The Opening


One of the key elements of the Work is the preliminary opening. It is very desirable that the practitioner determines the truthfulness of these claims.

The purest dedication is a dedication by the Truth.

Every attempt to experience the Universe with any model of the Universe is condemned to failure. It can be said that such a model is not part of the Universe at all, in relation to the aspirant.

Each event is the personal relationship of God with your Soul.

Can this relationship be represented by another relationship that exacerbates it? Is there a lie in relation to one Truth? Does God have a reflection (the formula of the Neophyte also deals with this problem, in a specific way)?

Therefore, let your introductory Work be pure and True as far as possible; you must build a dramatic performance and allegory of that what is presented on your Pentacle. Therefore, instead of the Qabalistic Cross, you could use some other way that your Being accepts in its own way.

Ask if this kind of introductory Work is needed at all when only the Experience constitutes and sketches the whole Reality? Such a constitution contains components that are freed from any pre-defined forms if understood within the Living Spirit.

Is not the introduction to the Work, the Will for Work itself?

Is not the Work, Will for Work itself?

Is not the Achievement, Will for Achievement?

If all things are reduced to One thing, what One it will be? For man is not that what he thinks he Truly is, but that what he Truly Thinks. How will you therefore Act?

Proclaim Will before, forget it during, enjoy after. This is the whole secret of the entire Magick.

I notice that you study and practice Enochian magick, that is good. You can use this Knowledge in constructing your Circle and Opening work, if you will:

Cross – pure vibrations

  1. north       NANTA
  2. south       BITOM
  3. east          EXARP
  4. west         HCOMA


  1. east           ORO IBAH AOZPI
  2. south        OIP PEAA PEDOC
  3. west          MPH ARSL GAIOL
  4. north        MOR DIAL HCTGA


  1. before       BATAIVAH
  2. behind      RAAGIOSL
  3. right          EDLPRNAA
  4. left             ICZodHIHAL

Cross – as before

Frater Aureus 273∴

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