A∴A∴ Practicus Examination

aa mala

Part I

1. Report of the work, with at least two of these:

  • Liber Βατραχοφρενοβοοκοσμομαχια;
  • Liber Turris vel Domus Dei;
  • Liber Jugorum (Chapter I – speech control);
  • Liber HHH (Chapter SSS).

Part II

1. By method of divination (of your own choice):

  • Predict an event;
  • Predict weather;
  • Predict a process of an working (profane);
  • Predict a character of a person;
  • Explain your own nature, present condition, place on the Path and how you should continue.

(Explanations should be given according the divination).

2. Elaborate on the theme of control of vacillations of your own being – by the divination method.

3. In light of your understanding explain “respect, duty and sympathy” to the A∴A∴.

Part III

1. Write a Qabalistic analysis of:

  • One divine name of Sephiroth;
  • One of names of archangels;
  • One of orders of angels;
  • One of names of Sephiroth.

2. Write a study of number 58 and its multiples up to 1000 (58+58+58 … to 17 × 58.) and point to relations of those numbers.

3. Make a Qabalistic analysis of one of the magickal formulas mentioned in the book The Heart of the Master.

4.Explain the mystic meaning of the following Qabalistic terms:

  • Wood (ilan);
  • Lion (aryeh);
  • Water (maim);
  • Fear (yirah).

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