A letter to one Probationer

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Dear Brother,

correspondence between you and Victor made me write you earlier than I planned. For some time I have been designing a quality group work to revive and engage our Kaaba. All this comes from my need and desire for group work that I currently miss in my progress (at least that’s the way I see it), and from the fact that our last conversation about Kaaba ended with your expectation on me to launch a further course of things.

What I’ve learned from yours correspondence will not affect that, when I think of what we can do, I will suggest it. Therefore, expect in the future my letter or invitation. Of course, we will do this only if it suits you, and each of your proposals is more than desirable.

I have only one complaint on the work of this Kaaba, which I am also a member (to exclude that I am its Chief, or I was). I wish I knew that Kaaba was actively functioning and that more members had been received in the meantime.

Greetings from Soror Ain

Dearest Soror,

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

I believe that group work is a trigger that will greatly accelerate your “progress”. In any case, it is always a real refreshment, and in the beginning it can happen that individual work also begins to gain the significant achievement, which will say, it is driven by the enthusiasm that is created within the group. But this is often a definition of the very beginning, and things then move in a completely different way. What I want to say is that soon comes a time of fatigue and weakening the material, too much enthusiasm seems to create too many problems, and I can not count overwhelming numbers of great groups that have broken up during the night and where I participated as a young magician. But this is all a rough observation and it does not have to mean nothing more than the job did not done properly or that it was not done by the proper people.

I am pleased that you have incentive ideas, which means that your personal work exhibits its nature in the form of achievement. Only time will show what achievement it will be, but bear in mind that creativity is a projection of Success, and this observation does not have to be strictly focused on the occult, as to any other work. I deliberately avoided the term Magick, for personal reasons, but I am sure that such a smart head like yours understands the difference. I can say that I am not happy either because of me or the group, but because of yourself; even though I became indifferent to many things, I always find enthusiasm flows through my heart when I see Success in others, the one same enthusiasm who made me reap the darnel around those Tree of Eternity.

To be pragmatic. Yes indeed, I expect from you to run some things. I have no function inside Kaaba (although Victor reminds me today that I am still a member of the Council), the point is that I personally do not want to start, and even less to extinguish things. For everything you ask me, I will answer you most cordial, that is the least I can do for some of my old promises.

Thelema is defined attitude of reality and it does not have a normality within itself. I do not know why you are writing the way it just should not need to be: “we will do this only if it suits you, and each of your proposals is more than desirable.” I hate such sentences. Your intent (not to speculate about the will or Will) is as it is. Why are you even thinking about me? For you, I am nothing more than a simple elemental. If I do not want to do this – I will not do. If by any chance you have no one to work with, do it by yourself. If ten of us working on one attainment, how many attainments there is? This is the essence of every group work. I do not know if you understand me, but it suits me to write in this manner.

Also, “to exclude that I am its chief, or I was“. Tell me what you are. If you are not, then nothing. If you are, then maybe everything; you must decide. I did not dismiss you, nor do I know anyone who did that. After all, if you are the Chief of Kaaba 77, I do not see why you are directing your opinion that there is even possibility that you are not the Chief? Be strong, thy man!

Kaaba is functioning actively, it is the Chief to itself because it is built by the Egregor. Membership is unconditioned to your attitude, I did some personal things because the needs were personal. From your universe, it is like there was nothing. It is very simple, all these happenings are just prickles in the feet of the one who goes ahead. And you are only one who is walking in that direction. So do not remove the prickles. This will ease your pain but will turn your sight from achievement. Go forward.

Let me know if you have any thoughts on this, I will be at home for a while.

Love is the law, love under will.

Aureus 273 

Cara Soror,

I am doing intensively a specific type of work these days so I will write you a little bit of everything, as much as I have time. As for the prophetic dreams, I firmly believe that this is one of the “most dangerous” parturition of the aspirant’s change. Think about the true reasons why you call them prophetic. Was it because of the prophetic Will you had before sleep (that is to say, did you have the Will for prophecy), or is everything manifested as a prophetic coincidence? Control, control, never say enough control. Dreams, even those prophetic, belong mainly to the plain of astral influence. The reasons for spontaneous prophecy can be various. Enthusiasm, individual growth, but also an openness to outer influences or illness. We can not a perception of every event which transcribed into this world to call prophetic. Usually, it is a projection of widening the aspirant’s viewpoint; the one who stands on the highest hill sees everything. But is he a prophet?

This is an indication that something is changing inside you. Think about whether this change is a method or achievement? Videlicet, is it merely the result of your enthusiasm and excitement in work, or did it come as a “reward of Ra-Hoor?” Anyway, it is part of your Knowledge and Conversation. The only question is how you will know what is being talked to you.

