light.


  1. They that drink thereof are smitten of disease; the abomination hath hold upon them, and their torment is like the thick black smoke of the evil abode.

Resh; solar egoism is a meaningless disease, and the Ego is like an illusion of the center; in fact, an evil abode in which the Real Light is hidden.

The wisdom that the Master conveys to humans will cause them to “get sick“, in other words, to move and to change themselves in relation to the “normal“ state of their ordinary “health“; abomi-nation is a force that tears apart a person when he realizes how many limitations he has built around himself and with how much sin he has reconciled; Man dwells in the world of self-created suffering, in the evil abode of the “illusion“ of reality that he is a part separated from All.


  1. But the chosen ones drank thereof, and became even as my Lord, my beautiful, my desirable one. There is no wine like unto this wine.

Shin; determining towards spiritual Knowledge by tasting the wine from the cup of the Master, moves Man to make a complete rebellion against his restrictions, so he could no longer be a “dead man“, but, having heard the trumpets of the Final Judgment, he raised from his material grave and becomes aware that he is not only a man but Æon itself, Adonai.


  1. They are gathered together into a glowing heart, as Ra that gathereth his clouds about Him at eventide into a molten sea of Joy; and the snake that is the crown of Ra bindeth them about with the golden girdle of the death-kisses.

Tau; the Light of the Cross.

“Come forth, o children, under the stars, & take your fill of love!”

The meaning of Liber LXV is awakening of the glowing heart – Anahata, Tiphareth, which is Horus crowned by the Uraeus snake.

The multitude in Man is summed up through his Self-Awareness, he perfects his qualities, understands their nature, and conceives his sense of existence. He does what his own Will is; he is inseparable from Adonai with whom he is in an ecstatic love bond of interweaving energy and consciousness – One consciousness that permeates the Universe.


  1. So also is the end of the book, and the Lord Adonai is about it on all sides like a Thunderbolt, and a Pylon, and a Snake, and a Phallus, and in the midst thereof he is like the Woman that jetteth out the milk of the stars from her paps; yea, the milk of the stars from her paps.

Each word of this book is about Adonai, leading the mind of the Initiate towards Adonai, dedicating an Adept to realize the con-nection with Adonai, representing the Mastery which, through the Hermit of Thelema, manifests as Adonai.

Adonai pervades the four elements by his Spirit, moving their essential features towards the understanding of every aspect and meaning of the elements nature, by inducting them into a quintessential unification with the Divine principle and potential in Everything.

Adonai is a “reflection“ of the Starry Goddess Nuit.

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