Ordo Thelema – The Mass of the Night


This is the Mass of the Goddess of endless space and infinite stars in it.

The Stele 666 is upon the Altar, a rose on the Book of the Law, a black, white, red and blue candle (or one golden and one silver), Cup filled with wine, Wand, Knife and Disc (pentacle with a pentagram, which has a circle in the middle), scent, bell, the holy Oil and Bread (or cakes of Light). The rest is left to the inspiration of the participants. In the introductory part preparations and purifications are done: perform one of the rituals (Pentagram, Star Ruby, Reguli, etc) – according to will.

The Priestess (Nuit-Babalon-Isis) and the Priest (Hadit-Therion-Osiris) are naked.

He rings the bell: „ 3 – 5 – 3“

They kneel before the Altar, holding each other’s hands.

HE: ” HA ! ” ( Hail! )

SHE: ” HA EN ANKH TETA MES EN PET AUR NUT ! ” (Hail to Thee that liveth forever, born from the sky, conceived of Nuit!)

They kiss. He lights the white candle.

HE: ” PASESS MUTK NUT HERK EM RENS EN SETA PET ! ” (Mother Nuit spreads over you, in her name „Secret Heaven“)

She lights the black candle.

SHE: ” TA EN MUTK NUT UNNEK EM NETER EN KHEFTK EM RENK EN NETER .” (Set Thou Mother Nuit to be as God to your enemy in the Name of your God)

He anoints her forehead with the Holy Oil.

HE: ” ANET HRAK EM HRUK ! ” (Hail to Thee on this day)

She anoints his forehead with the Holy Oil.

SHE: ” AHA UABK UAB KAK UAB BAK UAB SEKHEMK ! ” (Pure are Thee, thy Ka is pure, thy soul is pure, thy form is pure)

He puts his right hand on her breast.

HE: ” UAB BAK AM NETERU !” (Pure is thy soul among the Gods)

She puts her right hand on his chest.

SHE: ” SENEMEHU NEK EM AB MERT AU METETF NEBT AMENNU ! ” (Pray with the heart full of love, whose prayers are all a Secret)

He touches her sexual center.

HE: ” I NEK SAK ! ” (Thy son comes to thee)

She touches his sexual center.

SHE: ” SAK PU EN TETK EN TETA ! ” (This son of thine is of thy body forever)

HE: ” NUK ANU PAUT BAA PU NETER BAA PU HEH ! ” (I am ON of formless substance, my soul is God, my soul is eternal!)

He puts his hands before her head as a blessing, and consecrates her with the Rose.

SHE: ” ANKH ANKH AN MITK ! ” (Live life, thou shall not die!)

She puts her hands before his head as a blessing and consecrates him with the Rose.

HE: ” TES TU AAA PEH TA ! ” (Raise thyself, thou powerful-One of Power )

SHE: ” UN TU AAA PEH TA ! ” (Arise, thou powerful-One of Power )

They rise, lighting the blue and red candle (or the silver and gold).

HE: ” AS BAK SEB ANKH ! ” (Lo!, thy soul is a living star!)

SHE: ” AS KHENT SENUF ! ” (Lo!, among thy brothers!)

He takes the wand and the knife, she the cup and the disc.

(Give thyself to God, save thyself every day for God, and let tomorrow be as today)

He touches the disc with the knife, and the cup with the wand; then they live the weapons on the Altar.

They take each other’s hands.

SHE:AN MEHU EN ANER TUT HER UAH SET SEKHET AA RAT AN QEMUH ENTUF AN BAKA AN KHERPU TUF AN SESETTU EM SETAN AN REKH TU BU ENTUF AN QEM TAPHET ANU.” (She can not be carved in the stone, in images that people put crowns and ureuses on, She does not show herself, the Service can not be served, nor offerings made for her, she can not be pulled out of her Secret, the place where she is can not be known. She is not in the painted Shrine!)

She takes the Book of the Law, kisses it and puts it on her chest. He gives the N.O.X. signs to the four quarters; she reads the following verses: I : 2 , 3 , 12 , 13 , 14 , 15 , 22 , 24 , 58 , 59 , 60 , 61 , 63 , 64 and 65 . During that, he circumambulates around her, singing and invoking the Name of the Goddess. After that she rings the bell ” 3 – 5 – 3 “; then they burn a large amount of incense (resinous woods – sycamore, gums, jasmine or rose).

They leave themselves to meditation and/or sexual union of the priest and priestess.

Consecration follows, and consummation of the Sacraments: Cakes of Light (Bread) and Wine.

In the end, He says:  “I NEK AB A KHER MAA HATIA AN KER TAK UNA EMMA ANKHIU KHETA KHENTA EM SESIUT!” (I came to you, my heart is righteous, my chest without deceit. Let me be among the living, to sail away and sail back among Your followers!)

They put out lights and candles. He rings “1”.

The Mass is thus completed.

Frater Alion

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