As you are interested in astral projection, such substances are an ideal trial stone for your work. Write dreams as much detail as you can, this is one of the best methods that trigger the mechanism for projection. 

What is the condition above all conditions is enthusiasm and inflammation of the being. Your ritual of Pentagram also depends on this. Do not do just for practice, or protection – God saves us such nonsense. I know that you devotedly intend to pass your one year, I am telling you more in principle way. You see, Probation is lasting one year. But being a Probationer is for whole life.

Now when it comes to that; try a bit to loosen the form of the ritual. You are rather cluttered and stereotyped in performing, therefore bring some fire in it. When you say “on my right …“, first you lose your breath and then you take it too quick saying Mikael’s name after this. You do not have to torture yourself so much, just say Mikael. Besides, to whom do you say “on my right …“? You perform the ritual for yourself, so if you already imagine Mikael on your right, there is no need to repeat this to yourself, we are not so senile. The essence of the ritual is to free yourself that it will serve just as a trigger. To do something like that, you need to relieve yourself from all aggravating things or those which do not please your soul, nor your body. Unfortunately, it appears that the greatest wisdom is to work what man truly needs. Of all the weapons he has, he sharpens one that which is already perfect.

You are directed to do practice, not parrot repeating, and there is an immense difference in this. Of course, most people know this theoretically but when it comes to practice it looks like everything halts. Never try anything, never perform, never practice, just do. Do not do by practice, but practice by doing. When you get used to parroting, it will be very hard to change that. A very similar thing is with playing an instrument or driving a motorcycle. Once a particular mould in mind process is established, it will be almost impossible to change it during the lifetime. Therefore, learn how to learn, learn how to improve and ultimately, learn how to do.

The goal of ritual of Pentagram is not to perform a ritual of Pentagram. On the contrary, performance is the one which has the goal. And that is always and in every way the A∴A∴.

Perform the ritual nice, gallant and subtle. Like on the top of your fingers. It is like you do not want to wake up the dormant world around you. Careful, but not fearsome. Look at the world as a sleepy beauty; your dance breaks the curse, but if she wakes up too early – she will die from shock. Also, learn to stop sometimes in ritual; look is everything right, whether something is done too little or maybe too much, stop just to enjoy the break. Speak the name of God differently as if you tickle Him, then feel it completely. Sometimes skip one side of the world just to tease it. The ritual is a living being so treat him like that. How you do for him, so will he for you. It is a secret above secrets, and the time will come when you will see that it is nothing else than A∴A∴. We would say, one ritual – one kiss.

You wrote that: “group work should be designed, not randomly performed or pushed by force“, of course, but my dear, this is primarily related to individual work. Think about how many times have you done your practice by force, or you did it just in order so you can write your log entry. Group work is mostly used to channel the individual and can only harm if individual work is bad, or worse – if individual work is absent. Group work is dessert. Will you stay hungry after it, depends exclusively on how much you ate before.

Also, you say, “after my excitement about it, a great disappointment followed, which is related to my ongoing progress.” Disappointment, how is disappointment related to your progress? Are you perhaps disappointed with your progress? I do not expect an answer nor its interest in me, think about it. My dear, you do not have to fill the quantity of practice to be a good magician. What number would that be? 5, 10, maybe 1000? Have you discovered that all rituals in the world use the same letters of the alphabet, all rituals are therefore the same. If you learn to perform one ritual, you will know all of them. By doing more, it only shows your weakness to face that One. Your being is easier to devises new challenges and adventures, only to fail in single Success. Think of this, if you have not succeeded in one ritual, you will not in any other. Do you really think that the experience is getting by number? The experience is obtained by Success, not by the Successes. And Success is only One, Failure is all Other.

Also, about the lesser ritual of Hexagram. It does not clean from the planetary influence. Let me briefly explain why. As I mentioned last time, there are two types of hexagrams, lesser and greater one. Lesser refers to elemental aspects, therefore additionally invoke or banish elemental influences. The greater is directed to the planetary consciousness, therefore it invokes or banishes the planetary forces.

Notice how lesser hexagrams look like. They are two-part, consists of a combination of two triangles. Now we come to the definition of elemental and planetary. The elements are somewhere “here inside”, therefore it is a microcosm. Planets on the other side are somewhere “out there”, and it is a macrocosm. “Here around” in opposition to “there somewhere”. It is the shape of 5=6 formula. Macrocosm as planets is characterized by the tendency of Unity, therefore their hexagram is single-stroked. Their nature is ARARITA. Think about this, the hexagram is a wonderful subject for meditation. Therefore, advance further.

Frater Aureus 273∴

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