A∴A∴ Neophyte Examination

aa mala

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.

1. Explore astrally all the Tatwas – pass through the door with the symbol of Tattwa and explain it in detail according to your visions.

2. Same as Tatwas, explore one of the Planets and one of the signs of Zodiac – pass astrally through the door with a proper symbol and explain it according to your visions.

3. Divulge through your visions the nature of alchemical principles of Sulfur, Mercury and Salt, and how do they differ from three Gunas and elements of Fire, Water and Air.

Notice – this can be changed if you decide to systematically explore astrally all the planets or all the signs of Zodiac.

4. Make an analysis of Zodiacal sign in four Qabalistic worlds, or make an analysis of a tarot card or Yi King hexagram, or to some other symbol of your own favour.

5. Submit a design of a Pentacle – symbolic map of the Universe as you understand it. Submit a design of Lamen – if you created it, as an image of attainment of a Great Work.

6. Write an article on your own understanding and experience of A∴A∴. Write an article about your grade, or something related to your grade.

7. Create an original ritual or meditation or analyze an existing practice.

Love is the law, love under will.

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